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Arantxa Mar 2019
It seems I can only write poetry
Whenever I'm sad to the bone
Addicted to the melancholy
Guts spilled out on paper
Inner core filled with regret
Insomnia, staying up later
Shivers down my spine
Feeling weak and numb
Drowning in my wine
  Dec 2015 Arantxa
We strip down to our souls.
And we wear softer voices,
as we lay
imprisoned in bodies and sheets.
We rest our heads on the idea of safety and
we warm our hands on affection.
Your lips melt deep into my skin,
as my fingertips burn through yours.
Tangle me with words and whispers,
which I can not hear
but understand.
And I will try and do anything
to stop the world from shifting for even a minute,
just to lie with you one more.
Arantxa Dec 2015
The universe keeps turning, but
where do we actually  go?
Arantxa Dec 2015
Let's dance the night away and
promise me you will love me
Arantxa Mar 2014
We walked together across the empty hallway with the bright morning light smashing through the windows. I grabbed him by the hand and suddenly I forgot about all the wrong paths life was leading me and for that moment everything felt right on Earth. I wouldn’t change a single thing about that day, though I was aware that was a selfish thought. But then again, why did I have to feel guilty about being happy? He was like a breath of fresh air on my lungs, like a feeling I could never get enough. He made all of the world's craziness seem bearable as long as he was beside me, and for the first time in my life I dared to let myself drown by that overwhelming thing that everyone's always talking about.
Arantxa Jan 2014
empty spaces are
something to be avoided, but
not completely filled
Arantxa Dec 2013
our encounter
so real
I did not know
how to let
you go

away from the populars
that lint a blanket
for us, due
predestined love

you as yourself
I like me
together intimately

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