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Cynthia A Sep 2014
You're perfect
But not good enough for me
I love you
But not enough to be your man
You're beautiful
But not pretty enough for me
You're funny
Because of your stupidity
You're cute
Because you don't know the truth
You're my best friend
Because you're just my play thing
I'm here for you
*But not for long
Cynthia A Aug 2014
I thought you cared
I thought you liked me
I was wrong
You never liked me
I was just your sympathy case
To make yourself feel good
You complimented me
Constantly throughout the day
You built me up
Never planning in telling the truth
That you had no real feelings for me
Now I desperately search
For anything sharp
To help bleed you out of me
Cynthia A Aug 2014
There is no escape
No matter how far I run
No matter what I say
No matter what I do
No matter where I hide
I cannot escape

There is no escape
I can't hide from my past
The ghosts come back to haunt me
Just when I think I'm free
They come and pull me back again
I cannot escape

There is no escape
I am bound to who I was
I am held down by chains
I am held down by my regrets
I am held down by all my mistakes
I cannot escape

I can never be free
For I am bound
Never to open up
Never to rule trust
Never to truly love
Because I can never escape

*I cannot escape from myself
Cynthia A Jul 2014
Have you ever like somebody so much that it hurt?
You want them so badly, but you know you can't have them?
You know they don't want you like that,
Yet you still hope everyday that they'll change their mind
Although you know you can't no matter what you say or do
So you settle
You settle to be whatever they'll let you be
A friend
A best friend
A sibling
Friends with benefits
Whatever you can be
You're so desperate to be close to them
It's sad to see yourself like this
And it hurts when you see them more interested in someone else
And then you wonder
Did you ever mean anything to then at all?
Then you realize
You don't
*And never will
Cynthia A Jul 2014
To Love Is To Destroy
To Be Loved Is To Be The One Destroyed

Love Destroys
It breaks
It weakens
It softens
Love Destroys
"To love is to destroy and to be loved is to be the one destroyed." - Cassanvra Clare
Cynthia A Jul 2014
You are perfect
I am broken
You are innocent
I am impure
You are an angel
I have been cast out of heaven
You are kind
I get used
You are loving
I get hurt
You are beautiful
I am ugly
You are my everything
I am nothing
You are perfect
*I am broken
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