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Anniebell Lector Mar 2015
I only told you once.
How unhealthy my love was,
my obsession,
hurt me more than you anyway.
I wrapped my life
around you.
I wrapped my thoughts
around your vague desires
your cruel demands.
I remember your head on my lap
your tears on my thighs.
I remember you laughter,
your promises.
I remember
how hard I tried
to fight your demons.
I remember days, weeks, months, years
wasted on your sick delusions.
I was so lost.
You saved me,
Jim Jones to my misguided youth.

Better the abuse you know, than the strangers you don't.
I am in the right restroom,
I am wearing the right clothing,
I am not confused,
I am in the wrong body

Yes, My mother knows of my "condition".
Maybe I am mentally ill.
But that is not for you to decide.
Yes, This is of my own free will,
And not an act of rebellion.

I am not a girl.
This is my real name.
I am Kayden T. Widmer
And Yes, I am a boy.
I have since realized I was wrong, but still. Originally written December 28th 2014
Chipped nails.
Chapped lips.
Smooth touch.
Sweet kiss.
Wide eyes.
White skin.
Calm look.
Wide grin.
Ripped jeans.
Scuffed shoes.
Long legs.
Painted toes.

You look
like love.
I'll never
see enough.
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