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Kayden T Widmer Mar 2015
We've been together so long.
Ive never been the type to wear makeup or a dress
so why are you so surprized when I tell you I'm a man?
I have not changed who I am
Just...what I am.

You are trying so hard to understand,
To except the things going on.
All that plus your daily life
I understand this is hard.

You've always liked my *******
My wide female hips.
I'm so so sorry,
But I cannot pretend anymore.
Just written on the spot. Sorry if it *****.
Kayden T Widmer Feb 2015
It lingers in my veins, across my skin.
The Death that has taken my soul.
The seductive addictive pain,
Shiver ripples through my blood.

I smell you,
Scent thick with fear,with anticipation
With Lust for Eternal life.
The mark of the dead.

Twirling my fingers in your beautiful curls,
As I nuzzle closers,
And you moan as my lips hit your skin.
And I know you are ready for me

With this bite, I insite the itch,
That desperate need in you.
The hunger for more.
For my Body.

With your life blood in my  body
Running over my tonuge and lips.
I whisper to you,
"I love you, My dark child".

The drug you crave,
The attention I  keep from your body.
You squirm with need,
And a smile creeps to my face.
"If you want it...Take it"

A young farm boy,
Alone and lost.
My gentle hands wrap warmly around your heart
For it, and the rest of you are mine.

With great gentleness, You pull me ontop of you
My body unclothed and waiting.
My pale cold skin a stark contrast to your farmers tan
And I run my nails long your **** chest.

Take me when I let you,
Come to me when I call.
For My drug is you.
So Delicious
A Sweet Bite of you.
Kayden T Widmer Feb 2015
The Demon inside my heart,
Running through my veins and my mind
You damaged me without showing  your face
Yes I am Stronger,
Than I would be if you were here.
I would thank you
But the thought of it makes me ill.
The thought of seeing your worthless face alone will make me want to *****.

You could have been worse.
Could have stuck my mother.
Molested my siblings and I.
But to leave five young children
With an Ill mother,
To me, Is unforgivable.

If you had beaten us,
I would have a real reason to curse your rechid soul as I do.
Perhaps the rage and hatred is all in my mind.
But I care not.
For you now hold no breath, and no claim to me.
originally written January 18th 2015
Kayden T Widmer Feb 2015
Bits and Bobbles
Gizmos and trinkets
Testtubes with creatures
Coming to life with my skill.

Magic and Science
My domains to command
Creating life, Cheating death
Manipulating the very fabric of the Universe.

Dark swirling matter and energy
Bending to my will.
Every thread and wave,
All under my understanding
Yet I pleadge these powers
To the man I love with all my heart.
About a mad scientist d&d; character I had who also used science. Part of her back story. Originally written on January 8th 2015
Kayden T Widmer Feb 2015
It's been so long.
I've missed you so.
We missed you at Christmas.
It lonely this year.

I remember every Christmas,
You would be here early.
Making a mess of things for Mom,
Keeping me company on the way to school.

It just wasn't Christmas without you.
Not the way its always been
Where has my best friend been?
I miss you
Jack Frost

Here's hoping you had a snowy holiday
I believe in you still
Love: Jamie
Fan Poem for Rise of the Guardians. My area didnt have snow until i wrote this. Originally Written on January 5th 2015
Kayden T Widmer Feb 2015
Who are you
To tell me what I am?
To tell me who I can be?
Who died
And made you a god?

I'm too girly, you say,
To want to be a man.
Have you looked in a mirror lately?
You call yourself a woman looking like that,
And you dare to judge me?!

Yes I am girly
So are half of the gay men I know.
And we both know I can't even think straight.
So who are you to say
What a man is to be?
Originally written Jan 5th 2015
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