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anna grace Jul 2022
I think often times people fear the end
That there is a negative connotation of the end. Whether it be the end of a movie, the end of a relationship, the end of life.
Each ending is met with fear.
Though I believe that people secretly take comfort in the end. Knowing that at some point there will be closure and a point of moving on.
The real thing people fear is the never-ending.
That is where you and I come in.
We are a case of the never-ending.
And while I know it’s something I am supposed to fear, I can’t help but find joy in it.
To know we are the lucky ones.
We are the ones who make it out.
Our story doesn’t have an ending and I will forever take comfort in that.
anna grace Jul 2022
Here’s the thing about you and I, we are two souls that happened to find one another

We aren’t soulmates but rather souls intertwined. Destined to collide.

How an asteroid meets the earth. Causing irreversible damage.

The earth might never be whole again and the asteroid will always long for another purpose.

You are I might just be lost without one another, never whole again, always longing for another purpose.

That’s the beauty of you and I, we were beautifully destined to collide, and beautifully destined to never part.
anna grace Feb 2022
healing is supposed to be wanted
its supposed to be earned
yet, once you learn from all the broken hearts, and left behind thoughts.
you start to loose the desire to heal

you start to feel stuck, stuck where you are, not being able to move, breathe, or think.
and though, all I wish is to feel whole, I have a sinking feeling that I will never let myself feel that way again.
anna grace Feb 2022
I've been left behind many times
left so often that its all I've come to know
left so frequently that its what I expect

take a page out of my book
never get too comfortable, because everyone will leave someday
nothing and especially no one lasts forever

even the people who are supposed to love you the most, they too will leave too
anna grace Feb 2022
it finally hit me that he was gone when I scanned the empty room.
when I took a deep breath and realized his laughter didn't fill my lungs anymore.
when his last words to me were that he hated me.
that's when it hit me.
that's when I realized I had lost my best friend.
that I had lost the one person that knew me that most.
and when I finally learned I deserve nothing more than to be left behind by the people I love.
anna grace Feb 2022
I think I knew it was bad again when the idea of being dead didn't hurt as much as being trapped in my own head.

I knew it was bad again when all I would long for was an empty stomach and male validation.

it was bad again when I would drink myself to sleep every night, so I couldn't dream.

it was bad when I stopped caring if people saw the self inflicted scars on my body.

it's getting bad again, because all I can think about it the next drink, next smoke, next time I can ignore everything.

I think its bad again, but I'm having too much fun to fix it.
anna grace Feb 2022
its a funny thing you know,
something you shouldn't have to long for,
something you shouldn't have to deserve,
yet we are left with nothing but the idea that it is what we need to earn.

we are taught daddies little girl is always going to be the heart broken,
and daddies son will always be the heart breaker.

that mommies stay home and take care of babies, while daddies work long hours and **** their secretaries.

that little girls love pink, little boys love blue,
little boys can out run you, but can you outrun the demand of their love?
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