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Sep 14 · 68
Anmol Mago Sep 14
What is home?
if not a piece of my own heart
that I've lost long time back
A priceless shard
drawn-out from my skin
leaving my being scattered
into countless pieces -
marred with incompleteness

And so with a bag
over my shoulder
and an unsteady light
in my hand,
I keep looking for my own
for that yellowed corner
where the subtle hues of dawn
greeted my stifled hopes

(a mendicant I am perhaps
set out to seek the infinite
a wanderer with no place to go)
Sep 5 · 54
Anmol Mago Sep 5
Standing at the cliff of life
I feel myself fading,
into meaningless obscurity
lost in an alien world
(A world that goes to work at nine
and sleeps on a mound of regrets)

Standing at the cliff of life
I feel my thoughts
floating with the clouds
crystallized in a wordless mist
beyond the enclosures of words
sans the impediment of time

I am but a speck of dust
lying around on a mountain top
living a fighting dream
fleeting away into nothingness
(flowers trampled leave
their musk behind
to soothe burning hearts
standing at the cliff of life)
Aug 24 · 745
silences of sorrow
Anmol Mago Aug 24
I sit in the corner scribbling
about mundane feelings
and fleeting ideas
about lights that glow
dimmer by the day
and stars gone missing
for the mosaic of universe

Sometimes I flip
through the pages
to see if tomorrow's
any better than yesterday
or I am living
in a cycle of delusional illuminations

Carving a hole
in the obscurity of my soul
I see words dancing about
in a maddening dervish
(leaving me alone
to traverse the
silences of my sorrow)
Aug 17 · 467
Feverish Dreams
Anmol Mago Aug 17
I feel my eyes
burning with feverish dreams
Like the first rays of dawn
quivering through the
silences of the night
tainting the weary skies - crimson
I feel my being ablaze with yearning
for a deathless wisdom
to descend into my heart

Beyond the decay of time
Beyond the limitations of words
A vision surreal
(the formless absolute
shining through the void of my soul)
Aug 11 · 39
Anmol Mago Aug 11
There is a hole in my chest
that nobody's ever seen
a macabre closet perhaps
for days rife with angst
and fears unsettling
overflowing with words sans meaning
littere with fragments
of a life - unlived

And often I cling onto it
fearing that it may
burst any minute
giving way to the
many ghouls I veil
with joys - feigned
leaving me seering with pain
and languish unfathomable
I fear that some day
the last vestiges of virtue
may succumb to the
darkest avenues of my being
leaving me shrouded in sinister

I wonder sometimes
What if the world could
see through the hole
To see the pyre burning
within me
[The remembrances of
the timeless one
heals the ails within - satori]
Anmol Mago Aug 2
With Trepidation
Sun treads over
Scattered twigs and broken branches
Leaving behind a trail
of glinting pearls
Over leaves trampled

Snuggled in the glade
A myna contemplates
over the uncertain
silences of the dawn
interrupted  by the din
of rain splattering over
rugged tin roofs

Grey stormy clouds
struggle against
the fresh mist of morn
(Shadows of a demented past
bickering against a wall - crumbled)
Jul 22 · 83
At The Cusp of Dawn
Anmol Mago Jul 22
At the cusp of Dawn
I see a bud
draped in dew
intoxicated by
a breeze of youth
trapped in a bardo
of vivid colours
hallucinating a dreamless dream
awaiting for the Sun
to whisper the mantra
of awakening
and for the earth to utter
the secret of yore

At the cusp of Dawn
where the infinite oceans
merge into horizons bleak
where the despair of the night
embraces the sinuous hopes of the day
countless ephemeral beings
seek to transcend
into the boundless mist
[The buds see not
The flower hidden beneath
Their Sepals Quivering]
Jul 10 · 145
Opaque (Emptiness)
Anmol Mago Jul 10
Peering into
Emptiness opaque
I feel the night
Humming into my ear
A quatrain lost to time
A symphony long dead

Purged in mist
Pale light wafting
Through broken panes
Illuminating a
Bunch of poppies
Growing by the wayside

Under skies pristine
Life halts to breathe
A cosmic sigh of relief
(Etched into stillness
The silhouette of death)
Jul 6 · 111
Starry (flame)
Anmol Mago Jul 6
Beneath starry skies
My heart aflame with regrets
Wind toying with ash
Jul 4 · 49
Anmol Mago Jul 4
dejected and subdued
I stroll from edge to edge
like eddies of dust and wrinkled leaves
swirling into chaos

consumed by anxiety and apprehension
my heart throbs with yearning
as time rushes by
the opalescent skies of my soul
leaving behind a trail
of memories - strange

an endless creek of hollow - words
ravages my weary mind
as I contemplate over
the endless chatter pulsating
through my brain.
silence buzzes in my ear
like a dervish, my feet gyrate
in bursts of frantic movement

I shut my eyes to conceal
the skirmish between
the seen and unseen
in the emptiness of my breath
the mystery shines forth
(like a sun-drenched in rain)
Jun 30 · 47
Anmol Mago Jun 30
I don the night
Like a moth draped with fire
caressing and consuming
countless scars blemished with time
I perceive the unseeing
Eye of the night
Peering down into my abyss
evoking a familiar dread
Leaving me stranded in the midst
of a storm of unbridled emotions
I feel darkness gushing over me
Devouring my flesh
Like a mercenary

I slip beneath my pillow
Trying to drown the
Piercing echos within
Echos of incompleteness
Echos of memories long forgotten
I feel my world crumble
Beneath fears inexplicable

Even as the moon glares down
from behind the thicket of clouds
My ordeal raveges on
As an agony unsettling
shrouds over me
In a world bewildered by slumber
My lament - unheard
Jun 29 · 167
Anmol Mago Jun 29
Absconding the deluge within
I weave distant dreams
Of a lake untainted with earthiness
adorned by flowering trees
bequeathing new life to
Swans and quails
Flocked by mynas and nightingales
I dream of skies resplendent
studed with countless pearls
shining upon silent streets
reeking of a mystery profound

Yet in the exhilaration of creation
My heart torn apart by
The incessant grief of annihilation
the unceasing deluge within
tramples over my soul
with swift darkness
leaving behind a void
Marred with gloomy stillness

In muddied waters
A lotus blossoms
(To see its fragrance
Coalesce with dirt - awakening)
Jun 26 · 42
self esteem
Anmol Mago Jun 26
A lifetime worth of humiliation
weighs down on me
as I sigh to myself
"Maybe I haven't dressed well"
My hands instinctively
endeavour to fix my hair
My eyes cast down in caution
feverishly survey my appearance
a sense of heaviness
forbids me to speak
as I try to conceal
my glaring double chin
I walk like a Ghoul
amongst the crowd
wishing to be unnoticed
for my obesity

Day after Day
I look into the
steely coldness of the mirror
trying to carve out
a better version of myself
from the haphazard form
that stares back at me
dismembered by beauty
I inhibit the land
between freedom and fear
paralysed by inadequacy
hoping my body lives on
to tell the tale
(of stigma and shame)
Jun 23 · 51
Anmol Mago Jun 23
flashes of blurry images
occupy my mind
as I contemplate
the futility of this life
the futility of hoping
for a new dawn to embrace
the senseless morbidness
of my existence

In my agitations
I often perceive
my dreams morphing
into fears unseen
like seeds sown
in a wasteland
my aspirations wither away
into passivity - overwhelming
like a log of wood
fate tosses me about
into an endless tumult
between my heart and sensibilities

Often on lonesome nights
As I glance at
the insurmountable
mountain of my failures
I  count my breaths
to ticking of the clock
uncertainty clenches over my heart
like the final chapter
of a life gone to waste
I lament as I lay
secluded and subdued
(lost in despair)
Jun 16 · 52
Anmol Mago Jun 16
despair - unfathomable
weighs over my words
an inexplicable dread
clenches my tongue
bleeding in an omen
my heart swells and puffs in futility
as pages marred in silence
spill over my desk

in blankness profound
a sliver of moon
peeps into my void
and somewhere between
the frantically scratched pages
and a mind on the cusp of insanity
(a night jar's eclectic trill
echos in my barren soul)
Jun 8 · 349
Silent pen
Anmol Mago Jun 8
My pen has now run dry
No longer does its quaint ink
paint dreams of childish wonder
or giddy hopes
that maybe time might turn back
and the bygone days,
(their memories made sweet
with pain and with grief
dead-within the sheaths of past)
might come back alive

No longer does my pen
burn with the same flame of angst
or soothe my grieving soul
of the pangs of it's misery
or provide comfort to a wounded heart
as a catharsis
(setting aside the mythical Sisyphus stone)

No longer do ideas flow through my pen
No longer does it conceive
aspirations of a new dawn;
No longer does it's silent mouth
whisper to my soul
of the void and emptiness of life
of words devoid of all meaning
and of those silent thoughts
left unspoken

The clouds in the sky moved apart
like a lover dwelling on fears unsaid
the stillness of the night
and the silence of the stars
hung heavy in the atmosphere
and suddenly the moon shinned forth
from the tip of my pen.
Jun 6 · 255
Anmol Mago Jun 6
Like the weeds uninvited
In a meadow near perfect
Violence and envy
Cloud over our minds seamlessly
We bicker - We brawl
Pouring out an endless stream
Of slurs from our mouths
Staining our hearts crimson
With hatred and deceit
Dividing the indivisible
Into shallow factions and ideologies
So often we split
Our hearts into two
One trying to relinquish
Over the other
Like broken pieces of glass
Trying to mend
Perspectives - distorted

Boged down by apathy
To nurture joy is a struggle
It is a struggle
For the flower of compassion
To bloom in hearts - barren
Rife with selfishness
In absolute darkness
A lonesome light
Whispers hope
into ears - parched
Jun 2 · 114
Anmol Mago Jun 2
We're dying by the minute
Our minds choked on rubble
Of failed ideologies
and pretentious dogma
Our identities are lying
in the debris somewhere
over-shadowed with towering posters,
Stigmatised and afraid

We're living in absolute secrecy
burying our hearts in darkness
Blotting out our inner selves
Filtering out our scars
for the sake of social acceptance
Our souls go up for a trial each night
As we concede defeat
to a foe unseen

Our lives are trapped
In a sorrow unending
Stripped away of joy
the endless tribulations
Of our souls
Speak of the ails of a society
Steeped fast in irrational prejudices
May 30 · 385
Anmol Mago May 30
Terror stuck eyes, weave
vivid dreams cast in fire
burnt hands-gripping over
stifled matchsticks and ash
sore throats-choked on explosives
gasping to breathe-fading into smoke
burning pyres-burgeoning graves
screams hushed into wet tissues
neon lights-cast a shadow
over the glow of our souls
tinted perspectives-exalted lies
apathy reigns over our minds

Sometimes beloved I feel that
We're all stuck in our matchboxes
closed in from all sides
searching for a light
living out in constant dread
only to be vaporised someday
leaving behind-luminous ash
and a spark of perseverance
for the travellers - weary.
Just musing
May 26 · 230
Anmol Mago May 26
Empty meaningless words
hastily scrawled over
half torn - bits of paper
Still reek of a heart,
long lost to despair
prey to twisted tongues
and shallow sugarcoated taunts
(reminiscent of an innocence
relinquished by years of growing up)

Sometimes by the moon light,
a pale trembling hand still
reaches for them instinctively
(trying to resurrect a poet long dead.)
Just a random muse
May 23 · 323
Anmol Mago May 23
Drowned in a puddle of
empty meaningless sounds
Distant screeches and
Haunting howls
like a lonesome owl,
meditating on the vast dead
numbness clouds
over my intellect

Like a swarm of cicadas
Gathered around gaslight
A higher cosmic wisdom
Embraces the castaways
The unsaid word
heals the souls scarred by
illusory world of sounds
In solitude the irrefutable truth
dawns over the blessed hearts.
May 19 · 232
Made-Up (snails)
Anmol Mago May 19
Like a snail-curled
inside it's shell
too meek - to peep outside
Or like the faint glow
of a setting sun
engulfed by a horizon-bleek

(Agony and despair
concealed beneath
a garb of feigned smiles.)
It's a good day, when inspiration comes.
Anmol Mago May 6
Look through the window pane
beyond the silhouettes of dim lit faces
beyond the city skylines
beyond the cascading clouds
Into the horizon - infinite
Look into the vast nothingness
Which cradles our
petty civilisational ego
Like a mother unasking,  in it's kindness

In this rare moment
elation of the soul
pure joy flowing through your veins
untainted by sorrow
A gamut full of emotions bursting through your gut
A universe gushing through your eyes.
Om Ah Hung
Apr 30 · 892
Anmol Mago Apr 30
Like the cinders of incense
Escaping out of an altar
With broken panes
Or the smoke billowing
From an unceasing pyre
(Hope diffused into
Apr 21 · 834
(blinded) moon
Anmol Mago Apr 21
In the dark bleakness
An interplay of shadows
moon (blinded) looks on
Apr 12 · 640
Grim Reaper- II
Anmol Mago Apr 12
Dear Grim Reaper,
The world is nothing
But a somnambulent dream,
Humans are but
heaps of dust - gyrating,
in a state of terminal lucidity
Bizzarly pompous and
Brazenly hypocritical,
we live a life of mistakes,
accentuated by grief.
Sorrow rules over our minds
as we obey our puppeteers,
not a moment of seclusion,
not a flicker of reason.
Haunted by the
ghoul of acceptance
we submit

A great beyond - unbeknownst
lies smudged in grimace,
in the middle of the abyss,
a cosmic whisper
Apr 10 · 434
Anmol Mago Apr 10
Shadows Interlaced
With a Crimson Horizon
A Heron (undaunted)
I am back after long, Do let me know what you think about this one  : )
Mar 25 · 220
Anmol Mago Mar 25
Near the honeysuckle
Lay a cocoon quiet
Like a jolt of light
From its majestic stillness
A sudden outburst of life ---

(A Butterfly's first hasty dance
To the tune of a myna's mating call)
Dec 2020 · 375
Anmol Mago Dec 2020
I burned and burned
In the anguish not knowing
In the anguish of never comprehending-
The myriad mysteries of this universe
The endless emotions with which nature weaves its canvas-
Vibrant and Alive with joy and with sorrow alike
I burned aflame
Till the moth was anhilated
And a flower blossomed from its ashes

The Blossoming and not the flower ---
                 True Realisation
Om Ah Hung
Dec 2020 · 426
Anmol Mago Dec 2020
A stormy river
Leans to embrace - rocks beneath
The lotus unscaped
Lotus represents wisdom in Buddhist iconography and the river our tumultuous journey towards enlightenment.

Om Ah Hung
Nov 2020 · 193
walls and windows
Anmol Mago Nov 2020
two vines intertwined
braving a merciless wall
                              --- a window half (shut)
Nov 2020 · 831
Dew Drops(Haiku)
Anmol Mago Nov 2020
Elegant dew drops
Tormented by a ghastly wind
                    ---A myna crooning
Nov 2020 · 195
wry hope(senryu)
Anmol Mago Nov 2020
A roaring blizzard
the damped gush of silent sobs
                           ---glimmer of wry hope
Nov 2020 · 146
(cluttered voices)
Anmol Mago Nov 2020
an endless chatter
Filled with exhilaration
           ----the sighs in between
To all the faces I don't remember any more and relatives which have ceased to exist for me.
Oct 2020 · 294
eternal whisper (haiku)
Anmol Mago Oct 2020
through the void of my-
soul an eternal whisper
                                         --birth of a poem
I have to use this haiku for a school project,
Can I get a feedback please !!!!
: )
Jun 2020 · 229
Anmol Mago Jun 2020
It's all lying in a mess o'beloved

Our love, our lives,
Our promises, our lies
It's all too intertwined
Like vines climbing over
a sun drenched window sill
like moss growing over
an unhabited house

It's all just too complicated
Those nights when pain
engulfs us - dwarfs us
much akin to how cruel darkness
subdues the worn out candles
And here surrounded by
the spectre of our hollowness
we live for all eternity
some what overwhelmed
by the burdensome scars
love has left   us with
Jun 2020 · 322
Anmol Mago Jun 2020
like a sea,
reaching out to
an infinite horizon

we seemingly
coexisted for all eternity
and yet never truly
May 2020 · 508
Anmol Mago May 2020
don't bro me
he said growling
from his insides
tears spliting his
nerves apart
A concoction of
mixed emotions
reeling inside his head

A snapped string
it was perhaps
or A shattered memory
And somewhere in the
ruins of a friendship
lost to anguish
I lay
May 2020 · 685
broken beauty
Anmol Mago May 2020
the most beautiful
of words always flowed from the
most broken of souls
Apr 2020 · 973
self made
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
It doesn't help
to be told over and again
that these gloomy prisons of
are indeed
self - made
Apr 2020 · 332
Dear Passerby,
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
I wish you to know
the things that hurt you
haunt me too
the sorrows that you conceal
behind your unassuming smiles
I wish you just knew somehow,
I have dealt with those demons too

And so I assure you my mate,
you are not all alone in this pain

you never were ...
To the countless friends I found at He Po,
Thanks for being with me, when I needed you all.
Apr 2020 · 394
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
Everthing was
perfectly still before
                                    she (the storm) arrived
Apr 2020 · 311
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
I think your love might
feel like a bitter sweet pickle
(more-bitter than-sweet)
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
You separated me
From my beloved,
Like a small fly perched
Gently over a spritely flower
on a warm lousy afternoon

You swatted me away
Like an Unwanted spectator
To the outpouring of nature's

And so we parted,
with a broken prayer,
half spoken - half lost in despair
and a wall of prejudice, yet unsurrmountable
built between two hearts
                                               -- mutiliated
Apr 2020 · 267
(remorseful) leeches
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
Your memories are
like leeches they **** inside
of my poor heart --- dry
just musing around.
Apr 2020 · 330
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
stay with me beloved
as if this embrace will last forever
stay with me as if our hands
are woven into each other

stay with me as if the clouds
will never stop pouring
stay with me as if the winds
will caress the thunder  forever

Stay by me darling
I need you more than ever
for once just once
I long for the forever kind of love
the night reminds me of (you).
Apr 2020 · 239
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
The day,
my grandpa left me,
I decided to lock all my love
in a safe
to save it from the ravages of
this pitiless time

I think sometimes nowadays
I must have lost the keys somewhere
while I was busy getting older
Tbh this one is hypothetical, but still it is really close to home.
Mar 2020 · 169
Anmol Mago Mar 2020
"Death gives me hope to live"
Mar 2020 · 144
Anmol Mago Mar 2020
Those who feign
the gory robes of
Must see rather

How much blood
do their glasses
Just musing
Mar 2020 · 206
(lack of) Empathy
Anmol Mago Mar 2020

as the sun FORCES its way
through the dark,

WIPE away all your tears
and HIDE away that
remorseful diary of yours,

learn to gently PLASTER
your sorrow with a
good old pretentious smile,

for it doesn't help to cry
in a world, that has
no time to empathize

( neither with your repentance,
  nor with that poet inside )
3 a.m. thoughts
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