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Jun 30 · 153
Anmol Mago Jun 30
It's all lying in a mess o'beloved
Our love, our lives,
Our promises, our lies
It's all too intertwined
Like vines climbing over
a sun drenched window sill
like most growing over
an unhabited house

It's all just too complicated
Those nights when pain
engulfs us - dwarfs us
much akin to how cruel darkness
subdues the worn out candles
And here surrounded by
the spectre of our hollowness
we live for all eternity
some what overwhelmed
by the burdensome scars
love has left   us with
Jun 16 · 168
Anmol Mago Jun 16
like a sea,
reaching out to
an infinite horizon

we seemingly
coexisted for all eternity
and yet never truly
May 24 · 427
Anmol Mago May 24
don't bro me
he said growling
from his insides
tears spliting his
nerves apart
A concoction of
mixed emotions
reeling inside his head

A snapped string
it was perhaps
or A shattered memory
And somewhere in the
ruins of a friendship
lost to anguish
I lay
May 19 · 583
broken beauty
Anmol Mago May 19
the most beautiful
of words always flowed from the
most broken of souls
Apr 23 · 848
self made
Anmol Mago Apr 23
It doesn't help
to be told over and again
that these gloomy prisons of
are indeed
self - made
Apr 23 · 168
Dear Passerby,
Anmol Mago Apr 23
I wish you to know
the things that hurt you
haunt me too
the sorrows that you conceal
behind your unassuming smiles
I wish you just knew somehow,
I have dealt with those demons too

And so I assure you my mate,
you are not all alone in this pain

you never were ...
To the countless friends I found at He Po,
Thanks for being with me, when I needed you all.
Apr 18 · 152
Anmol Mago Apr 18
When we become
old enough to be "busy"

Being morose all through the day
(A new normal)
Lessons to my older self
from a younger Anmol
Apr 18 · 315
Anmol Mago Apr 18
Everthing was
perfectly still before
                                    she (the storm) arrived
Apr 15 · 234
Anmol Mago Apr 15
I think your love might
feel like a bitter sweet pickle
(more-bitter than-sweet)
Anmol Mago Apr 12
You separated me
From my beloved,
Like a small fly perched
Gently over a spritely flower
on a warm lousy afternoon

You swatted me away
Like an Unwanted spectator
To the outpouring of nature's

And so we parted,
with a broken prayer,
half spoken - half lost in despair
and a wall of prejudice, yet unsurrmountable
built between two hearts
                                               -- mutiliated
Apr 5 · 183
(remorseful) leeches
Anmol Mago Apr 5
Your memories are
like leeches they **** inside
of my poor heart --- dry
just musing around.
Apr 4 · 256
Anmol Mago Apr 4
stay with me beloved
as if this embrace will last forever
stay with me as if our hands
are woven into each other

stay with me as if the clouds
will never stop pouring
stay with me as if the winds
will caress the thunder  forever

Stay by me darling
I need you more than ever
for once just once
I long for the forever kind of love
the night reminds me of (you).
Apr 2 · 141
Anmol Mago Apr 2
The day,
my grandpa left me,
I decided to lock all my love
in a safe
to save it from the ravages of
this pitiless time

I think sometimes nowadays
I must have lost the keys somewhere
while I was busy getting older
Tbh this one is hypothetical, but still it is really close to home.
Apr 2 · 133
Anmol Mago Apr 2
Fear killed me
long before
your love could.
Mar 25 · 114
Anmol Mago Mar 25
"Death gives me hope to live"
Mar 23 · 99
Anmol Mago Mar 23
Those who feign
the gory robes of
Must see rather

How much blood
do their glasses
Just musing
Mar 23 · 138
(lack of) Empathy
Anmol Mago Mar 23

as the sun FORCES its way
through the dark,

WIPE away all your tears
and HIDE away that
remorseful diary of yours,

learn to gently PLASTER
your sorrow with a
good old pretentious smile,

for it doesn't help to cry
in a world, that has
no time to empathize

( neither with your repentance,
  nor with that poet inside )
3 a.m. thoughts
Mar 20 · 164
Anmol Mago Mar 20
sucess to this world
is just failing in a
terribly pleasant way
Mar 3 · 299
Anmol Mago Mar 3
"Keep in touch with me --
                                               forever!! "

she said with a conviction
so genuinely made up
that he couldn't help but

( Why does forever always mean NEVER ? )
dedicated to (you)
Mar 3 · 162
Anmol Mago Mar 3
Tearing away
my eyes from
the screen

I realized
rather sorely -

how long had
it really been
since I stopped
missing (you)
Dedicated to (you)
Feb 24 · 137
Anmol Mago Feb 24
As a family,
we always
had our supper
in perfect silence
the luid language
of cuttlery, clanking
helped us to convey
what words
could never
have said
To my dear family,

Howso ever obnoxious
may I otherwise seem,
but I really love all of you
dearer than me
Feb 24 · 100
Anmol Mago Feb 24
I scribbled away my heart
to you
I scribbled away all my
And now that I am left
nothing much to say
I mumble all day
how grim all this scribbling business
can get
Anmol Mago Feb 24
"I don't understand your poems"
she told me so often

[and yet
in each
of my verses
there was
so much
more of her
and so
little of me]
Dedicated to (you)

sometimes the ones you try and forget, are the ones that matter the most
Feb 24 · 163
Anmol Mago Feb 24
I cry out to you
but you don't hear,

and somehow, my love
this cosmic dilemma
of resent,

just drags on
Feb 24 · 151
Anmol Mago Feb 24
somedays o, beloved
you make me regret so bad,
the very thought of our
Feb 24 · 360
Anmol Mago Feb 24
At times
I feel so
tired of
it all
that I can
my heart
to a
Feb 20 · 166
sordid concoction
Anmol Mago Feb 20
your love was always
like a sordid concoction

each gulp left me
with a resentment
just musing around
Anmol Mago Feb 20
one day
(        almost
           in the
muddied brown waters)

I will grow
over all my
agony and
the day never comes though.
Feb 19 · 116
Anmol Mago Feb 19
I haven't changed
the bedsheets of my room yet

each contour on its
wrinkled surface
reminds me
(rather painfully,)
of your absence

the blankets --
still somehow smell
of your mellow breath
for it seems
they haven't forgotten yet
what love once felt like

and often like surprises
so carefully laid,
I still find sometimes
your hair scattered about
here and there
I so wish to tresure them,
as if they were
the last remanants
of that something special
two souls had between them

and then sometimes
on sundays like guests
totally uninvited
I feel all these memories
coming back
choking my throat with tears
gloating me to death
and somehow
I feel like playing all those
games all over again
which we once used to play
but somehow that voice
inside of my head just knows
how badly will I lose again

And yet however
certainly may I know
what's passed can never return
and trust isn't so easy to gain
I just can't bring my tormented self
to clear away this mess
(we once so lovingly made)
based on my cousins experience.
Feb 19 · 237
The ever after
Anmol Mago Feb 19
living for the ever-after
taught him that he
cannot be happy at all ...
Just musing around for a while.
Feb 16 · 153
Anmol Mago Feb 16
with absolute tenderness in her
soft eyes

she said in a voice which could almost
take my life

"Don't fall in love with me"
Feb 14 · 183
Anmol Mago Feb 14

preffer to stay
in the shadows,
for they help me
to hide the scars

Feb 14 · 5.4k
Anmol Mago Feb 14
I often heard them say-
"Love can tear your
heart to pieces"

( Well must I admit,
I often thought
I Loved myself )
Feb 14 · 145
Anmol Mago Feb 14
years and years from hence
when we will all be
but, figments of past long gone

          ( would you ever
            remember me then ?)
Feb 14 · 211
strange sometimes
Anmol Mago Feb 14
shadows of a demented past
lurking over a heavy heart -

memories, my love
can be so strange sometimes

Feb 13 · 99
Anmol Mago Feb 13
sometimes -

is to be
at all
inspired by Emily Dickinson
Feb 12 · 1.8k
Anmol Mago Feb 12
Casting a long shadow
over his face
she said in a tone
that was rather plain

"I would have loved you my dear
hadn't your wretched looks intertwined"
They might judgeyou for your looks, your clothes , your ideas , your words and so on. But my friend always stand tall, be comfortable as you, for they haven't yet seen all the good you have within you.
Feb 8 · 228
spelling issues - I
Anmol Mago Feb 8
it will be better
if some day
they started spellin'
Dedicated to (you)
Feb 5 · 203
Anmol Mago Feb 5
You could almost
see his soul rip apart
when he said in a
rather muffled tone

"I am so happy for both of you"
Feb 2 · 189
Anmol Mago Feb 2
It is only after
all the branches
have withered
and fallen off
(leaving the
trees sulking
at the injustices of life)
that spring can finally arrive

and so must it be beloved
For it is only after
these winds of hatered
have ploughed our souls
(leaving our hearts
barren and gasping for
just a little more)

that love can eventually
it is a little late till then, I often feel.
Jan 28 · 405
Anmol Mago Jan 28
"Heaven's an illusion"
they all always told me
"Happiness, a poorly delivered oxymoron"

I could never believe them
the day you --- l
Jan 26 · 197
Grim reaper
Anmol Mago Jan 26
Dear Grim reaper,
do tarry  awhile
this soul which you ask for
ain't really just mine
Jan 24 · 169
Anmol Mago Jan 24
sh ar ds
of this silence
my noisy heart

(and each time the phone rang
I wished so bad it was you)
Dedicated to (you)
Jan 24 · 252
Anmol Mago Jan 24
She was
never meant
(to stay)
they always
told me

why ?...
is yet so hard
to explain
Jan 17 · 66
shrowd of the numbers
Anmol Mago Jan 17
It was the 15 th
"I can't live with you anymore"
that he was glancing at

Probably the 100 th
"I don't love you anymore"

and the 1000 th time somebody
had just walked away from him
leaving him alone
in the rubble of his
heart once more
and yet all he saw before him
was the same old dilapidated room
the same old darkness
which embellished it
and the same old shadows
dancing about the walls
a macabre dance of sorrowful glee --

Everything to him just stood so still
and yet the clock -- the dammned clock
just kept ticking in the silence
the distant howling of the wind --
Jan 17 · 85
Anmol Mago Jan 17
"I'll be dead
sooner than you'll
ever know"

(Loving you can **** me
you outta know )
Jan 11 · 218
Anmol Mago Jan 11
That half stale
cup of coffee
left there
on the counter is
a remnant of our love

(It reminds me,
rather painfully
you don't live with me
anymore )
Jan 9 · 246
Anmol Mago Jan 9
I will still
for you

inside that
little dark corner
within my head

Even if
you never                
Dedicated to (you)
Jan 8 · 495
good bye
Anmol Mago Jan 8
each time
he waved her

he could feel
every pulse of his  
br-ok-en heart
out loud to her

(please do not leave me
Dedicated to (you)
Jan 3 · 275
dreaming of (you)
Anmol Mago Jan 3
dreams they say -
(can never be true)

I really thought
that you loved me

(was your love
a dream too ?)
I don't know why (you) continue to haunt me
But my love, if our past really was nothing but a nightmare
then you were probably the most adorable ghost ever.
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