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Angelo Iudici May 10
Somber fields yields
What perhaps we expect

The tree may feel
What sun neglects

Weeping is the willow
forever perched its arms

Loved and selected
Is allows the tree to continue on

Remembered and cherished
for now the willow knows
the feeling it brings others
so happy as it grows
For Mother
Angelo Iudici Apr 29
Thorned no more
This shall not due

The wolf seeks more
the thorn is a clue

For the rose sings its song
but also has stung

Toxic lullabies
In memories it rung

For more and for better
the wolf has become clever

Roses no more
The path thus uncovered
Adventure waits
A crossroads he discovered
Angelo Iudici Apr 29
The sound of rain accompanies my hopes
One evening or perhaps past that time

Dreams of ambition
Dreams with good vision
Lone there I wait
To discover decision

Long thereafter
As I lay asleep
Perhaps as it rained
Perhaps as sun creeped

Awake I became
and soon I have read
My dream had come true
As I laid in bed

My journey continues
It is that I desire
One step closer
to Buckingham's shire
Trouble enthused but the giver
Forgiveness forgave the forgiver
The problem was her and me with her

So often I stayed for I knew not
I loved and swore that wouldn’t
Then she proved that I should so would then  

Maybe my will was so weak
So hard I thought and I couldn’t
True love maybe told me I shouldn’t

Someone a new so she went with
I knew then I could not continue

Regrets are all that I leave you
Worn and wrinkled
Promised and sworn
Conditions of my heart

My fortune has faded
I promise I waited

Such nothings I miss
Morning’s warmth
Lax and thoughts ensue
Refreshed like summer’s dew
Memories of warmth
Angelo Iudici Dec 2019
There but not
Awake but asleep
Lonely the silence
Uncomforting creek

Knowledge he wants
Not that we give him
Born of innocence yet
Remains imprisoned

Together the planets
Lonely is Pluto
Forever he’s waiting
He hopes all for you know
I might’ve visited the outside of where Edgar Allen Poe lived: 85 West 3rd Street, New York, New York (1844-1846) - Then I visited Caffé Reggio, ordered a cappuccino and wrote this poem
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