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8M Dec 2018
When all the babies cry
And the pelicans sing
What will they bring
To the table, oh my
Right before my eyes
They'll crown me king
Dancing around a swing
Do I get my prize?

I know the grass is green
And that blades are sharp
My history is clean,
Not a sin to be seen
But what's a work of art
Is blood on the screen
I know this doesn't make sense.
Laiza A Oct 2018
A dreary gray fills the sky with a sombre mood
Like ash sprawling in the air in a manner of crude
A coronation begins, for the foul, not good
Mockery fills the room as a man sits in ****

His skin filled with fresh bruises and blisters alike;
His eyes painted with tremor, etched within his psyche
Upon his head sat, a diadem of sharp pike
Its needles slithering through his forehead in hike,

Puncturing his once soft skin; warm blood trickles down
Escorting his pains were the digging of the crown
It continues, wrapping his head like a long gown
For a king, adorned with a frown: a thorny crown.

Among the men, they bring out a coat of blood anew
Draped on shoulders, blood meets blood; the searing pain grew
A contempt shroud lingers, a call begins to brew
"Hail the King!" they chant, "Hail Jesus, the King of all  Jew!"
This is a poem written to depict what happened before The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, meaning it describes one of the unauthorized torturing towards him and how sorrowful it is.

(I am not a religious person, I merely wrote something that is associated with Christ and his history.)
Lark Train Jan 2016
They who cheer your coronation
Are they who cheer your execution.
I think I'll call them friends.

They who weep for your wedding night
Will weep with news of this ungodly plight.
I know they are my family.
Family is forever.

— The End —