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Angela Dec 2012
I have walked a alonely path
feeling in the darkness
tripping and falling
and still I press on..

Searching for you
I fear not this night
I know in my heart
I will find you
when the time is right...

I hear the wolves howling
I sense the owl amoung the trees
I stop and twirl around me
and I fall unto my knees....

I reach up in the darkness
my fingers stretched up high
I pray that you come find me
For you are the holder of the sky...

You reach your fingers down to me
like sunbeams through the trees
warming my heart from within
I gratefully breath in life again....

I beg you not to leave me
to take your precious light
You tell me to follow you
and your guidance through the night...

I follow without hesitence
and you lead me to a clearing
I look ahead across the distance
and see a being gleaming...

You tell me not to fear him
he is a gift from you
to comfort and protect me
And, I will complete him too...

He walks towards me
as if he walked out of a dream
and, he looks upon me
as if I have done the same...

We hold each other
and the sunbeams brighten
For the "One" has granted us the gift
Of a soulmate to share this life.....
Angela Nov 2012
He is of the ocean
so mighty and deep
I can not resist
be knocked off my feet

He is of the sun
so hot and so bright
He burns up my memory
with delicious insight

He is of the moon
tall, dark, and handsome
Lightning in his eyes
holds my heart for randsom

We are of the stars
for eternity we will shine
One day we shall blend
Becoming "One" so devine
Angela Nov 2012
It is good to be back
among old friends devine
To walk in the sun
with those that do shine
To taste again of poetic sins
in all of it's glorious blends
To feel it once more pulse
through my veins
And,realize ...I was not ment to be sane.
Angela Aug 2011
I have always thought I walked alone
down lifes winding path
But, something has opened my eyes
and made me rethink the universal math

Why is it when I need someone
they always seem to know?
A phone call, a message,
just letting me know I'm not alone

What made that person reach out to me ,
just out of blue?
and then it dawns on me
the reason is you

You reach out in very subtle ways
to let us know your there
Something as simple as a need to call
to let someone know we care
It's actually you compelling us
putting the thought in our mind

I realize I am not alone
and that you,our creator is kind
Thank you for quencidences
for lightbulb thoughts,
and those near misses.

Thank you for synchronicities
Opening my mind and making me think
For opening my heart to your mysteries
Thank you for those lovely God Winks
Angela Aug 2011
I wake up every morning
to see your smiling little faces
So free you speak of your dreams
never confined by social graces

Imagination one of your greatest friends
taking you places that I have once been
fairies and princesses, dragons and knights
You tell me your stories of happiness and fright

You make me remember my long ago friends
that only I could see ....they were oh so very special to me
You make me believe in miracles and magic and hope

You give me such a special gift
one only you can give
the gife of a youthful mind
for the magic is there and it's easy to find
You teach me what I once knew so well
That in our hearts is where the child dwells
Angela Aug 2011
I sometimes speak in riddles
a little *** for tat
A simple exchange of random thoughts
that flow to a rhythm all it's own
Sometimes it comes in metaphors
sometimes it clear as a bell
But, always it is straight from the heart
Always it's cleansing to the soul
I can share my wishes and my ever changing dreams
I can expose my deeps fears and my sneakiest of schemes
I love the world of poetry
It's the only place I call home
For even when I sit here by myself
Somehow I am never alone.................
Angela Jul 2011
The silence in your eyes
the peace within your breath
Like a camp fire glowing
against a harvest moon
you drawl me in
and make me feel at home

The gentle depth of your voice
the moments of laughter
like a happy song
you lift me high
to soar through cloud nine
letting me know that I'm not alone

I sometimes think I knew you
in another place in time
For the moment that I met you
I knew that you were kind

Like a sweat dream
you make me feel safe
and some how so free
Yet, sadly there is a barrier
that separates you and me

Perhaps it the familiarity
we as strangers should not know
that separates the reuniting of two
friendly old souls

I cherish you for how ever long you stay
I know I will always remember you this way
and perhaps if in this life our paths shall part
We will meet up again amongst the stars,
remembering each other as we pass through
the sands of time.
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