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Angel luis Jan 2015
words on the screen I grasp in Palm means nothing. you can't come to my face and spin your web of hateful comments around me. I see you little girls staring from your lunch that is "healthy" because you have to be seemingly perfect. I know your loose ends. I know your depths and to me you are no different from the other girls that face the problems of players, broken hearts, ***, alcohol. You continue to smother people's feeds with your photo shoots and masks that you hide yourself in. to me your weak. you can't come face me you have to gossip with your friends and let the words come crawling back to me. You are the girl who cries "I'm innocent." You might be able to fool those who don't look under your mask. but I have seen your truths. I have witnessed the alcohol that has seeped through your veins. you are too weak to speak with me. you have to get drunk and come to me wanting a fight. I'm a pacifist fighting solves nothing and I am well aware of that. but cut the bull crap that this town is full of druggies, boos, and ***. you are the one who stirs the ***. you are a lustful lover, a hungover 15 year old, a try hard. don't come to me to say you are a broken person. I have been broken and used more times than I can count on my hands. I have let down my strengths and let childish boys use me again and again before, but here I am. I don't cower in the corner I don't cover my face with cheap makeup. I don't make my worries go away by floating on the clouds or catching a buzz. I help others when they are in need. I push people to get through painful times because now my world is bright. don't blame this town for anything blame yourself. you let the outside world control you. the difference between you girls and me is I won't let it take control.
Angel luis Nov 2014
One fault.
A forgiveness that makes me seem week.
Lost Friends.
like walking down some stairs it was easy for them.
Funny isn't?
The way she can go from having your back
to helping your enemy slide the knife into the spine of my back
It is still hard to slide down a feed and see your face.
I know it is not hard for you.
I tried to reconnect with but it wasn't the connection we had.
You use to bring so much laughter to my face now i can't help but look at you in disgust.
Its respulsive how high school has made you into someone i don't even recognize anymore.
how can you slip past me in the halls and feel no remorse for the friendship lost.
I don't know you anymore.
You use to be full of fun and laughter.
Always wanted to just take a drive.
Now all you want is boys, the ***, the drugs, the alcohol.
You want to be addicted to something that is simply toxic.
And i have to stand here and watch as the good in you begin tick down to the moment where it will explode and no goodness will be left in your soul.
I want to reach out and help you...
No, correction i want to reach out and smack you.
If i could speak with you again I would ask what happened.
I use to stand up for you and now i have to sit back and watch this scene unfold.
i wish i could cut the red wire to the bomb that is tick tick ticking down your demise.
but here's the secret darling,
                                    you won't stop your own demise.
Angel luis Aug 2014
The moon has imperfections it has craters and divites,
Yet people know it's beautiful.
The ocean can cause disaster,
Yet we wish to walk along the shore.
There are risky bets,
Yet we take them.
People fear love,
Yet I love you.
I'm not scared to love you.
People dear the feeling of someone walking away.
Leaving the shattered pieces for you to sweep up,
Yet I don't fear losing the love we have.
Why does society tell us to fear things so beautiful?
Don't live in fear.
When you start to get fear surfing through your spine take my hand.
There is no fear in the love of people, material things and the wonders of the world.
There is only beauty.
You are my beauty
That I will spend the rest of my life admiring.
Touching every part of your body like I was investigating the moon.
I will listen to you breathe as if I was sitting at the ocean shore.
I will take risks with you because I have no fear of losing.
Because I will always have
Angel luis Jul 2014
I lay in wonder as to why my eyes are not heavy. How can I lay here at 2 in the morning and feel as if it was 2 in the afternoon. Maybe I am use to the late nights. You would think that my head is spinning with some thoughts. Some would say 2 am is the time for over thinking. Yet my mind is filled with thoughts of you. There is nothing to over think. The reason I cannot get tired is simple. That is because no dreams can compare to the reality I have with you. I sit here and I can picture the landscape of your body as if you were standing in front of me. I can feel your muscles on my fingertips like I was rubbing them on you in this moment. I can close my eyes touch my lips and just picture that firework that bursts when our lips touch. 2 am is the time of true love. It doesn't have to be a time of sadness and overthinking. For me it is just another time of hour to love you. Nothing compares to the feelings and thoughts you have when you are knee deep in a true love that is ever so real. Fairy tales are said to give girls unrealistic ideas. Yet I believe they tell us what a true love can be. My mind is circling around your perfection. At times I sit and wonder how God made such a wonderful creature. People usually use the word Beautiful for woman. But you are so worthy of the word Beautiful. Now you may say no one is perfect but when you love someone to you every one of their imperctions is still perfect to you. So don't settle for lust. You need to find that love where you absolutely just adore your other half.
Angel luis Jun 2014
I wish you knew what you look like from my eyes.
when I say you're handsome I really mean it.
you are my angel.
I love looking at you when you aren't looking.
I just see innocence. I sit and wonder what you are thinking about.
when we lay together I like to turn towards you and cuddle up.
because I love to see our eyes slowly start to close together.
when we look each other in the eye the feeling I get is indescribable.
this is love.
this is what love feels like.
you don't explain love you feel it.
I will always feel love with you.
Angel luis May 2014
you see me sleep.
you hear the noises I make when I am in a deep sleep.
you have felt me breathe in life.
you know how I like my coffee.
which is a trick question bc I don't like it at all.
you know deep secrets that I fear to tell anyone else.
you are the one who sees my hidden tan lines
you know what it's like when hot passion is running in our veins.
you know the landscape of my body.
you understand that I don't like to rhyme my poetry bc I feel it gives the writer limits.
you have breathed intense passion on my neck.
like an addiction.
I cannot shake you.
I can't leave you.
I couldn't live a minute without being able to breathe your name.
you are like a drug pumping through my veins.
I continue to crave more and more.
we are a book with no end.
you know me as well as I know myself.
and you may understand more than I ever could.
passion and love starts with you.
Angel luis May 2014
back feeling on the concrete.
light breezes fill my ears.
warm night times makes everything right.
the open sky all for my eyes to capture.
blinking my eyes like the flash of a camera.
stars saying hi as they shine and twinkle.
the moon dictating it all.
a dark blue sky that doesn't make me sad.
inhaling the beauty of night.
exhaling the stress of the day.
inhale. exhale.
as I breathe I think of you.
I think of the feeling when I lay my head on your chest.
listening to your faint breathes.
as I listen to the music played by your heartbeat.
we are in two separate rooms.
we are still together.
hearts beating as one.
gazing with our brilliant eyes at the same sky.
thoughts circling in my brain about you.
my thoughts are organized not cluttered.
the soothing air gets these thoughts together.
like they are in filing drawers and I always pull out the thoughts of.
i can see right now the glimmer of a star twinkling in your green eyes.
people all asleep but we lay in the glory of the night.
I drift into a peaceful state as the leaves drift with the wind.
gazing into the sky is like gazing into your eyes.
they both tell a story.
they are deep.
and I love it.
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