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Anecandu Dec 2020
I followed you to lay on Bajan sand.
You only follow me on instagram.

We soaked like seeds in *** and season.
You laughed at my stale jokes without reason.

My hands combed your wet silky hair,
You kept the keys to our secret lair.

But i will always remember Barbados
Anecandu Sep 2020
The rythimic beat of your heart in its treasure of your chest.
Thrills my ears from above the cloth covering your breast.
It beats like a military drum,
Bidding me to come,

Come hither as you shiver,
From the cold outside  wet as rain.
My lips ache with pain
While they unwillingly  refrain ,
From uttering the words that betray my mind.

Describing how i wish you supine.
How angelic and devine,
As before me you lay ,
Spread like a bountiful buffet
Delicious your eyes that stoic gaze on me

For this is the finality of our daily mating dance.
The promises of chance.
A battle of wit reduced to who will submit
So as i crave your fingertip.
You have my senses stripped, down to bare essentials.
My eyes devour your credentials
Anecandu Aug 2020
Our battle lines are drawn,
the  columns of our arguments swarm,

You cross the line drawn in the sand,
I drew it again but on your land.

Your secret weapon is a force I know
your eyes then spark and your rosy cheeks glow

That's when I felt the attack of your smile
which decimates my whole emotional empire.

I surrender, my empire crumbles
Anecandu Jul 2020
Every thing grows in the shade of your smile,
but especially my love for you
Anecandu Jun 2020
What am I to you?
Am I your bow, your eyes, your muse
Or just fuel, plasticine, the match to your fuse.

What are you to me?
Do you blow my mind, take my breathe away like the song
Or just decimate me, drop kicking the wind out of my lungs.

What will we to each other be?
Will we be friends, lovers, even family.
Or will we tread on alone,  in each others company.
Anecandu Feb 2020
I am the prisoner of your smile,
incarcerated here without a file,
I who long not to be free,
but for a chance to give myself willingly.

My heart in secret petitions life, in your custody,
my sentence needs no deliberation nor jury,
no mercy for attempted robbery under a sky of lies,
I need only the diamonds that sparkle in your eyes.

Let this tryst be my crime and punishment,
shed from me my wooly fleece of innocence,
I plead to be held at your majesty's pleasure,
and cease my torture of uncertain love, forever.

For as I gaze beyond the Ivory bars of your teeth.
captured am I by those warm ruby lips so sweet,
I write these words on your heart with desire,
but you say nary a word, to extinguish this fire. the prisoner of your smile.
Anecandu Dec 2019
I never dreamt or hoped to find
Our ecliptic love that left me blind
I'm bathing in its iridescent meteor showers,
Enjoying the misty halo of you, lover.

A kiss that transports through time and space
A walk on the moon from our cheeks embrace.
Weightless, I'm tethered like an umbilical cord,
To come back for your sweet rewards

My work is a barren lonely desert,
Devoid of you and your playful flirt.
Until the afternoon divine,
I see you and my stars align.
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