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i just want to dance
in tie-dyed onesies
while drinking
on a friday night.

i just want to laugh
and cry
and feel safe
in your arms.

i just want to eat
all the pizza
and all the pastries
like tomorrow
doesn't matter.

i just want to run
through fields
of sunshine
and sunflowers
with you.
[...for ****]
the day
you were born
was really just
a death sentence.
the day
i met her
was really just
the beginning

...of everything.

[ALL of the proceeds go to GiveWell, a charity... this is me begging you...
this is me begging you... to buy my album... and help my life...
mean more than an empty champagne bottle...
and a leap from a bridge...]

you could save a life.
not mine,
but a little money
can go a long
it can't go
to the past
to undo all
the horrors
of time.
but still,
it can go
a long way.
i cried
for twenty minutes
or was it hours?
or was it days?
or was it years?*]
in the bathroom
of the movie theater.
and yes,
i thought about it -
jumping from a bridge.
i still think about it.
but first
i wrote music,
and then
i wrote more.
and now...
"twelve years a slave" is the song i want to be heard... i may have taken a break from crying... but i haven't stopped...
i fell in love
with the world.
with my friends.
with a girl
who brightens
every moment
we share together.
roses are red and violets are violet
...let us never forget that.
dear brother,

there is $50 on my book shelf.
in between "the chronicles of narnia"
and "william shakespeare: the complete works."
i haven't finished reading either.
please forgive me.
and, please,
spend the money on a stranger -
i heard that will make you happier
than spending it on yourself.

and more love.

last spring,
in firenze,
i met a girl -
we'll call her julia
(because that's her name) -
this one strange night
behind a secret bakery
that's open at midnight.
i was standing
on a small street
in italy
by drunken chaos,
the smell of pastries,
and beauty.
how will i ever
forget her?
why would i ever
even try?
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