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I am Grief.
Shadows in your mind,
cobwebs in your throat,
shaking hands reaching for
someone who's no longer there.
An unbearable loss.

I leave you empty of words
and feelings
and life,
yet full of emptiness,
and sadness
and hurt.
Words are gone,
light is too bright,
sound is too loud,
life is too hard.

The lost one's voice,
a ****** of laughter,
perk up in hope.
Remember that they're not there.
Death is permanent
and I am Grief,
your friend.
"I once met a homeless man lying in
the beach sand.
The heat of it helped his chills, i dare not
give him a hand.
He asked if i could cover him with the coat
that i had to wear.
I placed it around his shoulders,
he looked at me with a heart warming stare.
A tear came from my eye as i asked if
i could be of some help.
A voice, he spoke. " I'm so thirsty, just a
sip of your coke."
I quickly satisfied his thirst and told him i'd
be right back.
Running to the nearest take out restaurant he
began to shout.
"Please come back, don't leave me alone."
So i stopped and ran back.
i held him in my arms. He took his last
breath, then he was gone."
Please pray, and help the homeless every chance you can..
You promised me false hope
Then smashed out my teeth
Now I find it too hard to cope
Dragged along the razors edge

Once I was the perfect gentleman
I would open the door for you
Until you hatched a delicate plan
Now I slam it shut in your face

Listen to me shouting, "*******"
Middle fingers saying, "*******"
All this anger raging, "*******"
But I still badly need to *******

Kicking me so ****** far down
That it's too much to get back up
Left me in miseries lake to drown
Here alone with a bottle as my friend

Who ever said love was all a game
Well, that ******* got it all wrong
Because I only have myself to blame
Wallowing here in my own self pity

Listen to me shouting, "*******"
Middle fingers saying, "*******"
All this anger raging, "*******"
But I still badly need to *******
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Reassembling the pieces shattered on inconvenience,
Smoking my lucky,
Trying to imagine what the taste of your lips would be like against a shattered nose,
Blacking out and bleeding profusely for my beliefs and opinions,

What a time to thrive,
What a time to thrive,

Waking up on the floor with a black eye, holding on to the floor; the only solid thing left in my world,
To the progress made and to the progress I have left to make,
Sipping fine wine and then chugging what's left of the pack of PBR,
Getting wasted on my youth and everything involving it,

A drunken recipient of happiness and sadness all at the same time,
What a ******* mess we have made,
I just hope the cleanup doesn't take as long as the mess did to make,

Even if you don't look back, be sure to know who was there and where they've gone now,
******* white and pitch black,
My worst fears, my worst fears,

I am just learning,
I have given so much hell,
Don't stop talking to me, I haven't been listening
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