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I found her at the starting line of a new life
From our first shared smile I dreamed her to be my wife
Her eyes smoldered with an ember glow
As her hair fell in an extinguished flow
Before I could recover the time was go

I started to race before she had a chance
Then passed me by with her flashing glance
I tried to keep up but couldn't match pace
I was too slow for her taste
She craved a more challenging race

I chased and chased, slowly closing the gap
Kept my head down, focused on the next lap
Never stopped to study what was on my map
But when I finally let my focus snap

I found my feet pounding with all of their might
And my flame, was far beyond out of sight
Had I ran a race that lead me astray?
Ran with zeal for the past thousand days
Refused to quit and allowed delay
Neglected the idea: she doesn't feel the same way
Never thought to think: Does she even still run this way?
She phoned me from her newfound oak-pine trail
And I knew then that my feat had failed
This is a work in progress. I typed this up when I was in the moment.
I still haven't perfected the mood and message I want to convey.
Let me know what you think so far
What makes me want to taste a forbidden fruit
Is it that smile made brighter only by a face so cute
That smile that makes my joy double
Every time I see it I forget every trouble

Anyone else I’d consider just a crush
But your voice alone causes me to blush
My feelings for you are as strong as can be
Yet they grow everyday with no limit to see

I’m enchanted by you for that I’m sure
The only one who could make me dance like Usher
Unknowingly my heart you stole
For you I’d even learn to speak Espanol

One day my patience will have its reward
And my feelings won’t have to be ignored
One day we'll finally have the chance
To begin our forbidden romance

If all good things come to those who wait, then I’ll wait
I’ll long for our names to be joined by fate
I’ll wait for you, beautiful and fine
I’ll wait for the day I can call you mine
Let me know what you think
Longing lingers in the heart
Of the host that's torn apart
Desire drives him to loves cliff
He wants to fall but is scared stiff
He is too late, stopped in his tracks
She is gone and can’t turn back
And so he fights against the fall
But there's no grip upon the wall
The ground crumbles beneath his feet
His guarded heart sees defeat
I’ve been struck by an arrow, an arrow of Cupid
Why else would I act so stupid?
And allow my world to be shaken
By a girl who is taken

My heart chose hers without consent
Yet I felt my entire soul relent
But Now I must sit abide
As my chest throbs inside

For too long my emotions stressed
Hoping each day proved my earnestness
But odds of being together have become too narrow
Curse you Cupid and your arrow

This Valentine’s Day you will find
That you’re the only one on my mind
Natalia, wonderful and fine
I wish I could be your valentine

— The End —