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Jul 2017 · 524
Für Flor
Anand Jul 2017
Night flower that blooms tonight in my garden,
night dewed, stands still
as the moisture carrying breeze gently caresses its petals...
Dry summer smell that evaporates from the baked earth
mingles with the redolence that exudes from the night flower
and flows mutely with a blithe disregard...
It reaches you, balmy still, while you are fast asleep...
You  dream of a distant person,
the one who meets you oftentimes in your dreams;
perceiving his presence by his scent that engulfs you in a reverie...
In the morning,
when you wake up,
won't you tell me that you had a good night's sleep?
Won't you tell me that you remember
about the faint fragrance of Night Jasmine
that still lingers on your mind
and that you won't forget about it for times to come?
Won't you tell me now?
Won't you?
Jul 2017 · 421
Moon Illusion
Anand Jul 2017
The crescent on the horizon
set out in the night
Reddish brown orb
quite timid to materialize

Many, oblivious to its sight,
it evanesced away
from the welkin high

Saw I, him shyly walking off
with the dark
lonely as ever,
away from the stars
Jul 2017 · 339
Pa' dar un paseito
Anand Jul 2017
pasear por la calle
a la hora de la noche
nadie más
sólo tú y tu amor
desconectado de todo
manos a manos
charlando por un rato
unos minutos
estar juntos
se les hace feliz
unos minutos
que tienen los dos..
Jul 2017 · 270
Anand Jul 2017
En las pocas noches que pasamos a bordo,
la luna unió su magia a toda la magia que nos circundaba...


La noche hoy no es tan diferente..
Es igual, con la media luna,
mágicamente deslumbrando nuestra memoria...
Aclarando todos los momentos,
como las olas
con las que la orilla de nuestra vida se moja...
Dejándonos así,
mojados con la añoranza,
con la nostalgia..
Jul 2017 · 243
Anand Jul 2017
The days all dull and the evenings gray
when mornings come and nights retire

Grave unrest is what one's blessed with
for when passion burns like fire
Anand Jul 2017
Pine, Spruce, Deodar and Chinar drape the foothills of the mountains freshly blanketed in white. Their peaks proudly rise high, making a journey towards the heaven. Nowhere else in the world could the mountains be seen so close to the sky.

Grassy lawns run around a vast expanse, enveloping the entire landscape in green. Tourists and school going children alike, walk past it merrily.

Delight dances in her eyes, which is evident by the glint of sunlight on her countenance and the wide smile that adorns her beautiful face. Few strands of her dark black hair let themselves loose, swaying impishly with the cool breeze while their ends begin to turn white.

Awestruck as she is at the vista in front of her eyes, trying to capture the flitting moment, she is transfixed by the soft white pieces of frozen water that whirl around in the air before falling down to the earth. She holds out her hand to the sky and a few flakes, carried as a blessing by a balmy cool breeze from the welkin high, settle down gently onto the soft hand that until now knew not of its touch. It feels cold and smooth, almost tender like a feather, melting at her tepid contact. She is more than pleased to have discovered snow for the first time in her life.
Jul 2017 · 270
Do you think of me?
Anand Jul 2017
As you would tread along those misty winding paths
into the beechen green heart of the wilderness
in the flower of flower
and in the leaf of leaf,
there'd be a tale beseeching you,
beckoning you;
would you care to hearken close my dear?
would you hear then my entreating whispers?
whispers seeking pardon
in every stream, in every cloud,
in every forlorn rock.
these will be the ones
these will be your memories
and I shan't be in them,
but then again I shall be
If only you'd care to live mine.
Jul 2017 · 238
will I? ever?
Anand Jul 2017
Will I ever find someone like you?
Will love ever find me too?
And if it ever does, would it be you?
You're an ever elusive butterfly,
I'm a briar rose turned blue...
Jul 2017 · 249
Digital Fling
Anand Jul 2017
I knocked and knocked
and shivered in the cold
But nobody did open the door

I was waiting outside
like an unwelcome guest
with no one to greet me
or to hearken to my gest

I come along every night
by your doorstep for just a sight of you
or maybe a whisper of your voice
If not, only a digitally inscribed word or two

However, my chances are few
since there's no one at home and there's nothing to say
I leave with nothingness for the night
To come again by the day
Anand Jul 2017
fair bird of winter's pleasant nights,
depart at once thou must
when summer's incense valour'd burns
and wafts about with gust

thy sickening sweet hawthorn is gone
rose buds bloom in his grave
like they, like we, art all but same,
of time and season slave!

So long! fair bird, take my adieu
and of our season past;
that fought in vain the mighty tide
of change, but could not last

with change of season, bird must leave
and bid her flower adieu
only till blossom ripens fast
and old's replaced by new
Dec 2014 · 3.0k
Ethereal Beauty
Anand Dec 2014
with hope and light
beneath enchanted magical trees
turned heavy white
on a river side
of sandy beige
a happy face of golden egg-less yolk
shining in the sky of cyan

to have a sunny day of orange
in the winter of grey
blue sky warming my heart of red
on a cold day
rainbow birds chirping songs of love
silver breeze flowing cold and steady
unable to consume the warmth from my brown eyes

as I go blind
with the light of your pale face
so perfectly encompassed between
the curls of inky black and maroon lace
and your pink smile
adding colour to the blank canvas of my mind
you're so beautiful!

what I see is a wonderful artistry of nature
that is skilfully crafted with perfection
colours and words find difficult to give it expression
how your precious pearls of sapphire
placed gently inside the seashells
that draws me in
& I can't resist to dive within

so all I want is to drown
and be lost in their depths
while I keep looking at you
until the azure ether wraps itself
in a mahogany hue
and the day drapes a coat
of starry dust in coal
Dec 2014 · 6.4k
íFeliz Navidad!
Anand Dec 2014
Yee hee hee hee haw
ha ha ha ha ha
the old Laughing Santa wished
íFeliz Navidad!

with his eight little reindeers, carrying the sleigh
he came swiftly, flying our way
sleigh bells ringing, whooshing through the snow
his sturdy little reindeers, rushed in a row
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and *****
Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen
they swoosh and crash and dash and scoot
they bolt so fast, and look so cute
children singing and dancing with joy
as he showers some glitters of happiness in sky

It's an occasion of celebration
there's no room for sadness
let's spread the joy by doing
a random act of kindness

Yee hee hee hee haw
ha ha ha ha ha
the old Laughing Santa wished
íFeliz Navidad!
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
pillows and blankets
Anand Dec 2014
In a dark and lonely room
winter creeps in through
a lonely window
of broken glass
breeze flows
dry and cold
it sweeps in
and ***** out
all the heat from within.

In the gloomy darkness
I shiver and fear
and hope
that this night would pass
but the distressing wind
keeps howling
whistling the songs
of broken heart
& love lost
while sadness lurks
beneath the darkness
of the night
keeping me awake.

As I lay awake,
my blanket of blue
wrapping her hands around me
gives me warmth,
she protects me
my pillow gently holds my head,
she comforts me
to dream a lucid dream
and I drift off into sleep
in blissful peace.

When sleep fails to descend
in my loneliness,
I'm comforted by pillows
and wrapped in blankets.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Lost & Found
Anand Nov 2014
I tried always
looking for her
searching for her
for only a trace
of her presence
in my life.

The evanescence
of her existence
always fading,
from my life.

my paths
crossed hers
but I lost her,
she eluded my sight
blinding darkness, no light
like the words
that elude
my quill
when I brood
in a pensive mood
I'm unable to write.

And when in loneliness
deprived of thoughts
I lay mindless
to sleep alone
and slowly flown
into the visions,
of my mind.

I try not to try trying
to look for her
but she
appears in full light
with all of her might
like a hyper realistic sketch
embroidered, engrained and etched
on the curtains of my mind.

her image comes alive
from a memory
her face of ivory
her lips of soft cotton
that I had forgotten
long ago
and now
she keeps coming
back to me
in the swirling carousel of dreams
and plays a motion picture
as I try not to think.

As I try not to think
words keep coming
back to me
and this verse flows freely.
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Writing a Poem
Anand Nov 2014
clouds of words
from places diverse
come floating to the sky, soaking my heavy mind

they are unconnected and meaningless
stray birds wingless
kept in cage of isolation, no relation to find

when brought together
held close by a tether
they mix up to join, combine and bind

then in a pattern they flow
rise high, fall low
dancing with passion, in a rhythmic fashion aligned

a story they tell
in my thoughts that does dwell
feelings get expression, sincere confession, to soul they're affined

not seeking perfection
but creativity and introspection
my humble quill, tries to spill, colors of several  kind

my flawed verse is terse
in emotions it's immersed
it portrays a view, connects with you, as my heart unwinds
Inspired from 'When you write' by Pradip Chattopadhyay.
I guess this is how I write poems.
Nov 2014 · 2.0k
Anand Nov 2014
he was riding a beamer breezer
into the thick foggy Red Mist
along a steep rising road
that seemingly ceased to exist

having relished the taste of elixir
intoxication elevated his state of mind
inebriated with exuberance of life
on stairway to heaven he drove blind

he wanted to ride fast and free
though his mind was strangled
his body refused to be *******
in a life cord entangled

soon he experienced an impact
deafening his senses, the slumber's fang
eyes closed in sombre sleep but he
crossed the great divide across the big bang

he saw many a glittering diamonds
cuboids of tempered glass in shards
glittering with iridescence against the dark
a tarry sky filled with shattered stars

It seemed like a surreal dream
his body felt light like its floating
amidst the heavenly constellation of orion
saw he, the betelgeuse with ruddiness exploding

the mystic dream faded away
awakened to eternal life with closed eyes
rung down the curtain he joined the choir
mother nature singing him a lullaby
Anand Oct 2014
Maybe that is why
I don't cry
when to my dear ones
I bid goodbye
can't say if it's poetry, just a passing thought...
I did not cry when my grandparents died.
I bid them farewell, cherishing the memories I shared with them.
Because I believe life is not a destination but a journey. The moment you die, a new journey starts, and this circle continues 'till you are liberated.

Moreover, I have seen people who didn't look after their parents all their lives
but on their demise, during funeral ceremony, they portray a false, insincere display of emotion, shedding crocodile tears.

All you have got is here and now. Live life and love your dear ones to the fullest. :)
Oct 2014 · 11.8k
Teachings from a Tree
Anand Oct 2014
I strive to be
like a Bo-Tree,
Dwelling so Deep
my Roots that Seek
water and nutrients from soil

Yet High I Rise
To be more Wise
by embracing
the nourishment
of Light!
This came to me when I was looking at the Pipal Tree in my garden. It has grown very tall in 8 years, and it's roots have spread far and deep.

This can be looked at from different perspectives:

1. To be strong and rooted to one's own principles, ethics and moral values. And building on them one should have a tendency to always learn something new, to attain wisdom.

2. To be strong believer of good age old teachings, traditional way of life that we are so accustomed to, that are passed on to us by our elders but also welcoming new changes and good reforms in the society.

Please feel free to reflect on your thoughts and express your perspective.
Oct 2014 · 2.3k
Anand Oct 2014
Her Scent
came wafting to me
drifting over the waters
floating through the air
fluttering amongst the woods
waving along the shores
of the Sea
of my Mind,
faintly perceived...
Entangling me in a Reverie,
my state of Presence,
my Existence
to a place
where She stood
her Scent
over my Senses...
becoming one with my Breath..
Absolute Bliss!

What else one can ask for?
Inspired from a musing by rhymesmith and Dajena M
Oct 2014 · 3.9k
Good Ol' Clown
Anand Oct 2014
Once lived a clumsy, boorish fellow
called 'Creeky the Clown',
Painted masked face
and not a trace
of a Frown

but deep beneath he carried
A crippled Heart.
that hid its Sadness,
yet it danced with madness
for to make people laugh was his Art
Time flies and we get old, but what stays behind are memories of how we lived!

Dedicated to the World’s oldest clown Floyd ‘Creeky’ Creekmore who passed away at 98

"A lot of people go clear through life and are never really passionate about something,"  
"Boy, he had the passion."
his son told the media
Sep 2014 · 6.6k
Chirping Cricket
Anand Sep 2014
In my Garden
at the night
a lover wakes up
to the sight

Of Twinkling Stars
and Dazzling Moon
he sings a song
and plays a tune

laden with dew
amidst the green grass
he calls out to his beloved
she's a beautiful lass

he sings the mating song
in a sweet gentle croon
comes hopping down to him
his lover so swoon

A serenade of love
rings through the night
the music plays
till the morning light
Inspite of the stillness
I couldn't sleep
thinking of her
lost in memories deep

My heart is craving for her
singing a calling song
my voice unheard
it's forgotten long

Will she ever see
the love in my eyes?
the silent sighs
my chirps and cries?
Sep 2014 · 4.5k
Anand Sep 2014
Nothing is permanent
Everything is ever-changing
Change is inevitable

The dark shadowy clouds of Sorrow
linger over the horizon of our Mind
only to usher the rain of Happiness
And then a Sunlit sky to find

With Moon and the Stars as a guiding light
comes Night after a Day
Only to call upon the Sun
Illuminating the world, to keep darkness at bay

The shower that gushes through Mountain springs
flowing as a River it merrily sings
becomes one with the Ocean, a depth to attain
then evaporates into Clouds, to usher the Rain

The Flower that blossomed is meant to wither
the Pupa is meant to become a Butterfly
That what Arises is meant to Cease
That which is Born is meant to Die

Pain and Suffering is there but to pass
Delight is not going to forever last
One follows the other in Circle of Life
like a rhythmic pattern in Vitality vast

Matter is made up of tiny atoms
we are but merely Nature's vibration
An entire Universe resonates inside us
Realisation of which will lead us to Wisdom

Time, the bird of change, has taught
impermanent in itself  it always flies
Things as they really are* should be known
without craving or hating the feelings that arise

Ignorance, Conceit, False Hopes and Self Deception
are the very causes of Human Suffering
Consciousness of it all removes the Passion for Existence
in it alone lies the secret of our Well-being

Desire gives birth to Sorrow
nothing else can be so true
because after all "*You only Lose
what You really Cling to! "
If we contemplate even a minute sector of the vast range of life, we are faced with such a tremendous variety of life's manifestations that it defeats description. And yet three basic statements can be made that are valid for all animate existence, from the microbe up to the creative mind of a human genius. These features common to all life were first found and formulated over 2500 years ago by the Buddha, who was rightly called "Knower of the Worlds" (loka-vidu). They are the Three Characteristics ( of all that is conditioned, i.e., dependently arisen.

These three basic facts of all existence are:

1. Impermanence or Change (anicca)
2. Suffering or Unsatisfactoriness (dukkha)
3. Not-self or Insubstantiality (anattaa)

For more information log on to:
Sep 2014 · 913
Parvaneh - Moth
Anand Sep 2014

ऐ हुस्न-ए-शमा, ऐ नूर-ए-जहाँ

अब आपके इश्क़ में
गर फन्ना भी हो जाएँ

तो कोई रंज-ओ-ग़म, कोई अफ़सोस नहीं।

अपने हिस्से की ख़ुशी
हमने पा ली।

Fire & Passion*

O! Charismatic - Light of the World!

Now if I annihilate myself
in your love,

I'll have no sorrow, no regrets.

For I’ve already had my share
Of Happiness.
Dedicated to Parvaneh, inspired by the poet's musings
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
अमावस - Moonless
Anand Aug 2014


हमने हर दम बस तेरा साथ माँगा,
और कुछ नहीं, हाथों में बस तेरा हाथ माँगा।

मिल ना सकेंगे दोनो शायद कभी, फिर भी,
अमावस ने तन्हाई में हर रात को चाँद माँगा।


हसीन हो चली थी शाम,
कल चाँद भी कुछ जवाँ था।

आज आहिस्ता आहिस्ता ढल गई शाम
और अमावस की रात हो गई।

आसमाँ पर जैसे उसके
जुल्फों की घटा छा गई।

आज शायद, चाँद भी अपनी माशूका की बाहों में सो गया,
कहीं खो गया।



I asked for all the time, just with you,
and nothing more, but your hands in mine.

Both may never meet, however,
the dark moonless night, longed for her Moon, in loneliness.


The day turned into a lovely evening (yesterday),
and the moon looked young in his brightness.

Gently faded the evening twilight (today),
and the night was suddenly moonless.

The sky got covered with dark gloomy clouds
and the night smiled in her darkness.

Perhaps, the moon fell asleep in the arms of his beloved,
lost in love and happiness.
This poem was originally written in hindi and was further translated into english.
Apr 2014 · 3.5k
My Apathy
Anand Apr 2014
To excel is like climbing a mighty mound
So dreary it seems trudging the desolated road,
But I've grown too weary doing inconsequential things.
Lazy to walk, craving for a comfy abode.

Though it's only disinterest that crosses my way
Like a torrent of the mountain creek,
Drowning me in trifling thoughts,
making my journey all the more bleak.

Hope I could find a tree along,
Bloomed with evergreen pomes
Of passion and perseverance.
I'd love to nibble at them for sure,
And regain my lost endurance.

I know I could transcend my limits
And ascend this arduous rock,
If only I took the first step
And started to walk.
Apr 2014 · 4.9k
Anand Apr 2014
She was so generous
that she left me with innumerable sorrows.

I was so selfish
that I couldn't give her anything but Love.

El egoísmo    

Ella era tan generosa
Que me dejó con incontables penas.  

Yo era tan egoísta  
Que no le pude dar nada excepto amor.
I just came up with the translation in español
Apr 2014 · 820
To Love or not to Love
Anand Apr 2014
I fear not the world,
I fear to see
For Love is Burning like a Flame
Deep inside of me.

And When I’d open my eyes to behold,
Her Beauty like a Mine of Gold!
I fear she will burn too fast
And thus my Love will forever last!

For I care of her Sound and Good,
How do I love her, even if I could?

But I don’t want to Love,
You know it’s true,
If I have to learn to love
Anyone but you.

— The End —