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Amethyst Jun 2014
i cry for the stars hidden behind the city lights
i'm sorry i haven't been on lately i have been very busy with school but now it is summer and i'm back i guess (i've missed you all very much)
Amethyst Jan 2014
one day,
i will shrink myself
small enough
to crawl into your heart and
remove all the darkness
that makes you
cut yourself out of your skin.
i just tweeted it and i though it was nice, but i'm too lazy to revise etc. i'm a little out of the game sorry i'm trying to get back in.
Amethyst Dec 2013
harvest sunshine from your soul
2. place it inside my heart
3. plant orchid seeds in my stomach
4. watch the rain from my mind fall down on the soil
5. grow flowers out of my fingertips
i need a lot of help with this one before i give it to my friend
Amethyst Dec 2013
after we met,
flowers started growing
out of my hands.
my fingers stayed warm
under the patch of
yellow roses and daisies
you planted.
thorns defended my words
against harsh winds,
but no need to worry-
you always carry
a pair of hedge-cutters.
this is for a friend so any advice before i give it to her would be appreciated
Amethyst Dec 2013
some have souls that
eminate rays of light,
sunshine pours out by the handful.
other souls drag rain clouds
behind them, leaving puddles
that soak the earth.
maybe it's time you start
surrounding yourself
with both souls,
take a bit from each,
and plant a garden
of baby's breath
in your own.
this is for a friend so any advice before i show her would be very helpful
Amethyst Dec 2013
they live between the walls

and inside of my head.
yeah i guess this is old but i still like it
Amethyst Dec 2013
tear-stained walls
support my heavy head
until my brain turns to slime
from thinking too much.

i can't function until i know she's okay.
i'm really worried about her she won't answer my calls
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