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alvin guanlao Jan 2014
she pinches me into the darkness
dried our playing ground
taking us to tangerine heaven
nostalgia, it will sound like

endless expressions of happiness
coming from semi-innocent minds
let the dust fill our skin
before the moon makes us all blind

these memories will never demise
stronger than the strongest wind and will always remind
of our afternoon sun
she's always good to us
our afternoon sun
we should go out and its a must

here we are, when black turns into white
and slowly looses those youthful hype
but will always understand and miss
our afternoon sun
even it's virtually gone
our afternoon sun
we haven't seen it in a month

our eyes may hurt from these watered chlorine
but we dont need euphoria from this morphine
alvin guanlao Jun 2013
i open my eyes and look at the ceiling
cant help but to feel this drowsy feeling
acquired some sickness when will be the healing?
of this infinite loop and will i ever be willing?

to roll the dice and gamble for the future
or stay up all day and endure this torture?
they said i should not give up this said fortune
but how can i pursue my passion for tune?

the unconscious command takes me on a cold floor
this body demands for a conductor like an old score
this sleepless mind is shouting and wanting for more
rest, but i found myself standing at the front door

getting ready to leave and i'm on my feet
just need to pretend that life is sweet
from this hour till dawn i'll be missing some beat
but i have no choice, it's an infinite loop to repeat
alvin guanlao May 2013
piktyuran mo ako ng ganyan
bidyohan mo't mejo hubaran
dapat kita yung buong katawan
gawin natin ito sa ibat ibang paraan

galit ako sayo, dito tayo magaway
sa kita ng madaming tao ngunit di ni nanay at tatay
subukan niyong magcomment at kayo'y madadamay
gusto naming dito mag away at walang sasaway

dapat nilang makita ang aking agahan
dapat nilang makita ang aking tanghalian
dapat nilang makita ang aking hapunan
dapat ulit nilang makita ang aking hapunan
wag kayong maoffend, tula ko to, kung naooffend kayo, ******* ka
alvin guanlao May 2013
i try to keep it calm and write
pin my brain to a thread like a kite
fly! higher than my height and bite
all the things i need, to make imagination fight

white walls blocked my eyes
subject for an artistic re size
i start to doubt this truthful lies
should i grow colder but wise?

long drain from playfulness
cold brain is emptiness
ox brain is for ox
fox brain is for fox
alvin guanlao Nov 2012
it's over
I'm a loner
yes I'll get over
this won't last forever

I'm stronger
endure hunger
can resist the longer

then I'll gain
nothing will remain
for i will become sane

ready for fame
task are getting lame
because they are the same
alvin guanlao Nov 2012
We're both wrong and now is the time
for our punishment that should act like a mime
when suddenly HIS eyes started to speak
telling the judge, "please don't **** me, i am weak"

We're both wrong and now is the time
for our punishment so I should act like a mime
when suddenly MY eyes started to speak
telling the judge, "please don't **** me, i am weak"

And I'm the only one who got killed
alvin guanlao Oct 2012
the first encounter was a blast
I've never expect that it will Last
nothing to speak but beauty and praises
I can now define happiness through coffee and braces

her legs are so ****, it won't meet
the meat in the middle is what i like to eat
every after meal I always go to her seat
sharing stories of our lives with a long malicious slit

Confusion confuses the agony
emotion change like the transition of a symphony
pleasurably bad, she invaded this territory
in my hands are the conclusion of this scroll bar theory

I ought to smile when salary raises
move a mile when traveling in different places
If happiness can be found at the end of various mazes
I think I'll just walk a while, accompanied by her coffee and braces
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