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Allisen Jan 2014
I don't know why I hate myself so much.
How can I loath the body I was gifted,
Cry over the sincereness of my very own personality.
How can I tear down the height of my happiness,
Look myself in the delusive mirror just to accept it's biting lies.
How can I break this beastly habit?
Allisen Jan 2014
I need to stop eating again.
Allisen Jan 2014
I feel disgustingly fat.
I am disgustingly fat.
Allisen Dec 2013
when I'm writing sometimes i feel like what I'm saying is pointless.
there's so many people in this world.
so I'm sure the measly combination of words i put together has already been said.
so whats the point?
someone else said it first why should i say it again?
Allisen Dec 2013
I need to start reading again.
Allisen Dec 2013
Alive i may be
but living i am not.
Allisen Dec 2013
i have all these feelings in me and i can't figure out how to get them down.
i feel as if i have lost my creative streak
or maybe there just isn't anything for me to write about anymore.
it sure seems like things have gotten sufficiently boring.
teach me how to write again
teach me how to feel again
teach me how to love again
teach me how to be happy again
I'm tired with this content old life i want new
i want excitement
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