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Allisen Dec 2013
Don't you know I adore you.
I relish in the thought of having you by my side.
No Skinny Love I don't always get it right.
And I'm no pro at showing my affections.
C'mon Skinny Love we are more than just friends.
Allisen Dec 2013
The light in her eyes catches me by surprise
she looks at me with radiancy
The capacity of my lungs decay
My heart beats resonate
I feel my lips twist up to a smile
I can see the way she is hungry for life
It is excitement she seeks
lust she craves
love she needs.
Allisen Dec 2013
Come and go
Come and go
I know that people
Come and go.
No on will stay
They have bigger better things to find
They have other lovers to love
They have different mountains to climb
Come and go
That's just fine
Come and go
It's all I know
Allisen Dec 2013
These are the years I'm supposed to be "finding" myself.
What if I'm not lost?
What if I'm just bat-**** crazy.
Because I think that's what I am.
Allisen Dec 2013
I'm not quite sure if I was made tough enough for the battles of love.
Allisen Dec 2013
Passion thief come back to me.
Bring me what's rightfully mine.
Fill my heart with red hot lust.
Cloud my mind with sensual moans of fantasy.
Tingle my skin with promising anticipation.
Rule my emotions by lust.
Passion thief come back to me.
Bring me what's rightfully mine.
Allisen Dec 2013
"Listen" they say.
But what am I listening to?
Them? How can I trust them.
Myself? Hell no.
My heart? Never pay attention to that fool.
So I'll listen to everything.
Until I hear nothing.
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