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Allisen Apr 2014
I am nonexistent.
Allisen Feb 2014
My mental health has gone to ****.
Allisen Feb 2014
Silent tears rolling into quivering lips.
Allisen Feb 2014
I am trapped in a room with no door no window; a room with abundance of insult and endless self-loathing.
Allisen Jan 2014
Today's the day I stand up
I'll grow higher than a redwood tree.
Look down and I will see
The others look like ants beneath me.
Today's the day I harden
I'll have the backbone of a rino.
Charge head on into my fears
I'll demolish everyone who stands in front of me.
Allisen Jan 2014
I am a nice person you are not.
I will catch more flies with sugar.
I will fake it till I make it.
Confidence here I come.
Allisen Jan 2014
I am always forgotten.
I will always be forgotten.
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