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Apr 2020 · 124
Corona 19
Allen Robinson Apr 2020
Coming from afar to ravage and malign
Designed to destroy without cause
We pray for deliverance from above
A cunning virus that cares not about
age, race, color, *** or creed
We pray for families, first responders and
our leaders
2019 you supposedly arrived taking lives across the globe
We pray for peace, comfort and healing to the victims
2020 you consumed world economies to the brink of collapse
We pray.
It was on my heart to pray and support those who are in need and those who care for those in need.
Oct 2018 · 229
Communications Struggle.
Allen Robinson Oct 2018
Often we struggle to communicate
without understanding... YES we
listen, but fail to hear one another.
Playing the arrogance game of who
is right or wrong, failing to concede
our position out of boastful pride.
We starve ourselves attempting to
get it accurate, when the process
is simple. Be open and honest,
concede your position now and
then and always listen instantly.
Oct 2018 · 171
Allen Robinson Oct 2018
Leaves morph into
a colorful myriad of
rainbow-like brilliant
From afar we are so
overwhelmed by the
beauty of raw nature
Painted, drawn or
photographed the
occular muscle is in
heightened awareness.
Drink it in as you are
a witness to one of
Gods many wonders.
Always a Season to
remember, always a
Season to be revered.
My favorite Season of all is the Fall... hands down.
Oct 2017 · 328
Maple Distance
Allen Robinson Oct 2017
Longing for my second home
that native land of true patriots
vast her glowing heart and
teaming with pride

You are family to me as my
heart connects with yours
We have created memories
and shared life long dreams

Never too far away the MAPLE
DISTANCE replenishes my soul
and recharge that inner battery
lifting me back up to peace

Family, friends and food
home, health and happiness
combine to spread love
over the bridge of life.
Miss you Canada
May 2017 · 317
Time & Space
Allen Robinson May 2017
I've taken the Time
and given myself Space
to compose

Provoked by none other
than my excessive mind
riddled in thought

In portrait mode when
I should be detailed
in landscape mode

Seeing the full picture
not just what's in front
of my face

Gaps of white noise and
blank canvases have
stalled progress

Oh, but I see light
a brightness of clarity
surrounding my path

Mock not good fortune
let it rain down and
lift you up to fly

I walk through the
open doors with
renewed confidence

Time & Space limit
me no more as I am
free to create... ME.
It feels good to be back and just create again... missed you all.
Feb 2017 · 460
I Thirst (10W)
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
I thirst for
so I eternally
drink it in.
Feb 2017 · 377
What If... (10W)
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
What if LOVE
essentially stood for
Feb 2017 · 279
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
Our understanding of
the fairer *** is fleeting
of this we cannot deny

Try as we may we remain
vexed and perplexed
although we press on

Just once and only once
please take our words
for what they simply are

Never attempt to think
for us or change our
words to what you think

Take it on faith that we are
not trying to confuse you
or play with your mind

Yes we are different yet
our love and passion are
the common binder

We can hopefully agree
to disagree without fear
of retribution over time

Emotions may run high
and tears may flow but
perspective must be kept

We all make mistakes and
either is perfect in our ways
so mindful we should be

Take heart and know for
fact that we adore you
until the end of time.
From Us to You.  Please know that I do not speak for all men on this matter.  Maybe I'm just misunderstood, trying to gain a deeper perspective.
Feb 2017 · 1.3k
Hot Water Bottle
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
Water so scalding to melt plastic
and yet I fill my container to full
Not coffee or tea as consumption
was not the plan on my mind
The red bladder of synthetic-like
rubber with white plastic cap
Stretched out on my king bed
lower back exposed from pain
I gently lay upon you and feel the
the slow burn of relief & comfort
The wince and grit of my teeth
are obvious although soothing
Hot water bottle please take my
pain away please help me today.
Oh... this is real!  LOL, but ever so real.
Feb 2017 · 707
Esoteric Connection
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
Captured by our love
we share an esoteric
  connection that only
   we can understand
Thunderstruck by a
beauty inside & out
  a mesmerizing trait
    shared by very few
  Opposites in some
manners yet common
  simultaneous thoughts
flow between us.
For V.
Feb 2017 · 258
Sweet Connection
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
I remind myself to listen
   and look her deep within
      those sensual blue eyes

Slightly leaning in to gain
   a connected perspective
      drinking in her thoughts

Reaching out I touch her
   hand and place it in mine
      never losing eye contact

Her head gently falls upon
   my chest as a small stream
      of tears soaks my shirt

My arms enclose around
   her frame as I feel her melt
      completely into my soul

Looking up at me our lips
   caress and explore a slow
      sweet moment in time.
Feb 2017 · 270
Live Life
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
We all should live life
as if we had just one week
not texting old friends
yet calling to speak

We all should live life
and dispense with the past
reconnecting with family
as the bonds will ever last

We all should live life
and love till the end
while being of good faith
until the day we ascend.
Feb 2017 · 222
All That I Am
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
All that I am
I am
that I choose
my mind to
remain sharp
minus the
short fuse
Creative in
my tasks
and willing
to concede
in taking
steps back
to relinquish
the lead
in manner
yet boastful
in pride
Faith to
move mountains
with emotions
to hide.
Jan 2017 · 572
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
I took it upon myself
to Disconnect for a day

No Social Media
No Twitter
No Email or Text

I was looking to unwind
in a totally different way

No Calls
No Visits
No Car

I drank in the scent of roses
while watching clouds dance.

I walked
I listened
I relaxed.
Jan 2017 · 225
A Poets Dream
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Once upon a dream
there was a time
I wrote a poem
of such social awareness
which changed
how the world thought
The collective consciousness
opened it heart and mind
overlooking drama
rebuking negativity
and sponsoring peace
True... it was a dream
yet it was mine
and mine alone
The gravity of it's meaning
awoke me from slumber
teasing me with hope, so
I pray for global absolution
relevant to who we are
always being mindful
of where we came from.
Jan 2017 · 227
Potential (8W)
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Jan 2017 · 365
Back 2 Life
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
I came Back 2 Life
   when I knocked at your door
Startled yet anxious
   I jumped in with one foot
Food for thought
   as the connection was sealed
Passion personified
   exposed we found love
I came Back 2 Life
   beginning again to live
Basking in the glow
   solo no more we are one.
for V.
Jan 2017 · 534
Breaking Oppressive Chains
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Breaking Oppressive Chains
in ones mind can be paradoxical
Holding back ourselves from
moving forward in one accord
We act political and self serving
and yet priorities fall short
A puzzle to be sure and we
take for granted the minute
details to steady the ship.
Jan 2017 · 612
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Like any other day
I awake to give thanks
All senses and limbs
in complete tact
ever GRATEFUL I am
Seeking the meaning
of my existence on
this complex rock
I ponder all things
large and small
Limited in my slumber
time passes swiftly
supported by my
blood shot eyes and
semi-weary body.
Jan 2017 · 363
Bathed in Passion
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Bathed in Passion
   I see you clearly
Overwrought with
   stress you shutter
Beguiled I remain
   unwilling to flee
Ever drawn near
   to your inner flame
Out paced by you
   I often struggle
Managing my will
   I bleed for you heart
Fallen to carnal lust
   I yearn for your body.
For V.
Jan 2017 · 598
Meaning of Life (X10)
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Meaning of
life is
the life
you mean
to make.
It's totally possible that someone said this long before I did, but it's my first attempt at a (X10) ten word poem.
Jan 2017 · 1.6k
Never Underestimate
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Never Underestimate your worth
your willingness to overcome
your strength to achieve

Never Underestimate your creative mind
your light to uplift others
your faith in times of doubt

Never Underestimate your spirit
your heart when others do
your ability to see good

Never Underestimate your Gods love
your ability to change the world
your true path to greatness.
Jan 2017 · 410
Loves Tattoo
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
You've marked my heart
tattooed with your name

I am eternally yours always
deeply connected as one

Shared thoughts & feelings
together we explore life

Meant to be despite claims
and obstacles to break us

Uplifted through years of
all inspired love we survive

Uncommon is what we have
never doubting our faith.
For V., alias (T.P.)
Jan 2017 · 590
Build A Bridge
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
I build a bridge to you in hopes
to dispense past indiscretions
I don't claim perfection as my
wake has swallowed up many
Face to face and eye to eye, I
humbly regret any pain incurred
Separation and time apart has an
uncanny manner growing bonds
Recalled epic memories that can't
be replaced fill constant daydreams
Time and space fill gaps yet we
hold on to the past for keeps.
Jan 2017 · 1.1k
Free To Dance
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Oh to let go and
be free to dance
like no one is
watching you
moving your
body with an
energy of youth
Hands lifted high
and spinning about
with eyes closed
to feel the music
Connections made
as bodies intertwine
in animalistic motions
with no cares as the
reality of the day is
lost in the sound.
Jan 2017 · 245
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Sober thoughts encompass
my spinning mind and yet I
tend to be still & contemplate

Always seeking an edge or
idea to spark creative waves
I look INWARD moving forward

Subtle influences revolve in my
favor to steer my path and keep
the course steady and upright.
Jan 2017 · 201
Raw Memories
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
My lighthearted soul
  recalls past encounters
    riveted in uplifted glee

Memories stripped raw
  and exposed for me to
    witness and proclaim

I was then a child and
  cutting my path in life
    neither rich or poor

Seeking knowledge from
  my elders I gathered about
    them watching and learning

Clear was made of mistakes
  not to forego as right & wrong
    took shape before mine eyes

The best of times from my
  dominative vantage of which
    the lessons still hold true today

I am made of dust of which one
  day I will return and until then
    life is to be lived aloud and free.
Jan 2017 · 430
Loss of a Father
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Like clinched fingernails
slowly grinding down
an old blackboard
you received my attention

The few hairs on the back
of my neck stood tall
like a soldier in formation
at a military parade

Was it simple fear or terror
that my mind perceived
upon the news of your
non expected passing

A phone call that made
its way across the country
reaching my tender ears
telling me of your demise

Gone far too soon as I
never was able to say
farewell and express my
love and gratitude

I regret you never meeting
your grandchildren and
witnessing the interaction
and knowledge imparted

Alas I take this opportunity
to say I miss you and love
you for who you were as
a father and mentor to me.
For my Father you left us in the year of our Lord 1993
Jan 2017 · 291
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
This year I'm set free
able to exhale once again
As far too long
I've delayed the inevitable
to move forward
bearing witness
to my ability to prosper
I RECLAIM back myself
new fruits blossom
and life continually cycles
I can breathe with
the piano lifted away
I can see with
my focus readjusted
I can love
as I am able to live.
Jan 2017 · 271
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
This year I'm set free
as far too long
I've delayed the inevitable
to move forward
Bearing witness
to my ability to prosper
I claim back myself
New fruits blossom
and life continually cycles
I can breathe with
the piano lifted away
I can see with
my focus readjusted
I can love
as I am able to live.
Jan 2017 · 160
Notice Served
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
Over and over
clear dialogue
  was imparted

A seeming lack
of understanding
  was discovered

Was it insecurity
or a poor manner
  of being specific

I wish we were
less complex in
  nature and true

Despite our love
proven by time
  granted was taken

Notice Served
to rebuild what's
  lost in relations

Words can never
solve what actions
  deliver to the soul.
Jan 2017 · 389
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
The splendor of the mind
appeals to my conscience

In its grand magnificence
all boundaries are limitless

Who can speak of grandeur
in the wake of imperfection

Cells and matter comprised
of cosmic dust inhaled

T H E  O P U L E N T  M I N D
simply beautiful yet complex.
Jan 2017 · 245
Allen Robinson Jan 2017
A page turns in time
as it brings forth
another chapter
A full rotation around
the Sun yields a
magical 365
A new year
full of hope
and promise
A chance to be and
do all things
A new love a new
friend an opportunity
repair what's broken
A bridge too far
is close enough
to see the other side
A call or composed
letter of outreach
mending old fences
A brighter day ahead
seeking peace and
blessings from above.
for V.  Happy New Year
Dec 2016 · 527
SW #1
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
Let me break it down
to assure I get it right

My love is never fleeting
and always worth the good fight

L I S T E N to the of a voices
of the ones who preceded

S E E all the faces of
friends inspired to be needed

F E E L the full presence
of all things to last

L O V E every moment
never clinging to past

Build up yourself first
and lean in to assist others

Be conscious of the world
includes protection of your brother.
Dec 2016 · 230
Aspiring to Live
Allen Robinson Dec 2016

Inspired by a blank page to create or recreate your life to whatever you will it to become.  To write any poem that inspires and lift up.  To love unconditionally just as a blank page begins... honest and open.  I  need this at times.
Dec 2016 · 571
Christmas Past
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
Awaken from a torrent dream
perched on the edge of bed
reflections of
Christmas Past
encapsulate my groggy mind

Grandma asleep
protecting the gifts and tree
from my stealth like
sneak tactics to preview
what Santa left behind

I miss her loving smile
rarely seen in any photo
I miss her hugs & snippets
of wisdom in which I've
passed along to my seed

Longing to see the complete
family gathered as one
in celebration of the
seasons offerings as we
sing, feast and love.
Remembering loved ones that have left too soon.
Dec 2016 · 811
Basketball Jones
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
The ball
The rock
The pill
The jones is all too real
The wood
The paint
The arc
The drive provides a spark
The glass
The slam
The tré
The style beyond the fray
The hops
The splash
The twine
The thrill of the game defined
The skill
The pain
The love
The athletic gifts from above.
For the love of the game.
Dec 2016 · 888
Milestone 300
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
I've written hundreds of poems
yet a milestone of sorts has been
made crystal clear

I was in poetry limbo for years
never in care about words that
lift up, affect or challenge me

I'm whole with a vision to
reclaim my style, to change
the world with one poem

Clarity is empowering
a force of nature that has
no boundaries to restrict.
Dec 2016 · 616
Smiley Face
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
I look to you for
fairness, truth
and loyalty
Your laugh and
smile move me
I wake to your
Smiley Face
lighting up
the world as
only you can
Dec 2016 · 357
Climb & Descend
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
I Climb & Descend
without pause
never concerning
myself with fear
I have faith in
the monogamy
of an endless love
Two lives intertwined
to bring forth maximum
passion and goodness.
Dec 2016 · 662
Peddles of a Rose
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
The day of love
is at hand as I
await your
pending arrival
I arm myself with
one dozen of the
finest red
long stem roses
Selecting one to
purge the bulb of
all peddles
I line the pathway
with red silky markers
leading you
towards the bedroom
Peddles of a Rose
placed strategically
to peak curiosity
Intrigued you are
and the anticipation
of what is to follow
empowers my plan
I visually undress you
as you take notice of
my eyes loving you
Without a touch or
verbal command
to slowly undress
yourself with desire
in your eyes
Your nakedness
fully engaged
you spread your
frame across the bed
and the oil massage
ensues with
silky red peddles
gently gliding upon
your glistening body
You moan in
sheer pleasure
which continues
until need me to be
the man you require.
Dec 2016 · 225
Back 2 Back
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
Anger was a
hard pill to swallow
and yet
I did over and over again
appeasing your whims
at every turn
My heart was captivated
for a season
out of control
as I handed it to you
on a platter
for cruel misuse
Stuck together
out of convenience
one bed one room
gave reason
to lay
Back 2 Back
wondering about
what's next
in my life
from day 2 day
My despise
contempt ever building
to a red raging crescendo
had blackened
my loving heart
Far removed
from what I know
to be the real me,
I refuse to settle
and will wait
until I can breathe
feeling secure
in my own skin again.
Dec 2016 · 703
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
I have you wrapped in my arms
stretched out on a red leather sofa
  facing one another we connect
   as we often do with eyes engaged

After a gentle loving kiss to remind
you that you are forever the one
  I get you to close your beautiful
   blue eyes and relax deep into me

Our CUDDLE TIME is precious
in securing optimum mental health
  and releasing the stress of the day
    until we are mind-clutter free.
for V.
Dec 2016 · 186
Holiday Poem
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
Once upon a lonely season
I waited too late
and had no real reason
I tried online
and malls at a distance
to find the right gifts
my struggles persistent
When all hope was lost
I fell to my knees
and prayed to the Lord
to help with my needs
Uplifted in deed
my prayers had come true
when blessed with the gift
of this poem for you.
Dec 2016 · 213
Beacon of Right
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
As the lighthouse
watches over ships by night
I'm charges with your
protection as you grow
You look to me for guidance
and security as I seek to
impart my knowledge so
you become your best you
You entered this world
to be a Beacon of Right
for all to see you shine
as you lead, love and learn
My faith in you is without
question unwavering as you
walk the path ordered by
your heavenly Father.
For Trey to always remember who you are and who's you are.  Love you.
Dec 2016 · 218
Watching You Go
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
Time with you is endless
never ceasing in joyous bliss

Shared common bonds knot
our laces inseparably together

I see you as I peer deep into
generous heart and slowly melt

Your response to my touch
exposes me and all my emotions

Eyes closed and inhibitions lost
nothing is off limits with our love

Ever mindful of your presence
Watching You Go is painful

Sadden in spirit, my soul cries
out to return to your open arms.
For V.
Dec 2016 · 203
Resiliant Flesh
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
We've all faced trying times
our spirits have been shaken
faith has been overly tested

Taught to pick ourselves up
press on, we move forward
to the tune of our own choice

We poses
the internal scares are present.
Dec 2016 · 220
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
Keeping in time you
is essential as the air
I breathe

The rhythm that flows
between us is timeless
as the years we've shared

My heart beats in sync
with yours as we seal
our deep connection

keeps pace and time, I
aspire to with you.
For V.
Dec 2016 · 241
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
Be it ever so humble...
a case when size doesn't matter

Be it ever so comforting...
nothing like a stoked fire place

Be it ever so true...
keeper of all thoughts and secrets

Be it ever so loving...
family gatherings and holidays

... HOME.
Dec 2016 · 296
Allen Robinson Dec 2016
My adulations go out to
the women of the world
Those that play the role
of mother and of father
Those wonderful ladies
who are mothers to many
and yet have to children
of their own to speak of
They teach and nurture,
give their time and care
Always thinking of others
before themselves on so
many levels and still find
the time to prepare meals,
laundry and help with the
homework on minimal
sleep.  Great women who
impart out first lessons to
pass on to our children
She plays the roll of doctor,
psychologist and coach
Respect is not only due,
it's mandated as a true
TRIBUTE to all they do.
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