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My sister, my diver,
My seeker, my surviver
It’s been a year since our reunion
Time to us is an illusion
We came together in a time of need
Last year was real, but time moves quickly
You’ve soared high skies,
You’ve roamed the mountains,
You’ve danced in valleys,
You’ve bathed in fountians
I see myself in all that you’ve done
I see us both in constellations
Creating stars in the eternal night sky
Dance with me, let’s polarize
Life is a collection of slides
These slides consist of thoughts, rhythms, and poems
A beat that allows me to embrace them
Together we create harmony
The projections that you, and I always see
Inward, and outward : Upward, and downward
Quartet frequency, potent symbology
Sound exist in me
Elemental art gallery
I feel you, I see you, I taste you, I touch you
In alignment will be all that I fall into
Not before you, or after you
Not beneath you, or above you
Let our legacy sing songs
Into the future of the new you
Blue sword cut energy ties
Archangles here to heal the tides
Ocean water spread out wide
The Universe is here to guide
My passion sits on passion bits
You listen close, or chase that ****
Whats real to you is close to me
Whats close to me is imagery
The photos shared are here nor there
The feelings felt are fake or rare
The slides shown are what I've been given
I learned from lots of others,
I pray I'm forgiven
Let me bloom into the Source
Let every microcosmic aspect of my whole me fold into itself
Let me be free of form
But fold into good company
May I love myself through all darkness
May I hate myself, but ask for
Forgiveness every time when I remember, and reclaim who I am
I am love, lust, and luxury
I am a powerful woman
Infinity; blissed into a dualistic formality
It evaporates, and segregates no longer
We are one
We get along with each other
Sister, brother
Father, mother
Beyond our blood we teach other
Intertwined in a love connection
Through sound alone we break an illusion
When we know ourselves
We know our wealth
When we breathe in our bodies
We indefinitely raise hell

Wake the dead
Fight or flight
Rust or lust
Dark or light
Must or trust

What is our undoing?
What is undoing us?

I have a vision
Dream or Bust
What do you do?
You wait for something better
What do you do?
You wait for something better
What do you do?
You wait for something better

Patience will give you everything that matters

What do you do?
You wait for something better
What do you do?
You wait for something better
What do you do?
You breath in everything that matters

Wait for a man that will give you his sweater
Memories exist in the feel of your love that live within the sound inside your soul
I am digging deep inside an old casket buried in a cosmic black hole
Dead as it may seem, it is alive in you
I resurrect them in organic gardening tunes
The tools I use are made for the soil in your mind
The kind that come from foreign lands
And arent easy to recognize
They bloom when I'm not looking
They manifest and shine
They act as a boomerang
They bloom on their own time
I am fortunate enough
To smell the scent of glory
The fact that they even flower
Let's me know that I am worthy
A reflection I can count on
A flower that can sing
A woman that holds power
One who doesn't need a man for anything

She'd just like to have one
Sounds nice, and it is ❤️
I am bones
I am stones
I am obsidian

I am loud
I am sound
I am in rhythm

I am dark
I built an ark
I move in incision

I will open up your wounds
I will find what, what means to you
And I will deliver

I am nothing more than a memory
I am fraction,
I am a sliver,

This home is a sanctuary
It is bliss, prismatic, and bewildered
It is dualistic
Taking two to participate,
Which is why I won't reach this incision on my own

Are we building a home or not?
Sound and measure,
I need this to stop

I will keep moving with every breath
With every motion,
I seek this in depth
This is my memory
This is my song
This is my empowerment
In this I belong

Break down belong

To Be In This Place Long.
To be
In this


Who do you rout for?
Will you swim or let this sink?
Again, I will sincerely ask you,

In each decision there is nothing wronged.
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