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Sep 2011 · 702
Intro Part 1: I own you.
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
Her eyes were smolder,
Black thick charcoal,
Coating her fire burning
A thousand days of sun.
It seems a wonder
Her skin was milk,
Not tanned hide
From the scorch
She held.

Always a lover
But never in love.
The idea she longed for,
But to have - ended longing
Therefore she never took.
In dreams with pining
Was her fun.
The very tongue of lust,
She was the taste,
The desired delicacy.

Stolen away
Were the many hearts
Of men from youth to elder.
She held them in
Her swollen grin
As if to say
I own you.
The affairs were best,
No better test
Than to abrade the strings of love.
And when she won,
(She always won)
She claimed sweet scandal,
*I own you
Sep 2011 · 561
When My Lover Loves Another
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
The two voices speaking
Rapid faints
Like the worker boys behind darkened scenes
Lovers quiet
We could hear you
Gasping up for air
Swiftly sounding in the sheets deep close in despair
Why were you there
Why could I fear
The dying drums of living souls
Beating down upon my ribs
Feeling violence
Seeking silence
Among those fleeting
So drowned and

Why was I the sips so deep
Beneath the bottle
That called you mine
You were what once
Was inside
My hearts beating cloud
To represent them aloud
You weren’t scared
Were you sacred
Were you lost in doubt
Or were thoughts tried
For fleeing blessed cries
We all knew
But I kept quiet
As you spoke her
Last remaining sighs

Where was your mind
As I passed by your streaming sidelines
Glancing few at the moments left
As a clock counted down
The remaining minutes of your depth
Of field below my body, my fingertips
Her thighs and smiles and swollen lips

Who was it you looked at, her or I?
Who was it to bite the sweet
Apple of your eye.
Sep 2011 · 534
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
Why is it when people look
To be someone else
They see the admirable qualities,
Nothing short of perfection.
Spawning jealousy,
Playing down the flaws
Even when overcoming
The beauty,
They see themselves
And look at how they
Fall short of talents
And character.
Why is it that
They can’t grasp
The admirable qualities
Of which they cast?
And the cycle goes on
Striving to be
Something they’re not.
How is it that
In the end
We find who we are
But start out as
Who we’re not?
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
Ouch what a prickle!
Of which I’ve been pricked!
I wobble my way
From grass to brick
Lean down to examine
Some dirt-stained toe
And I find this *****
Embedded in skin
And pluck it out
Let relief flood in
Sep 2011 · 787
Winter's Whore
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
I see the sad eyes of the Winter rain
Like the ice blades he tears
As I catch every falling shard
And watch the skin of my hands run red
I am tainted, I am marked

I am contrast against Winter's silent blanket
If not for the stains on my arms and dress
I am visioned as pure
The Snow White *****
Fallen to exile of barren wasteland
For taking to the hand of marriage
To Winter's demand
And forward I'll go with punishment
On my soul
But keep locked down that I am clean
I am the Snow King's wife
I am his ice

And by such means as snow and ice
I will wash my stains
And show translucent skin
I carry man's sin
In the form of a woman
And a woman as such will be forever
Because of man's fear
She is cold
She is a *****
She's a Queen and she's pure

I am numb and fall to the Season's feet
He is my love
I am his delicacy and his beauty
And his pure heart
Because I am human
Of which he can never be
Sep 2011 · 511
I'll Stay A Wait.
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
Not yet a greater sound
Than that of eased recognition
Of silence bewildered by the empty house
My lover left me in

I heard his voice softly whisper
I never wish to hear again
To hold close the faint lips
My gentleman, my friend

I ****** in every memory
As if the air itself could breathe
Dancing around quiet graves
Until our parting eve

Until I see with my own eyes
Your figure come to greet
I’ll stay a wait
For hours late
For parted lips and lovers arms
Embrace these hearts
These slighted charms
Stay this night
With me.
Sep 2011 · 780
Misery Lust
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
She's dancing in his eyes of misery,
Twirling around the floorboards,
Like a fruit ripening off a tree.
She's balanced in his gaze,
Hovering above the waves and pulses
Beating through the planks of wood
Built on this foundation of land.
He wants what he can't have,
And she is the reviving water
Stored underneath cactus ******
That he can't drink.
His hand is not hers to hold
And her dress is not his to touch.
His misery will flourish,
The distance of strangers.
Sep 2011 · 703
Dearest Friend
Alexandra Dakota Sep 2011
With your head pressed against my
Shoulder blade,
You're all I need to stay awake.
To feel your inhales,
My skin tingles with the slightest breath.
Exhale against my porcelain,
You are my wind.
I take you in.

I'll be the skeleton of your wings
So one day you can grow feathers
And fly me across lands, oceans, and
I'll breathe a song into your chirp
And give you the grace to glide
So you can open arms wide
And soar as a kite,
With me as your string so you can't get

Trust me with eyes, I'll be your sight,
Below, above, and by your side.

— The End —