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Alex L May 2013
Walking alone on a dark, humid night
the light at the end of the road flickers in the shadows.
The damp air weighs heavily on my shoulders.

As it seems to get darker,
the wind blows across my face
like a calm, silent reminder
from an ever-present voice.

Look up at the light
so far down the road.
Though it is flickering
it is still alive.

The troubles I know may at times
weigh me down,
but the footprints from the past
are guiding my steps.

So those dark, humid nights
are overpowered by that distant flickering light
of dreams I have
and voices I know.

There are always those people,
no matter how far,
that can open my eyes
and show me that the light
     my goals
     my dreams
are not too far.

Just follow the footprints
of family on my heart.
Apr 2013 · 936
Dorm Life
Alex L Apr 2013
I grab my key,
and open the door.
I'm never quite sure,
what is in store.

What's that smell?
Whose music is that?
Is that legal?
"Woah, nice hat!"

The garbage can's full
and it spreads to the hall,
that pile of garbage
is getting too tall.

I hear an air horn,
and then a scream.
Now pounding on the walls,
shoot, I stepped in shaving cream.

Man, I am tired,
worn out, what a week.
Maybe I should lie down,
and catch up on sleep.

Sleep, good luck,
says the guy next door.
On comes the bass,
and he turns it up more.

Twenty four hours a day,
seven days a week.
There is always something,
to make all my senses peak.

A smell,
a sight,
a sound,
a taste,
and that awful feeling
of something hitting my face.

I'm not sure what I smell,
or what's on the floor.
I thought it was loud,
but then there was more.

Wait...the music's shut off,
I'm drifting asleep.
PSYCH, a fire alarm,
that's the third one this week.
Apr 2013 · 449
Alex L Apr 2013
So you had a rough day
things just didn't go your way.
Now you seek reassurance that
"it will be okay."

To make that a reality,
have faith in what they say.
If you truly believe it,
it WILL be okay.

A smile can be the
quick fix you seek,
but it will last
if you keep it on your cheeks.

A positive outlook will change
it all, everything looks better
when you stand up tall.

So don't fret over a tough day,
just smile, and know you can
make it better than okay.
Apr 2013 · 424
Alex L Apr 2013
I couldn't believe it,
what did I just do?

I'd caused such a mess
and I could hardly stand.
Any movement was a risk,
one false step and that's it.

I got caught in a daydream
the victim of a wandering mind.
How could I be so careless,
what next do I do?

These thoughts flowed through my head,
this is what ensued
from that unfortunate moment
when I spilled my juice.
Apr 2013 · 698
A Dog's Haiku
Alex L Apr 2013
Scratch, wag, lick
run, fetch, run, fetch, nap time,
life is good
Apr 2013 · 768
Through the Grapevine
Alex L Apr 2013
They flow like a flooded stream,
like melting snow on a warm winter day.

Too easily, because
they pierce unseeing targets,
victims of a slip
of a thoughtless thought.

To the distracted mind,
they can be rendered obsolete,
but when that is all one
the damage can be unsurmountable.
Apr 2013 · 588
Finish Line
Alex L Apr 2013
The feeling of ecstasy,
gone in an instant.

What as happened,
who could do this?

Lives changed,
in a matter of seconds,
there’s no going back

The sickness that ensues,
spreads across the globe.

As the world watches,
             and cries.

Cherish life,
and those you share it with.
For it is a gift,
just don’t let it slip.
Apr 2013 · 653
Be bold
Alex L Apr 2013
He walks all alone.
Chin up, shining eyes, solo.
Defiance, power
Apr 2013 · 462
Alex L Apr 2013
Just rolling along,
spinning my wheels.

Is this all there is here,
is there any more?

I just wish I knew,
where to go,
who to see,
what to do,
to find that one thing
to keep my hopes alive.

Just rolling along,
spinning my wheels.

What else is out there,
is this all that's real?
Jan 2012 · 1.0k
The Average Day Backstage
Alex L Jan 2012
I feel
then I must endure
A rush,
a charge,

Repeat next performance
Jan 2012 · 292
Tip from TODAY!
Alex L Jan 2012
Don't focus on tomorrow when there is so much to live for **today
Jan 2012 · 428
Definition of Life
Alex L Jan 2012
So many things,
so little time

            Life is a beautiful ride

Take along the ones you love,
and even ones you don't.

Enjoy it,
it's short, and
Don't fret over things,
and miss a beat.

Live every day,
don't worry about tomorrow,
always try and say

            Life is a beautiful ride

Count your blessings,
they are there,
look around you,

Do what makes YOU happy,
for *Life is a beautiful ride
Jan 2012 · 367
Can you ever be certain?
Alex L Jan 2012
Why is it so hard
to get

Is it something
telling me
don't do it?

A sign
from somewhere,
telling me it's
not mine
for the taking?

Should I be a man,
take a stand,
and do what I feel
is good?

Ah, hell
you only live once!
Have some fun I suppose

I think it's what

but can you ever
be certain
that you aren't

Jan 2012 · 431
Is that too much to ask??
Alex L Jan 2012
When life is going places,
you cannot fathom...

                     what do you do?

Do you think of others,
others who have it worse than you?

there is water coming from your sink,
some places don't have a sink,

You have access to the internet,
I know this is fact,
you probably think nothing of it,
but it gives you a place to take action...

What will people remember your name for?
for helping others?
         for being a kind person?
                  for loving the world?

Take a stand,
do something noteworthy,
lend a hand,
maybe even to someone you don't know...

People need help,
be there for them,
pray for them,
love them

Is that too much to ask??

Jack Jablonski and Jenna Privette!! Stay strong!
Jan 2012 · 1.2k
Alex L Jan 2012
I've been stuck on this math problem all day,
I cant figure out this equation
I am just trying to stay focused...

I wonder where that word came from,
latin, German?

Didn't a teacher say something once about Germany, and a bad mustache?
something like that,
mustaches make me laugh,
especially when the person is wearing a hat...
                                                          ­                focus
there was this one time
I found this awesome hat,
so I bought it.
I wore that hat to a football game the other day,
the team looked really good,
the popcorn was amazing,
"hey look it's raining", wow, I thought
it was supposed to snow in December, not rain.

Hmm, I wonder what the chance is that it rains,
not snows...
                                                        ­         focus
chance, that reminds me of math class,
with the teacher named Lance Choo.

Choo, that's similar to 2...

AH HA!! The answer is

Next time I am stuck
I just need to remember
to focus,
on the math problem,
just like I did now!
problem solved.
Alex L Dec 2011

it pushes you away,
then pulls you right back.

Do I make the move,
do I give it a shot...?

There's so much to question,

is it worth it,
am I good enough,
have I been pushing too hard...

There are too many thoughts for one person
to think...

Should I go for it?
Dec 2011 · 369
It's the...
Alex L Dec 2011
It's the,

little things,
the surprising things,
and the things done simply for the good
of someone else

that make the world go round.

*Happy Holidays!
Alex L Dec 2011
Dance some too!

Happiness is infectious.
Stick to it like super glue.

People need it,
and if you’ve got it,
flaunt it,
give it
share it.
With who?

Spread it like a contagion,
Be pleasant and sympathetic.
Everyone you see is fighting a battle,
of some kind.
So when in doubt remember these two things,
respect and humility.

Help ‘em out, and lend a hand,
Be the cause of a stranger’s smile,
one just might sprout on your lips too.
This site doesn't allow the use of Comic Sans...bold will have to do.
Dec 2011 · 430
Warm to the core
Alex L Dec 2011
The joy of the season
fills the air.

People smile, and laugh,
and give to the poor.

There is a chill in the air,
a chill of winter, but somehow,
the shivers make smiles,
when warmed to the core.

Warm, isn't that the goal of this season?

Warm on the outside, and
warm on the inside, the soul warmed
with the love of an unexpected person.

You may not see,
who, what, where, or when...

But just wait, that person is lingering around you,
waiting to be heard.

Just wait, and you wont be cold,
Dec 2011 · 456
Interesting Fact...
Alex L Dec 2011
So large,
this lethal killer,
Some say its harmless, however, they might become bitter…
Towards these things that ****, ruthlessly ****.

You probably never have seen it do the deed,
unless you’re one of the unfortunate who cross the beast.

If you say the wrong thing, or look the other way,
it can take you by surprise
the moment you least expect it, it get you…

hide your kids, hide your wife, this kills
more than 10 people per year.

What is it you say that does all this damage…
I used one today, and I am safe,
I put
in my dollar and it dispensed a Coke.
I was lucky to be spared and not a statistic.
I find it strange, but Vending Machines **** more than ten people per year.
Dec 2011 · 366
Alex L Dec 2011
It’s here
It’s there,
It’s everywhere

You cant feel it,
taste it,
hear it,
But it’s there…

It’s in your stores,
Your fields,
Your streets,
Your homes.
…It’s there…

Whether you know it or

It’s there

You may think you know,
Who it is,
     What it is
          Where it is

But you don’t.

You may ask what it is,
the simplest answer is


It’s there
Dec 2011 · 338
The Last Thing I Heard
Alex L Dec 2011
The pain of having to say those words…

Good Bye

Much too soon,
Much too young to see this happen to one you love.

A Role Model,
A Teacher,
A Wonderful Soul.

Who will I tell my new good news,
Where shall I turn, when I need help most.

An inspiration, a joy to have known.

But when the end is in sight,
What can I say to ease the pain…

Never have words been so hard to speak, two simple words,
Good bye

Not knowing what to expect, will there be a response, will there be a cry

With tears welling up the last thing I heard …
“You are going to be a great man someday”
psalm 118:24 forever!
Dec 2011 · 979
Bring Me Back
Alex L Dec 2011
Bring me back to the days,

Of childhood innocence,
Of joy in every day.

Leading a stress free life,
Finding fun in everything you see.

Bring me back to Game nights at home
naps at school,
and playing outside in the rain or shine.


I miss those days, but
I cant look back.

Life flies by in a blink of an

Every day brings exciting things,
New challenges, and new adventures.

I want to go back, but I keep going forward,
To see what’s next on this beautiful ride.
Life is Good! "Today is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." -Pslam 118:24
Dec 2011 · 387
How Life Should Be
Alex L Dec 2011
Our world is
And Blue

So many things we cant do

People don’t live freely anymore,
Because it seems like everything offends someone.

Living relaxed, and filled
With joy, is how we should be.

Not controlling,
That’s not how things used to be.

People complain about this and that,
everything goes Noticed, you cant make a mistake,
Or someone will see.

If you can see,
How life should be….

It will be so much more of a fun,
   loving ride.

It’s too short to waste,
If you can shake things off, and try not to run…
Then really the fun has just begun.
Dec 2011 · 399
Alex L Dec 2011
She wants to go,
    go so far away
Everyday she thinks of a place
    Where all is new, and everyone is good
Where people don’t harass,
    Or judge.

People don’t see what really goes on,
    In the lives of those they see.
People hurt, and
    People cry…why?

Because people aren’t good,
People don’t care,
People live for themselves.
And no one else.

If only people could see the real,
    The honest,
The beautiful soul.

Maybe one day she’ll see,
There are people who care,

People like me.

Here and there,
    If you look closely you’ll see,
People care,
    For how she feels,
For how she seems.

Because she is good,
    She is kind,
She lives life,
    The way it’s meant to be.

If only she saw,
    How I see,

I just decided to give it a try, I haven't written anything for this is a trial.

— The End —