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Alex L May 2013
Walking alone on a dark, humid night
the light at the end of the road flickers in the shadows.
The damp air weighs heavily on my shoulders.

As it seems to get darker,
the wind blows across my face
like a calm, silent reminder
from an ever-present voice.

Look up at the light
so far down the road.
Though it is flickering
it is still alive.

The troubles I know may at times
weigh me down,
but the footprints from the past
are guiding my steps.

So those dark, humid nights
are overpowered by that distant flickering light
of dreams I have
and voices I know.

There are always those people,
no matter how far,
that can open my eyes
and show me that the light
     my goals
     my dreams
are not too far.

Just follow the footprints
of family on my heart.
Alex L Apr 2013
I grab my key,
and open the door.
I'm never quite sure,
what is in store.

What's that smell?
Whose music is that?
Is that legal?
"Woah, nice hat!"

The garbage can's full
and it spreads to the hall,
that pile of garbage
is getting too tall.

I hear an air horn,
and then a scream.
Now pounding on the walls,
shoot, I stepped in shaving cream.

Man, I am tired,
worn out, what a week.
Maybe I should lie down,
and catch up on sleep.

Sleep, good luck,
says the guy next door.
On comes the bass,
and he turns it up more.

Twenty four hours a day,
seven days a week.
There is always something,
to make all my senses peak.

A smell,
a sight,
a sound,
a taste,
and that awful feeling
of something hitting my face.

I'm not sure what I smell,
or what's on the floor.
I thought it was loud,
but then there was more.

Wait...the music's shut off,
I'm drifting asleep.
PSYCH, a fire alarm,
that's the third one this week.
Alex L Apr 2013
So you had a rough day
things just didn't go your way.
Now you seek reassurance that
"it will be okay."

To make that a reality,
have faith in what they say.
If you truly believe it,
it WILL be okay.

A smile can be the
quick fix you seek,
but it will last
if you keep it on your cheeks.

A positive outlook will change
it all, everything looks better
when you stand up tall.

So don't fret over a tough day,
just smile, and know you can
make it better than okay.
Alex L Apr 2013
I couldn't believe it,
what did I just do?

I'd caused such a mess
and I could hardly stand.
Any movement was a risk,
one false step and that's it.

I got caught in a daydream
the victim of a wandering mind.
How could I be so careless,
what next do I do?

These thoughts flowed through my head,
this is what ensued
from that unfortunate moment
when I spilled my juice.
Alex L Apr 2013
Scratch, wag, lick
run, fetch, run, fetch, nap time,
life is good
Alex L Apr 2013
They flow like a flooded stream,
like melting snow on a warm winter day.

Too easily, because
they pierce unseeing targets,
victims of a slip
of a thoughtless thought.

To the distracted mind,
they can be rendered obsolete,
but when that is all one
the damage can be unsurmountable.
Alex L Apr 2013
The feeling of ecstasy,
gone in an instant.

What as happened,
who could do this?

Lives changed,
in a matter of seconds,
there’s no going back

The sickness that ensues,
spreads across the globe.

As the world watches,
             and cries.

Cherish life,
and those you share it with.
For it is a gift,
just don’t let it slip.
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