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Make me feel something
Make me feel something new
I’ve been wondering if you ever knew
That you made me feel something
That still lingers around like a spell I can’t undo

The city lights that now blind me
were the same ones that lighted up my soul
And I write under a starless night
Somehow you managed to take them all with you to the Coast
Doesn’t it bother you
That we are now playing different roles?

Make me feel something like that Sunday afternoon
Make me feel something like in that full moon

I’ve been waiting forever
For something I thought was coming soon
I swear I can still hear your laughter
Echoing through this cold last week of June
Am I close to glory?
Or am I even more doomed?

The sunset paints that picture
Of a poetic solitude
Strangers mind their own business
And I go on forgetting about the magnitude
Of I what felt when you touched me
That Sunday afternoon

Make me feel something
Make me feel something new
After these past few months
You might have had a clue
That you made me feel something
That I won’t be feeling anytime soon
You are a wild wolf
lonely and independent but asking to be tamed
I've got a heart made of candle wax
that starts to melt down with the tiniest flame
And you live your life like a winner
fire in your eyes despite all the wars you've lost
When your claws started to go even deeper
I felt that someday I'd have to pay the cost

You are a wild wolf
eating me alive, day by day
And i seek the good in people
If I can find it in you I know I will stay
But my mother says I'm getting weaker
and my father warned me about the creatures of the night
What if your only predator
Had the power to make you apologize and cry?

You are a wild wolf
and my body is covered by a thousand scars
Maybe loosing myself
Is the only way I can get to your heart

Somewhere we're running, hunting side by side
and i'm complete enough to fill your voids
Somewhere i don't have to make a choice
that being with you means losing my own voice
Together conquering the world
you could never share with anyone

I was brave enough to love you
you were coward enough to break every bone inside me
Your dad left you when you were only a child
maybe thats the reason you act like this
But who am I to save you?
when I try to touch you I fall on my own knees
And who are they to judge you?
If you consider yourself above any kind of mercy

You are a wild wolf
dozens of winters have broken your soul
And i pray that someday you find a pack
cause my heart is no longer a safe place to go
Walking away from an abusive relationship.
I wish I could have met you a few years back
when I used to wear that feather in my hat
and break the strings in my guitar
I wish I could have met you when I was figuring out life
and we would have all the time
for me to teach you a few things about art
I wish I was still that wild child
that would only stay for a while
without ever saying goodbye
And then we would be a perfect match
driving towards the sunset
without having any future in mind

But now I’m going to the edge of the world to chase my dreams
and you’re playing videogames and watching french films
It’s funny how the universe brought us together that night
just to later tear us apart

I wish I could have met you a few years from now
God knows where I’d be settling down
But I’d have your brown eyes by my side
I wish I could have met you in a pretentious bar
You’d tell me all the things you know about the stars
And we’d probably regret those three bottles of wine
I wish we could have our dream jobs
And our hearts would have no locks
Having sure about things we never knew we could even try
And then we would be the perfect match
A blonde and a brunette
Challenging each other every day and night
A dream kind of life
Aleska Servian Jul 2016
Grandma used to tell me stories about men like you in the early 60's
but I was born an old soul
and I thought I was invincible to this world
until you came pretending you could feel my own feelings

A friend told me that I shouldn't show off my happiness like a pair of new earrings
I told her I wasn't afraid
he was never going to run away
and there we were, fixing the holes in the ceiling

The sun was brighter and the moon was darker
the future used to caress my red hair
do I know this is only an affair?
Maybe I should save him
maybe it'll be fair

In a cold night of march I swear I could see his eyes reading what I was thinking
when he said he had to go away
I knew he had to find a new prey
bacause my heart was already too damaged to be deceived

If I'm not enough for his adventurous life
there is a reality which I can't fight
Though you are my missing piece
It's better to live with half of me
Aleska Servian Jul 2016
I fixed your ego
I repaired your wings
but darling
the saddest thing
Is that you never intended to stay
So I cut the rope that kept me from
feeling the warmth in the light of day
From my mind you can now fly away
Aleska Servian Jul 2016
It's not his fault
and neither is mine
If you can not let the fear get inside
your bruised thoughts
to teach you that
love does not always treat you like that

I gave you peace
I gave you war
I never asked for nothing but not be harmed
by your promisses
that cut just like a blade
my troubled mind
filled with mistaken mistakes

We exorcized our demons on an unsacred bed
It was all about time
what a beautiful night we had
you were not supposed to take home pieces of me
that put together
show that I'm a confused symphony

And now that you're gone
I'm still thinking about
did I do something wrong?
and what those midnight talks were about
Aleska Servian Jul 2016
I was already wearing an armor
cause I thought that was the only way you would not be able to see my scars
but disappointment stinks like a pride that died too soon and was never consecrated
now it's gone, forever

I put on a mask
"How would you like me to be?
You said you liked ghosts, so I became a ghost
wandering through the halls of my own desires
I shouldn't intend to stay, you were not going to stay
but you were listening to my bitter words
licking them like they were the sweetest nectar
Mirror, mirror
do you intend to mirror me just for fun?
do you really wanna know what I've become?
can I handle the hole you're gonna leave when you're gone?
Once, twice
you said it was the last time
I believe you, I still do
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