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Apr 2011 · 688
Of Scented Archives
Alan L Boles Apr 2011
from with in the
wafting breeze

that scent of spring
the one that takes
your breath away

that one that has you
stopping to inhale
ever so slowly

enjoying each passing
second deeper and deeper
until you must exhale

and inhale again savoring
each moment as the mine
searches through countless
scented archives

of those moments of shared
bliss from ages long past
and faces all but forgotten

as memories unfurl in
wafts of passing lyric’s
as the music plays on

through all those forgotten
scenes emerge upon
closed eyelids

a glass wine sitting on a table
a candle flame reflecting on
a bottle of wine, flickering
to the movement of dancing

the mine struggling to hold back
those memories best forgotten

as the breeze wafts again and
that scent spring begins to renew
as the mine drifts along lost in
eons of scented archives
Apr 2011 · 513
The Wind Came by Today
Alan L Boles Apr 2011
the wind came by today
it wanted to play
seizing the leaves
rolling them here and there
spiraling Heaven ward
gracefully dancing
soaring in the race
free falling long and slow

the wind came by today
it wanted to play
harder now then when
it broke the limbs
tantrum all abound
throwing things
in fits of rage

the wind came by today
it wanted to play
gentler now then when
softly caressing
the bumps it brought
shiverings up then down

the wind came by today
it wanted to play
soothing now then when
carrying warmth
inviting depths
expanding evermore

the wind came by today
it wanted to play
bored with me
waving as it went away
Apr 2011 · 891
thou loveth thine
Alan L Boles Apr 2011
cometh darkness thou waith

thy dance thou dos't do

avialath thou thy cometh

beginst thine fervor

thou blot

thine morrow's mist

ast thou ensue thine ubiety

whist thou educe

thine loveth hence

thine beauty kisseth

thy lambent duskness

cometh darkness thou waith
over night this flower will move to face the morning sun, allowing the heat to dry away the due and follow the sun all day and face the sunset and then over night this flower will move to face the morning and continue until pollination is complete.
Apr 2011 · 700
tears on a pillow
Alan L Boles Apr 2011
with in your words
your hidden screams
all crying outward

the shattered dreams
and empty promise's
a distant presence

of bitten tongues
and counts of ten
the taken breaths

children rushed out
battered and bruised
and hidden scars

angry souls loved
amidst blamed self's
I should have lies

your all alike
till eyes align
as pheromones release

once again lies
your stanzas repeat
more tears on a pillow
betwixt all the games on Facebook, catching bits and pieces of lives in moments shared in post so often skimmed over, one cannot but hear the tears on a pillow, it cross's borders and cultures
Apr 2011 · 1.2k
Where The Fern Dwells
Alan L Boles Apr 2011
As if with His breath
He blew across the
face of the earth and
sent clouds scurrying
towards the West

As if with His mighty
hand in the upper
Heavens He cleared the
sky as the clouds moved
ever faster towards the East

As the Sun rose the
birds sang praises for
the beauty of this fall
morning growing cloud
less in a pinking sky

The ferns dance gracefully
in the shadows to a
rhythm in the breeze

A set of yellow wings perform
the nectar dance in the warming
sun as the shadows creep across
the grass the fern dance in the
shadows and yearn the warmth
from an ever shrinking fall Sun

New shoots rising from needles
and leaves as they roots move
silently under the decaying life
an orange flutter by did his
nectar dance as a blue dragon
sips nectar from a fading blue and
purple bloom's swaying the breeze

Graceful forms emerge held in pose
as there leaves do a free fall and
the branches move less with each
breeze a bird sings of love and the
beauty of his life, in the changing colors

And the food our Lord provided him
and his mate an enticing ballad of
love and admiration  as the sounds
of children laughing in the distance
carries in the breeze and the warmth
of the Sunrises to a sweat

Tis the time when Ginger blooms
and it's white petals dance in the wind
as erotica flows into the minds men
amidst the yearn to snuggle as the
nights grow long and cool and the
pleasures of the night seep into
their hearts and souls

Orange globs with painted faces
dots the door steps with candied
thoughts dwell where fear once slept
as the greens fade in the setting sun
and the circle of life creeps into night
an ****** scents pass in days and
onto necks those fragrant spots
as the fern flickers in the breeze.
Apr 2011 · 1.3k
Meandering Of Time
Alan L Boles Apr 2011
In the meandering of time

when heart’s break

the Angel’s cry

and the rain’s fall

In the meandering of time

when sorrow comes

as prayer’s be heard

tear’s still flow

In the meandering of time

heart’s will mend

as sorrow’s pass

and skies now blue

In the meandering of time

memories remain

hurt’s make pain

scar’s never leave

In the meandering of time

for one feel’s the other

the burdens now shared

as the empath lingers

alone and scared

In the meandering of time

with love comes tears

not all of joy

for sorrow’s return

on day’s less blue

as weight’s come off

and ease be free

In the meandering of time

— The End —