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How can I learn how to fly
When all the sky
Belongs to you?

How can I learn how to speak
When all the words seek
You and only you?

How can I learn how to smile
When all the reasons to cry
Are coming from you?

How should I know
When it's time to laugh,
When enough is enough,
When time is a serious bluff?

You smile, talk then grow
Words hidden in a cough.
Decissions, questions, start over -
Grab my hand, again then hover;
Games and dices in your net,
A vivid lie it's all I get.

How can I be
What you want me to be?
I have my own words, you see:
I can't become the allured sea
In a plain desert of thee.
Whispers of the wind
Were drawn on the sky
Of the bitter mind you left.

Words of the swing
Were drawn on the lie
Of the sinner and his theft.

Poems of the lost
Were encrypted on the smiles
Of the blackest mind,
The inconsolable, misguided ghost.

Lyrics of the raws
Were sung in an old, crumbled swing
Forgotten in a pencil's graphite,
The Creator of the whispery wind.

A whole story was scattered
Like sand's little grains.
Each word was shattered
Until whispers have lost their shadow
A rememberance of us in a fabled meadow,
A pencil on plain paper,
It's all that remains.
Venomous trail
Of an idolised Holy Grail
Peaceful ways to ******
The shivers of a happiness,
The neverending loneliness,
Near a cold wall with deep holes
Filled with skies and dampness,
Printed signs of ailing mold
Signs of peace, signs of hurt.

Throw me away...
The black rage within,
Shower with white paint
The old, dusted spirit.
A saint
With no grace to pray
Erase with black ink
Twisted words sink and sink...
In ordinary blank pages  
Long forgotten in time's cages.

The mind needs
These black needs.
A strange place
Of silence and waste,
Dreams on needles
Angst in cradles...

Why do they all come to me?
Why do I have to see
These truths disguised as lies
These fairies turn into spies
Of my deep thoughts
Torture every little crock
Of my own self?

My mind is tired.
I cannot fly anymore.
Give me a reason to allure
The sparks of a fake moon -
Do you feel them too?
The whiskers of a new born sun
Caressing my hair in an air so dun,
I will sleep again, someday... soon.
Copyright Georgiana.S 2011
There are times when
I feel like a pawn.
The last pawn
On a board of chess.

Would you come for
This pawn?...It's hopeless.
Surrounded by knights
And looking meaningless.

Would you turn your back
On this pointless pawn?
Who has no turning back
Just moving ahead
And feeling almost dead?

I know you would.
'Cause you're afraid…
You're alike the last leaf
In an old tree,
Craving to fall
In someone's hand…
And so your memories
Would never be forgotten
In the end.

I know what you might say.
Too late denying your fate
All your life was painted in grey.
Crows are flying
In circles
Above your head
Funeral songs and believing
They saw your cross
On top of a hill.

I know…
You feel scared.
Your mind is stained
With the ****
Of that Pawn.
copyright Georgiana.S 2009
Sing me songs of farewell
This red shaded dawn,
Recite me lines about unknown -
Please, recite them well.

Let your tongue disguise the words,
Make them look fair
While I'm statued in life's ropes
Tied to this porcelain cold chair.

Speak loud, stand proud -
Then look at me straight.
Let your shadow strangle my neck,
Bathed in my acid tears around.

It's neither's fault, you say...
Only this mischievious cicle
A clueless timed canvas,
That lead you feel this way.

I can't scream, can't defend.
I only let the ending end.
Take your promises back,
Take your tender looks too,
Burn each of one's illusions,
******* their ashes, take them with you.

Don't leave me your apologies,
Your blured confusions...
Just leave me here,
In eternity's fusions
Drowned in a heart attack.

The years have passed away.
My hands still tremble, mildly.
Wrapped in pottery shards and blindly
This disease have rot me inside
It's what they say...

In fact, I died at the bottom of the sea.
The cure is simple and hopeless to me.
Give me a pill of amnesia
And my five o'clock tea.
Georgiana.S 2011
Has the guilt of my everything.
Forbiding the only chance to be free,
Chaining my thoughts to the ground.
Hysterical laughs on charcoal leaves flew around,
Disturbing serene sadness of my glee.
Awaken worlds in life's little things
Forsake my tender thoughts to the nothingness wings
Dissipating with velocity
In the hands of Gravity.

It's like an occult religion
With all its strange ways.
Devouring miscellanous levitating dreams
Spreading mercyless comtempt to the ones on the banned brims -
The ones who dared to fly on the Sun's sacred rays.
Gravity is the vermillion
Murderer of all the ancient hopes fallen in the
Slush of eternity.

I've been cursed forever
With the evanescent living...
I've been forbided to say "never";
But my words flew anxiously away...through the ceiling
Despite Gravity.
copyright Georgiana S. 2010
"Forgive me, Father…for I have sinned"
This is how all my thoughts begin
Their ritual of villain regrets and sorrows.
They come, they lie, they spin…
Misguiding words and blinding the hallows,
While tears pray for the everyday forgiveness,
The tyrants chain my finned tomorrows
Forever consumed in acid of my illness.

Forgive me, Father…
For I have baptized my thoughts in holy water.
Their slushy sins dived into a cruel slaughter,
Leaving me senseless…hopeless…

My tongue have lost its ability
To cut the truth from raw evilness.
In this shell of madness there's no tranquility
In vengeance, burning wounds don't find stability,
In anger, blurry paths lie in selfishness
And so I lie there senseless.

The way back home
Can't be guided by crippled lights,
Redemption has got me in too many fights
Between me and my reflection,
I breathe and I bleed with no defection
While violins cry over my lost pure smiles,
Their grave shrouded me into a foolish disguise.

My lungs shout for Jordan River.
'Cause I can't go on like this…
Lies, mistakes then hinder
Every time dreams are never what is real.

Hear me, Father…

Here I stand in this place my tears used to gather.
Give me a rain drop so my eyes can heal,
Give me myself again so my skin can feel -
My thoughts are unsafe and they will ****
My insides as a sacrifice meal -  
I can hear their evil whispers, late at night…
Don't leave me drowned into this tight well,
Where my pillow is creasing words of farewell.

Thoughts sing lullabies in a shallow swing
Words like *"Forgive me, Father…For I have sinned."
copyright Georgiana S. 2010
the hues of my imagination run ahead of me
chasing my dreams as reality lags behind
the ephemeral beauty of youth dances lively
but the ineffable grace of love is demure
the incipient infatuation progresses wildly
the flames too brilliant to ignore
I could never say
I would like for you  to be stronger
than the wind or rain.
You sparkle
even when raging tempests
are knocking
on the door of time.

I can hear passion in your voice
when you tell me
you remember
how I sang I love you
in your ear
and called you my Muse
that whispers words of love
over my shoulder.

I look into the window of your soul
see my own
smiling back happily
in the reflection of a mirror
that ripples stronger
every day.
I can see myself there
still singing to you
within this art
I write in my tears
of joyful rain.

If a painting of the skies could open up
a tidal wave of hidden emotions
that would change life for the better,
I would learn
how to paint for you.
Then you could breathe in
how I feel
when you touch me
each time
you look at my painting again.

I would never expect you to be stronger
than the wind or rain
and I know you don’t expect me
to paint the sky.
  So for now
I will write the words of love
you whisper over my shoulder
and sing I love you,
in your ear
until the day
I die.
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