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AJ Farruco Aug 7
I hate you/
All you bring is trauma & chaos/
The only reason you got married?/
Trick someone to save you/
Stuck in a hole you can't get out of/
Digging deeper/
And if it rains, we're all gonna drown/
Like rats in a cage/
Another slap to the face/
And you play so dumb/
I'm gonna die of frustration/
The card you hold over my head/
Because your problems are my problems/
Whether I like it or not/
Nothing is ever your fault/
You've always got the best excuses/
Every time you get caught/
Just create another drama/
And you play so dumb/
I'm gonna die of frustration/
Give me just one reason/
Not to blow it all up/
But you can't./
© + ® A.J. Farruco, 07/08/2023.
AJ Farruco Apr 15
Reoccurring dream/
A girl called Jolene/
Wiccan chick/
And when I'm with her/
I'm in a fugue state/
Not supposed to remember/
Repeat her name to myself/
How many times have I been here?/
Many, many times before/
To get to her house/
We have to climb this big ladder/
Up the side of a mountain/
And it's hard to dismount/
She said something about Tupac/
I think it's a spell/
The presence of others is felt/
But they stay where they are/
She leads me to her room/
And we're def gonna smash/
No condoms allowed/
She wants to get pregnant/
We don't talk at all/
I transition again/
But this iteration is different/
And that is somehow profound./
© + ® A.J. Farruco, 15/04/2023.
AJ Farruco Apr 13
Floating face down/
In infinity pools/
Permanent vacation/
That's what they think/
Cockroach with no home/
Waiting for defeat/
Everyday's a cheat day/
The whole world's a corner/
Back against the wall/
With sin at the door of my brain/
Scratching like an old dog/
Barking and whining/
Man on fire/
Dumpster diving headfirst/
I don't need a doctor/
But I want a wet nurse/
Take a step back/
Don't be an edgelord/
Everybody feels like/
They want the red pill/
Until they wake up naked/
Next to a dead girl/
Oh ****!/
Can't really remember my dreams/
But I sweat silver bullets/
Just to shoot up the fiends/
I've seen things/
Keep talking that trash now/
No cash in the bank/
For me to cash out.../

© + ® A.J. Farruco, 14/04/2023.
AJ Farruco Apr 11
I never lose... hope/
I'm not a full-on nihilist/
Only halfway/
Impossible when you believe/
In God, and the afterlife/
Life's an endurance test/
Time is crawling/
Death, the only exit/
And potential silver lining/
But you can't just take it like that/
You've gotta earn it/
My heart and soul fight tooth and nail/
Plus my body hurts/
I'm forty years old, kid/
Respect my experience/
I've epic failed multiple times/
And tasted mild success/
Get in where you fit in/
I'm in the middle of nowhere/
The city is a cesspool/
And don't you even go there/
Unless you wanna drown/
But my head's in the clouds/
On my bed, in my house/
And I don't wanna hear that ****/
People talk too much/
Trust them like predators/
Give them gold to balance it out/
They don't understand/
Life's an endurance test/
Highly uncomfortable/
Everything matters/
I'm aiming for heaven, bro/
I never lose... hope./
© + ® A.J. Farruco, 12/04/2023.
AJ Farruco Apr 5
I wouldn't say discontentment/
More like discomfort/
I'm anxious; might be slightly anguished/
Fine... dysfunctional/
Humanity's an infernal machine/
Forever malfunctioning/
And everyone's too impatient/
To read the instruction manual/
Insatiable; thoughts eat themselves/
Then regurgitate/
Tired vampire at the beach/
Bursting into flames/
Burning through the bank/
Wormhole in pocket universe/
Blowing up our lives/
Fill up your thirdeye socket with dirt/
No funeral; they don't even mourn/
I grieve different/
Seem difficult... anticonformist/
Sorry I ruined the party/
I am a walking trigger warning/
Donnie Darko at the golf course/
Stop trying to treat me like a normie/
Most people ignore me/
And it used to make me question/
But being seen is worse/
When they ask too many questions/
It is what it is/
I wouldn't say discontentment/
More like discomfort/
No bad blood, accept the Qadr of Allaah/
I don't know their intentions/
But I feel the tension./
© + ® A.J. Farruco, 05/04/2023.
AJ Farruco Mar 30
So so so disconnected/
Poltergeist with the numbest hands/
Life's a video game/
And phantom limbs don't button bash/
Shot by a cop/
My soul did the running man/
Can't tell if it's now or later/
Non-playable character/
Glitched out/
Stuck in a wall, and can't get out/
There's something in my brain/
That gets switched on/
Sunken place/
And I cannot save you/
I'm just a ghost in the shell of a caveman/
Flailing in an ocean of paint/
Islaamic heart/
Junk heavy in our veins/
Leftover cold turkey/
Double brass knuckle sandwich again/
Cut off mid-sentence/
Head spinning like a ceiling fan/
But that's what I get/
For unleashing the kraken/
King Kong still perched on my back/
Heard it snap/
Cockroach aqualung/
Stockpiling cigarettes for the apocalypse/
Negative negative positive/
Math rock paper scissor kick/
Random hill to die on, fool/
Modern day Sisyphus/
Submerged in watercolour./
© + ® A.J. Farruco, 30/03/2023.
AJ Farruco Feb 17
I wanna burn something/
But there's no flag available/
How would I look in a toe tag?/
Paint my soul black for protection/
So the vultures can't see me/
Double edged sword/
I don't feel; cut my fingers off/
The sky is falling/
And I knew it would, eventually/
Must warn others/
But I slept, cryogenically/
I am not woke/
Caveman in an iceberg/
Watcher, but all I see is imperfection/
Observe the timeloop/
Can't stop it from happening again/
I hear the tick tick tick/
And it's nervous/
Not dead or alive/
Hothead in a vicegrip/
I won't apologise for existing/
God wants me here/
So we both have to deal with it/
Endurance test/
Try cheat and I win./
© + ® A.J. Farruco, 18/02/2023.
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