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a friend May 2017
redesign yourself.
actually do it, this time.
a friend May 2017
We walk into my bedroom,
continuing the conversation we had in the car.
But, don't you see? she was saying.
We all live forever.
You just have to adjust your definition of
forever. I mean, what frame of reference for eternity do we have
other than our own perception?

Really, for all I'm concerned, she sighs,
falling backwards onto the bed,
the universe was born with me.

Isn't that a little bit . . . egocentric? I venture.

Don't be silly. She pulls her hat down over her eyes.
We are all our own universe.

I didn't sleep that night.
a friend May 2017
in my own bed
my arms
not yours
im here not there im

a friend May 2017
does she get better
in the end?
a friend May 2017
"*******, you're just scared and weak"
you were right
a friend May 2017
makes me wonder what the stars
taste like
where is she
a friend May 2017
But I still miss her.
I miss your laugh.
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