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Adreanna Hill Sep 2019
I am a portal
Look me in my eyes
I smile a lot
Not all the time though.
Tears have graced my cheek and linger in the ducts of my eyes
Face my flaws and imperfections with pure intentions
I feel you
And the energy you are putting out
Vibes dont lie so just be honest with me and i'll make my decision based on truth
I am a healer who must heal herself
Wild woman
Untamed and bathing in the light of the fire that renews
Stepping into only be lit from the inside out
So I must shine
Remind me
These blinding lights they find me
Spark a flame
Set a fire
Let it burn down the barriers that have been set in place to keep you
Be free from them.
Be free with me.
Embrace every part of you
and love
Like never before
There's so much in store beyond the doors you hesitate to open
Step past fear and grasp everything you are passionate about.
Its all for you.
Take it. Soak it up. Breathe it in. The joy. The peace. The gratefulness that comes with the fulfillment of living purposefully. Embrace that too
Adreanna Hill Sep 2019
Running on instinct
And adrenaline
And a lust so deep that it's irresistible
The fall
Feels like flying
Downward fast
Stomach dropping
Heart racing
Craving more
Balanced with gentleness
Kisses in the heat of the night ...
Back scratching, hair pulling, gripping sheets and the back of your neck and caressing your chin
Growl at me as I watch you until I can't help but close my eyes and enjoy you exploring the forbidden places inside of me
Finding and Unchaining the animal inside of me
A beast not from Earth
A beast so beautiful so graceful
So in tune
the rhythm of bodies against each other like wise hands to the djembe
Synchronized heart beats and breaths and *******
The savagery
Adreanna Hill Apr 2015
Questioning my motives and thoughts
Reteaching myself to be Love in its purest form
Unaware of the battles going on inside my head
Your smile brings comfort to my beautiful days
Rose pedals that fall
And the Name that calls mine Its own
Shown to be great beyond imagination
Beyond imagination
Lives people and places and times never experienced before
Refusing to let the light of my spirit fade because they are depending on me for freedom
From darkness
Apart from this there is nothing more than what meets the eyes
3 times i blinked only to find that my reality is really not yours
And conversations go 4 ways between 2 people
With 7 people in their heads
Feeding them words that causes the dead to rise up and walk
Small talk walks the surface
Of our lives and the wise are content with staying above ground
But its deeper than that
The reason we are at peace is because ignorance is bliss
I wish and i pray for the day of Truth
Adreanna Hill Apr 2015
Ocean breezes
And stars fill the night
With a fresh glow
Your presence keeps me warm
Far from distractions
Relaxing in love for who we are
Far from the initial shock of the light in your eyes
I recognize you now
Rising like the wind that  blows in clouds
And sounds of waves caressing shorelines
Reflect the passion of creation
Creating in me a reason to be
Passionate when it comes to loving you
And Love is easy when you do it right
There's no losing  sight of the sky
When you rise with the sun and the moon
Adreanna Hill Apr 2015
Body language says a lot about a person

Thoughts speak volumes
And you wear your emotions on your face
Longing to be clothed in grace
And tactfulness
But you stand still
And stumble over
Other people's ideas trying to keep your own

Trying to find truth in the unseen and unknown
Because what is shown are mere traditions
Coming from where your from

Some things are not better left unsaid
But they go unheard anyway
confinements and restraints on the way you conduct your free flowing thoughts

And you were taught to let go of what gives you life
Questions go unanswered and unasked
And the last thing you want is to move too slow
Or too fast
And deep breaths bring in the uncleanness of the past
And the last thing you want to do is end up cast out

The parable of 2 worlds

Misunderstood and misconstrued by her reality
Lost in translation and degraded by false mentalities
Separated from the Truth for so long she started to doubt
Until she got down one day and prayed for a way out
Prayers answered
Eyes opened to the Truth
She could See
No longer ashamed of being naked
It was no longer a physical thing

In battle we fight
We bleed and we die
But we rise like the sun in the morning sky
Like smoke and hope and heat
We have a lot in common
Too deep for understanding
Defeat is not real
Feelings and logistics
Live and Be
Adreanna Hill Mar 2015
Separated by the boundaries
Between my skin and Spirit
They long to dwell in peace and yet they fight for my heart
My flesh longs to tear it to pieces with divisive thinking
And being in the middle my soul cries out
Just surrender
But neither gives in
Strong Spirit
Steady warrior
I cry tears of light
That excuse themselves from the depth of my being
Because they've found themselves
Buried for too long
And my flesh longs to overpower
But I refuse to be subdued by desires
The fire burns brighter in the day time
In the night my Spirit fights on
Adreanna Hill Nov 2013
They refuse to understand my way of being
My way of seeing things is not according to their lives
I live in an alternate reality
Where my only alternative would be to fall in line
And it feels like everybody's in a race with time
Going nowhere too fast
While I'm just standing by
I watch
I pray
I listen
I pray
I close my eyes each day and I pray
That they will open their eyes and say
Today is the day to change
I look in the mirror
My vision gets less clearer
Each trip to the school ground
Sounds I have gone deaf to because I know
It will all be irrelevant
Read this book and take this test
And do your best just like the rest
Unless you want to end up on the side of the freeway
I mean be my guest
After all you're just a check
A small number just like the rest
We've chosen
So graduate,  go to college,
Get a job and don't acknowledge the many freedoms that you do not have  
I bow my head at the many who have been led astray...
It's sad to say that there are few of us left
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