Alice Chew Aug 2017
Every minute seems like a hour
Every second seems like torture
When I don't hear
When i don't get that order

We are in a conversation of silence
We are in a play of mine
Am I seeing this right or
Am I ending up in a asylum

I beg of you let this happen
Don't hold me at arms length
Let us become one again
I don't want to become misshapen

I'm scared and excited
I'm nervous but bold
I'm forward yet shy
I hope we can be reunited

I hate waiting
I have no patience
I'm exhausted
All this waiting is grating

How long till I know
How long till I get the answers
How long till once again we are driving through Bordeaux
Alice Chew Aug 2017
These days get easier
These days get harder

There are days where everything is as beautiful as flowers
There are days where I could cry for hours

There are days where I could skip along to the beat of life
There are days where I could scream, cry and fight

There are days when I can go out and do it all
There are days when I just want to curl up in a ball

There days when I want people to be around
There are days when I feel I could just breakdown

I never use to feel like this, until one day
One day when i couldn't come home
One day when you wouldn't answer your phone...

One day things might change
One day we might not be ashamed

One day we might be able to put this all in the past
Alice Chew Jul 2017
I can't find you at the bottom of this glass
I can't find you walking bare foot on the grass

I hear my head shouting your name
I want to hear you whisper my nickname

I won't find you by my side
I wont find you in the driver's seat as we drive

I won't hear you shout my name after a long day at work
I hear you asking me to help with children's homework

I won't feel you next to me, skin to skin
I won't see that cheesy grin

I won't smell you on my skin as I shut the door,
I won't be able to wash your clothes and put them away in the drawer

I won't be able to touch you like before
I wont be able to hold you, the one I adore

I miss your kiss, your smell your touch
I want it all back too much.
Alice Chew Jul 2017
I'm trying to put things right between us,
I'm trying to make things better

I hope you will read my letter,

Yes i'm still waiting,no i'm haven't disappeared,
I'm kooky, strange and weird,
I will be this way forever and ever

How can you make me smile when your not even here
How can you make me laugh when your nowhere near

Your miles away but you still give me butterflies when i see your name flash up on my phone
How do you know what i'm thinking when i'm all alone

I'm scared its not going to happen,
I'm scared its not going to be real
I'm scared all the healing I have done will peel

I just want to see your face
I just want to see you smile
Even if its just for a little while

I'd love to see you sitting opposite me
I know things are going more positively

Let me show you the things we can do
Let me show you the things i am willing to go through
Just for you,

Your the only one that matters the only one I care about
Together we can be a knockout.
Alice Chew Jul 2017
You keep me at a distance
Keep me holding on
Been played like a ****

You say things are looking up,things are more positive
When really my love is just being exploited

You know how much I love you,how much I care
I want nothing more than to be in your lair

I know it's wrong and and I will only have myself to blame
If once again I become a **** in your game

I know what you are
I know who you have become
But I don't listen to their advice,not even one

No ever made me feel the way you did
I'm a adult but you still spoke to me like I was a dumb kid

I'm waiting for something that might not happen
Are you rubbing your hands and laughin

My love flows deeper then the rivers
What I have to ask myself is why am I a forgiver

I don't learn from the past
Alot of questions unasked

But I'm still waiting to try, even if you make me cry

Why do I still love you
Why do I still crave you
I will ask myself when I'm emotionally black and blue.
Alice Chew Jul 2017
Dark skies,makes me want to cry
This cloud has been following me for so long
I just don't know where I belong
As I knew it,it was by your side, you have already done your goodbyes
I know I now have to stand on my own two feet
Tell me one day again we will meet
Cast out like the outsider, I always have have been for the past 18.
Johnny cash wasn't wrong when he wrote the song, you are my sunshine my only sunshine
Because once you were mine
Now all I see is this dark cloud still hanging over me.
Alice Chew Jul 2017
Got my seat,got my coffee,
I won't give it up for the love of toffee.
I'm watching all the people around
Listening without a sound
Young couples and old couples,a lady on her own.
I wonder if she has ever been cut to the bone.
Funny how we look at each others lives
Not knowing what it's taken them to survive
Have they lost someone dear
Wanting someone near
Banging cups scraping of knives, of a off duty midwife
It's not for us to judge it's for us to love
Love makes the world go round
But hate is always in the foreground
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