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She feeds those chickens everyday
And the rooster struts and crows
As the steam  rolls from the ***
Plucking feathers for dinner she knows

Your wife sho taste good to me
Mister rooster chest puffs up
Sitting at the dinner table smiling
She fills up her drinking cup

Yall chillen leave those chicks lone
They might think their meal is a little pet
She keeps them away from the chickens
She is planning on wringing their neck

Bow yo head and thank the Laud
For this here chicken wez bout to eat
The children all obey their mother
To them the chicken is a real treat

Sitting at the dinner table
Smiles would shine from within
Now the children tell all their children
How everyday Granny fed them
This was very fun to write
Roses are red, violets are purple
And these roses stink so bad
Even humming birds fly away
The bees don't want the pollen
Poor Roses forgot who they are
Violets forgot their purpose
And you walked all over them

Now that they are gone you cry
Missing the difference in them
What made them special to you
The stench of their inner perfume
The one thing you hated the most
They were there for you to walk on
They chased away all the bees
Just so you would not be afraid
Would not let the humming birds
Sip their nectar that was for you
The redness an purple for you
To get noticed by you only
They were there for you alone

Roses are red, violets are purple
And these roses stink so bad
Even humming birds fly away
The bees don't want the pollen
Roses know who they are for
Violets live up to their purpose
And you walked all over them
With everything that was taught throughout  history
Have we truly learned  all our lessons
Do we as one people come together
And fight for our rights as human beings
No matter race, religion, economic standing
We have forgotten we are the same
The intelligence the Creator gave
It's like it has been taken away
Can you see what is in front of you?
How many hearts have to be broken?
If we all just wake up  and realize
What is real was imbedded in mankind
From the very beginning of time
That in the face of one and others
We are  looking right in the mirror
At what we are, have been, and can be
Realizing what we have given and know is right
The love we have toward each other
Why not ask questions that are tougher?
Where are moral, intellectual, and responsible beings?
Who will take responsibility?
Will you stand and say it was all me?
So we all can say the me's have it
And let all the votes be all counted
Maybe the children of God can be known
Creating a history not so cold
Raising children who are humble and strong
Who being all they were created to become
Believing dignity is man's right
And hard work is God's gift for man to thrive
Off in the distance, never being seen
Loving you for so very long
My love for you wasn't foreseen
Hiding these feelings, that are so strong
Imagine your lips so close to mine
Never getting notice in that way
Thinking about you all the time
It is almost like,  I'm being betrayed
Knowing how you feel, hurts me inside
Never saying anything to you
Rather be friends, than even try
Afraid if I told, you I would lose
Maybe you will see me,  like I see you
We would be close to each other
Change your heart, fall in love with me too
Take our friendship a little further
Someday I will meet someone new
All these feelings then would be gone
Someone to love me, and be true
And we will live as though we are one
For now, I got a secret I keep
And if I tell, the price is too high
So I will just keep being discrete
Pretending our friendship isn't a lie
Sometimes I think about what Creation  sees
Like the beauty of children playing in mud streets
There snow fakes, never fall where they run and play
Playgrounds are unknown, and the roads are not paved

The wisdom, in the face of the elderly
Their eyes, where knowledge is carried gracefully
Each line tells all of  their life's untold stories
Gray hairs are given as a crown of glory

Or when ocean waves crash down on shorelines
The majesty of them, given by design
And the power in them, as they come rolling in
Yet there is life that finds safety therein

How from little tiny seedlings, big trees are grown tall
And new life is given when they die and fall
But birds, make a home in them as they grow up strong
Raising a family as if they belong

Or a couple getting married, all the love in their eyes
The wedding ceremonies meaning that's implied
How before everyone there they make their life decree
To love each other throughout eternity

So very much more than these things have come to be
Even me, all these things, given the chance to see
I often sit and contemplate and think
God in all his righteousness was right
He gave this earth to mankind as a sigh
Of his unmerited love from above
Saying have rule over all then the great fall

When will I ever feel set free
Will you be the first to relive me

Your approval is my master
Chaining me with silent laughter
Making forgiveness my greatest enemy
While my guilt grows stronger in me
There is refection of success
All the while striving endlessly without any rest
Knowing inside what could have been
The realization of my sin
I see myself true reflection in the mirror
And I ask myself once again
Today will I see myself win?

Something I am proud to say
I choose to no longer live that way

It's the ultimate challenge that I had to face
Finding a life of balance I fought hard to gain
I learned to live a new way, finding the real me
And I love my life today living life as free

I still sit and contemplate and think
How God in all his righteousness, yes, was right
Giving earth to mankind as a sign
Of his unconditional love from above
Saying in the earth have rule over all
Then took the time to forgive us for the fall
When children cry day and night
Raising themselves all alone
Not old enough to know what’s right
Having to live life as if grown
Mommy and daddy out of sight
Hearts become as if made of stone
How can you say these are bad kids,
Living on what they were left with?

It’s like addiction has control
Not just the addict’s life style
But the child pays a high price
Their hearts raked over like coals
Never getting life as a child
Like they were born a sacrifice

No time to think about goals
Controlling anger is a trial
Need someone else to take control
And let this person be a child
And fill all the hearts holes
And walk with them a few miles
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