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emgm Aug 2019
i became a stranger once i stopped living to please you.
i am for me.
emgm Nov 2018
my garden of roses remains red, while yours are now dead. what a shame that you depended everything on me, so i let your garden be devoured by the weeds.
what is mine is mine, and whatever is yours is yours.
  Nov 2018 emgm
I can’t be depressed...
I just can’t.
If I am lost then I can’t help the people I care about the most find their own way.
  Oct 2018 emgm
I fell in love
And caught myself
When you didn't
Just stood right back up
And brushed it off
Like a trip
A slip of the foot
I walk now
With a limp
But at least I didn't become a *******
emgm Oct 2018
i dont want to know the basics. im tired of asking how are you when i already know the answer. what if i told you... i want to know everything about you? i tell you with all sincerity.

i want to know why you think certain things and how you came to that conclusion. i want to know your favorite foods, maybe you like coffee or tea? i want to know what scares you and what keeps you going. maybe you dont like birds, cats, or dogs? i want to know why you chose your field, do you like your career or do you long for change? do you sleep with the fan on or off in summer? do you wear pajamas to sleep or in your underwear?

i dont want to know the basics. although i know it is important, but i want to go further. Beyond your favorite color, beyond your favorite station, beyond the song you listen to the most. tell me your story. what makes you cry at 3 in the morning? what makes you laugh so hard you can't breathe? what do you do when you feel alone? have you felt loneliness? tell me about your first heartbreak or the first time you had ***. was it planned or did it just happen? tell me when you first fell in love. did it make you want to start a family? how many children? tell me their names. tell me about your dream wedding, and who will be the groomsmen. or if you have ever gotten drunk? how did it make you feel? what if we get drunk together?

i dont want to know the basics. i want your background, i want your story, your emotions, your tears, laughter, caresses, giggles.

i dont want to know the basics, i want to know everything. i want to know you.
est. 2018, revised 2023
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