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Amelia Feb 2021
The worst pain to ever feel is the pain of knowing that even if you had tried to fight to you nothing would change
The pain of fighting multiple battles at the same time isn't easy at all

Trying to make sure that you win at least half of the battles whilst fighting with no weapons  but your with your flesh alone and
The worst part of it all is that you are fighting with the creatures you have created as yourself and  society  judges you for it
Whilst they forced you to create multiple creatures of yourself just to quench their thirst of fitting in

Human beings
And pain has become your only therapy cause no one understands you.
Pain has become your master  and you a slave of it.
"Pain is addictive"
And it's the only medicine that calms me down.
Amelia Jan 2021
At the of the edge
I don't know who I am

— The End —