Give it a rest William.
She isn't here.
Let her go.
She deserves a good life,
a fulfilling life.
She deserves a life as beautiful as she is.
Lay the memory of her to rest.
Place the memory of her down at the bedrock of your soul,
but do it gently.
She deserves more than you.
She deserves more than you could ever give.
She deserves more than you could ever be.
Let her go William.
Set her free.
In a system like this
there are meant to be losers.

Why do you think I exist?
William Eberlein May 2016
Innocent eyes staring back at me and my guilty filthy soul.

So mucked up and even deeper a grit I feel, for tainting such a starfull sky beyond which all trains traverse.

Leave me behind,
In the dirt I prefer.

So that I may sow my seeds for yet another blackened blend of months and grow them into years...

All the same.

All in a row.
William Eberlein May 2016
We are getting older.
And the adventures we didn't partake
Are barren to the memory yet vividly clear.
Dare I say, unbearably so.
I ask not of ***, but instead to the phantom me that I will never see...
To be swift with his blade and blessing.
May he cleave me in two,
Spilling my blood upon the dessert sands
And pick from it
The fragments of mine soul.
William Eberlein May 2016
This existence is a drug,
And I intend to overdose.
William Eberlein May 2016
Blank pages stare up at me
Waiting ever so ******* patiently
For me to write something ****** and forgetful.
William Eberlein Sep 2015
I whisper my contempt to the dark
And wait patiently for its response.
For some reason, long ago
When I thought it was okay to spend my life alone,
I wallowed not in the mercy of pitiful things...
But now they are all that I have.
And I hold them close
As my memory of daylight fades against the wall.
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