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1.3k · Sep 2019
Were not touching
But I tingle
But I get butterflies
Your hands beside mines
But not touching
I feel warm
I feel loved
But were not touching
I feel scared
But then your beside me
Not touching me
But I still feel better
You look at her and smile
I still love you
Its attraction
A strange attraction
But its enough
Enough for me to wait a life time for you
We were getting on this ride. It was fast. And scary. She sat on the other side. My firend was beside me. But I was still scared until I saw you. You saw me and stood beside me. I felt tingle and butterflies. You werent touching me but I felt warm in Febuary. I breathed out. A puff of smoke in this cold. Yet I felt warm. I opened my eyes. Your hand was so close. The ride was fast but just for this secound time had stoped.
1.1k · Sep 2019
This time
She changed
He noticed it in her eyes
The last time he acknowledged her was
before he left
When fresh tears came out her eyes
When she dedicated her love to him
But no matter what she did she couldn't stop him
from leaving
Her eyes held sadness and love
That he had never seen in anyone before
The kind of eyes when someone betrays you
This time
Her eyes had fire
And as he stood and looked at her
Her hair and the wind
Her eyes and the sun
This time
This time he saw her worth
Her love
Her strength
But this time she was strong enough to fight
Strong enough to say no.
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791 · Sep 2019
Mexican Girl
“Your soooo pretty... for a Mexican girl”
Ive heard this many times. For a Mexican girl
771 · Sep 2019
I had a Dream
He looked at me and smiled
We got on another ride
The stars shined like his eyes
There were no lies
There were no tears
He grabbed my hand
He grabbed the side of my cheek
I noticed his hands had gotten rougher
Bigger and tougher
He had grown into a young man
And I into a young woman
We were no longer kids
My eyes opened and just as fast as they opened
They closed
I had a dream
Where you were with me
I cried myself to sleep
I had a dream
And it was just a dream.
I miss u pls LOVE ME
744 · Sep 2019
She Would Fall For Him
One glance
One look
Once smile
And she would fall for him
And she would love him forever
even if the smile wasent meant for her lol
731 · Oct 2019
I can see you
Slowly pulling away
Even though I beg you to stay
one of the worst feeling
watching someone you love slowly stop loving you
592 · Oct 2019
Stop saying you love me
Just never say it again
Because I pretend
But if you keep saying that
I might stop lying to myself
That might stop your crying
And I might confess
That deep down I love you too.
505 · Sep 2019
474 · Sep 2019
I swore I wouldn't love you
But its true
Theres something about you
That I cant find in anyone else
One conversation is all it took
To make me love you again
I just got over you, the guy i dreamed abt for 9 months
And here you walked in and talked to me like
Like u care
Just one look was all I needed to fly
But u have me more than a look so
Is it more than am love now
450 · Sep 2019
I wish you saw me
As something other than a friend
420 · Oct 2019
Screaming and crying
Its funny because
I'm always lying
Words like "i'm fine"
Cant change the truth
But can hide it.

And when there's no more tears
Not even fears or feelings seem to be around
Not a sound comes out
So you just kinda look around
Feeling your heart break

It's a funny thing, really
You felt so much pain
But at some point
You changed
And now you feel nothing
a soulmate who never was meant to be
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378 · Apr 2020
Because my pillow dosnt block the sound
Because they think im asleep
It dosnt matter if im sad
If they dont know
377 · Sep 2019
Ripped and Kicked out
I feel like everyone's letting me go
Like they kicked me out their minds
Like they ripped me out their heart
its sad
like u push them away
but did they ever even wanna stay
its sad
like you push them away
but did they ever even wanna stay
366 · Mar 2020
Deaf To Me
You cant hear what I say
No matter how loud I scream
362 · Apr 2020
Grow out my hair
Make you stare
But its not like you care
345 · Mar 2020
How could you forget so easily?
Even when it was meant to be
292 · Sep 2019
How Dare You
How dare you make me love you
me to myself at night:
how dare he
take my heart
tht i keep innocent
and take it with him
not returning it
he dosent even know he has it
that **** making me love him
but... he dosent even try to make me love him
i just do
"What did you do this summer"
Flashbacks of me waking up at 2am to eat
Flashbacks of me up all night watching the office
Flashbacks of me sleeping in the day
"So much" I answer with a smile
umm yea tht pretty much it
i practically hear the vsco girls "and i oop"
275 · Sep 2019
Her tears
She smiled and laughed
But you never saw her beauty
Not until you saw her tears
Then you saw as her eyes sparkled
And how she glowed
Because you noticed she was strong
With tears down her face
But a smile on her lips
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265 · Sep 2019
He would fall for her
One glance
One look
One smile
And he would fall for her
261 · Sep 2019
The Thing About Our Mind
Our minds are surrounded
Our minds are trapped
Of memories of people who
We love but will never love us back.
254 · Sep 2019
Can you see me
Can you see it?
Can you see the tears that make my world blurry?
Can you see the scars in my heart and arms?
Can you see my pain when I hear your name?
Can you see my eyes slowly dying?
No you don't see me crying
No you don't see my pain
Because its hidden with a soft smile
245 · Dec 2019
I smiled at you
When I was broken inside
Never realizing
You were always the reason I cried
237 · Sep 2019
Do you understand how your eyes shine?
Do you understand how I love you?
Do you understand how I could never live without you?
227 · Sep 2019
Look At Me
Back then when we talked you couldn't look away
Now you look anywhere
Anywhere but my face
Anywhere but my eyes
Everywhere else but me
but... the last time he looked at her.. he was talking to her (sum other girl)
she went to talk to her (the other girl)
and for the first time
in a very long time
he stared at her the way he used to
at her face at her eyes
she realized this
being she shy girl she is
she went under her float and swam away
taking the floaty with her
leaving the other pretty girl confused
leaving him
leaving him to forget her
like he always dose
226 · Sep 2019
The Last Night Of Summer
I spent the last night of summer with you
I know ill see you again soon
Till then I will look at the moon
And cry in my room
Im going to assume
But I know for sure
That I love you
I spent the last night of summer with him and when i woke up it was fall. I saw him at a park I was swinging and my firends left me to go get sum to eat. tht when I saw him walk in the park with his skate board. All i wanted do was run. I cant fall for him again, no not again, when i just got over again. Even though I was going supper high, higher than my old self wouldent dream of. I jumped and for a minite i was flying and then I fell on my feet. I got courage and talked to him. For the first time in 9months, he said he liked the stars and we skated on his skateboard the rest of the night. I swear I still feel his fingers on my back as he pushed me while i saw sitting and skating on his skateboard. He ran after my car and gave me a high five. It wasent much but to me it was everything i could ask for. Yes I love him, i guess i never rlly got over him. But i feel like i conqored a fear, one of hights, and one of loving him. I spent the last night of summer with him, when i woke up it was fall. Ironic isnt it, its fall and i fell for him again.
210 · Sep 2019
"Sorry there isn't enough seats for all of us"
"Sorry I forgot to tell you"
"Sorry you don't have that shirt"
"No your my best friend too... its jus-"
"Stop... no worries"
the last part was whisper
uR tHe FaKe OnE
umm yeah sure
205 · Sep 2019
The only thing I want
The only thing I want is for all the tears to stop
The only thing I want is for everyone to smile
The only thing I want is for people to love each other
No matter race
No matter gender
No matter size
Because at the end of the day we are all born and we all die
Might as well make life the best of it
Lets smile
While we still can
204 · Sep 2019
That Guy
I never thought you could be that type of guy. Yet deep inside I always knew you were, I could see it in your eyes when you looked at girls. I could see it in your smile when you talked to them. I could see it in your legs when you walked to them. Everything about the way you looked and acted showed you were a bad guy for me. But I couldn't get you out my head, so I started to think about all the good things you would do when we were kids. I started seeing that little boy in you. I was too naive to see the truth. Even when it was right in front of me. The truth is that you use girls, to you they are something you can throw away. Sadly, I wished you could have used least got to know me… that something about me could make you change and stay. But nothing I do could make you see. Cant you the person that really cares. But you cant see that. We haven't had a conversation longer than 3min in 4 years. We drifted apart. And now I wont see you again. Ever again. Next month is the party I will see you. I wont see you , I will see a boy who was once my world but is now a memory of a painful hell he didn't know he was giving me. I never thought you could be that guy, but you are.
this is not a poem i think
204 · Sep 2019
You Are So Bad For Me
Everything you do seems to be bad
From the way you walk and talk
I could tell you think your all that
I think I hate you
For hurting me a way no one has
But I know I love you
195 · Sep 2019
See My Pain
I remember the day I saw you again
I wanted to pretended
Pretend you still cared
That deep in your heart im still there
But I wasn’t ever on your mind
So please dont waste my time
194 · Dec 2019
Necromancer romancer
Oh, Necromancer
Ill bore you to sleep
Jus' to hear you weep in your dreams
I guess I have nothing much to say
Jus' call me after I leave
oh,necromancer put a spell on me
kisses so sweet they rot my teeth
194 · Sep 2019
Its sad to think
That when we drifted apart
It was because you let me go
You stoped thinking about me
You stopped "wasting time"
192 · Sep 2019
From a girl to a woman
Before she thought he was cute
Now she thinks he's handsome
Before she would like him
Even though he was shaped like a ball
Now she loves him
But not because he has a very tall, toned body
She loves him because of who he is
Before she would laugh and blush at his jokes
And if he ever got close to her
She would blush and look down
She would suddenly be a tomato thanks to her pale skin
Now shes a woman and now he's a man
Now she wishes she would laugh at his jokes
Now she wishes he were close enough to blush
Now she wish they were at least friends
ahhh how people change. like he dont even smile or joke around his heart is black like his hair lol. im not a woman yet tho lol but god he looks like a handsome man lol were not even adults by law yet cant wait till i am tho
186 · Sep 2019
like an Echinopsis
I feel like im dying
Im not even crying

Im always lying
To you especially
Cant you see
Im not happy

Like a rose I bloomed
Like an Echinopsis
I was gone in a day
Too weak to stay
180 · Sep 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I bloomed into a flower
So will you
my other poem flower or sum
But it has to do with it
179 · Sep 2019
Everyone bloomed
But i'm still a baby bud
Waiting for enough sunlight to bloom
Waiting for  water to keep me strong and bright
177 · Sep 2019
"Funny, isn't it... how they find their way back together"
she smiled as she felt her eyes wet
this girl. is she the protagonist. dose she have her own story. when will it start
166 · Sep 2019
She isn't weak
She really isn't but she was scared
164 · Sep 2019
Why I Write
“The only reason I write  poems is ... is to say  the things I could never  tell you”
“So can I read it”
163 · Sep 2019
Poems but im speechless
You make me want to write a poem
But at the same time
At the same time you make me speechless
163 · Sep 2019
I Hate you
I hate you
I hate the face you make when you see me
I hate the way you look at her, with love
I hate that after all these years of knowing you
I still love you
I hate that you can comfort me without touching or looking at me
I hate the power you have over me
I hate that your my weakness
I hate that you don't love me the way I love you
And I wish I could tell you
yupp its true
i love tht its raining
makes me think the skys crying wiht me
162 · Sep 2019
Even though
Even though you stare at her
Even though you smile at her
I still love you
its true
160 · Sep 2019
I try not to eat
To give my brain space
To think
I could wait for you all my life
With only simple glances to keep me going
157 · Sep 2019
I love that its raining
Makes me think the sky is crying for me
That its putting a whole show for the world to see
Showing the world i'm too tired to cry
So its crying and screaming for me
I love that its raining
154 · Dec 2019
Even when your gone
You took away my weapons
My will to fight
There was no light

But my love for you
Will always be strong

Even now that your gone
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147 · Sep 2019
Didn't believe it
"Why would you do this" she asked looking down
He grabbed her chin and made her look at him in the eye
"Because I love you too much"
She didn't believe it
If you love someone you wouldn't hurt them
I read a book of an affair. The girl waited for him for years. And he treated her so badly but still she loved him
146 · Sep 2019
Her Eyes
She grabbed your hand as you tried to leave
I love you
Shes says trying to get you to stay
You look at her
Tears running down her face
You see then her beauty
Her eyes bright and wet
Her eyes full of life
Her eyes full of hope
makes me think tht this is what sauske thought as he left he never looked at her in the eyes because that would have made him stay
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