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 Mar 2020 Catharsis
Stained Glass
"When she broke your heart, did she also CRACK your spine so you would always fall in her direction?"
 Dec 2019 Catharsis
Stained Glass
There are some people who will hate you because of the way other people love you. They're the type of people that will be your friend as long as you're never doing better than them, you're always doing less than them, as long as they're always slightly higher than you in every aspect.
#I'm in complete disgust.
 Dec 2019 Catharsis
Ben Palomino
You wandered naked
through the burning sand
looking for the promised land

Denied by the nature
of your eyes
It’s the chaos that you
breed inside

Now You look down
to the ground
picking up the pieces
of your broken crown

The solace of your name
brings you nothing more
but shame

Like the  castle where
you built your reign
on the ever shifting sands

Forgotten by
your cruel hands
 Nov 2019 Catharsis
Stained Glass
I wish that I could look at you with empathy

Sometimes I feel like I've become what you were scared to be

Which makes it really hard to look at you with sympathy

'Cause if I'm feeling bad for you, then I have to feel bad for me

And that's just something I feel like we don't deserve
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