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Stefan Petersen Mar 2017
I made a wish on your penny today.
A simple penny that devoured my attention.
I’ve tossed many before, but none like yours.
You twirled it on the counter saying that it was lucky
I saw your finger linger twisting and turning it
You didn't seem to be the superstitious type
I guess that's just another way you surprised me
With a sly grin and a wink
You walked out the door, leaving the key
Leaving a copper skin blur
It slowed, and wobbled
Signaling its eventual demise
After the penny stilled
On the cold granite  
I picked it up
Looked in its eyes
It prayed for freedom
I took it to the well
And spun it in
Hoping you were right.
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
Through the field
golden spikes of wheat kiss my arms.
To love as you do
singing a chorus of soft sunlight
drawing a dance into the sea of skies
looking like the edge of peace.
I want to be with you
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
I tried to birth a butterfly
that was not ready
I was left the last day longing
for a remedy
I built that small shack too fast
rapt by the beauty
It became a homeless house
strapped to simplicity
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
In the time it took for the
Dull thud of your hammer eyes
To show any guilt
Your face had already braced me
to contain the cracking of my heart
Later, the quake came
Alone in my basement
Where all my ghosts live
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
There is but one rule in love.
That I've learnt through many mistakes
From both within, and without
This is for us, to the best of our
Ability, Knowledge, and Reason
Do no harm
Everything else
Is  from the air we breath
And the water we swim
Until this is accepted
I will not be of this world
And it will not be of me
Stefan Petersen Feb 2016
I beg of you
Don’t become attached to me
Don’t love me, or hate me
My past is riddled with those I’ve left behind
The way the milky way has riddled the sky with stars
You will be no different
So don’t think of me in extremes
Be indifferent
But know I will look up at you from where I am next
I will remember our times fondly
Because I am a traveler
And we only wish on stars we have not visited
Stefan Petersen Nov 2014
Is my soul
For it does not see itself
Are my eyes
For they can not feel the light
Is my heart
For it does not know the way
Is my mind
For it can not meet my soul
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