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Mar 2017 · 183
Good luck
Stefan Petersen Mar 2017
I made a wish on your penny today.
A simple penny that devoured my attention.
I’ve tossed many before, but none like yours.
You twirled it on the counter saying that it was lucky
I saw your finger linger twisting and turning it
You didn't seem to be the superstitious type
I guess that's just another way you surprised me
With a sly grin and a wink
You walked out the door, leaving the key
Leaving a copper skin blur
It slowed, and wobbled
Signaling its eventual demise
After the penny stilled
On the cold granite  
I picked it up
Looked in its eyes
It prayed for freedom
I took it to the well
And spun it in
Hoping you were right.
Aug 2016 · 305
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
Through the field
golden spikes of wheat kiss my arms.
To love as you do
singing a chorus of soft sunlight
drawing a dance into the sea of skies
looking like the edge of peace.
I want to be with you
Aug 2016 · 258
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
I tried to birth a butterfly
that was not ready
I was left the last day longing
for a remedy
I built that small shack too fast
rapt by the beauty
It became a homeless house
strapped to simplicity
Aug 2016 · 543
Because I love you
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
In the time it took for the
Dull thud of your hammer eyes
To show any guilt
Your face had already braced me
to contain the cracking of my heart
Later, the quake came
Alone in my basement
Where all my ghosts live
Aug 2016 · 175
One Rule
Stefan Petersen Aug 2016
There is but one rule in love.
That I've learnt through many mistakes
From both within, and without
This is for us, to the best of our
Ability, Knowledge, and Reason
Do no harm
Everything else
Is  from the air we breath
And the water we swim
Until this is accepted
I will not be of this world
And it will not be of me
Feb 2016 · 292
So many stars
Stefan Petersen Feb 2016
I beg of you
Don’t become attached to me
Don’t love me, or hate me
My past is riddled with those I’ve left behind
The way the milky way has riddled the sky with stars
You will be no different
So don’t think of me in extremes
Be indifferent
But know I will look up at you from where I am next
I will remember our times fondly
Because I am a traveler
And we only wish on stars we have not visited
Nov 2014 · 630
Stefan Petersen Nov 2014
Is my soul
For it does not see itself
Are my eyes
For they can not feel the light
Is my heart
For it does not know the way
Is my mind
For it can not meet my soul
Sep 2014 · 391
I taste horrible
Stefan Petersen Sep 2014
I remember seeing you
Not for the first time
Hopefully not the last
But with a “beep beep” you were already gone
Left little more than a cloudy statue
Where you used to be
I turned coughing and wheezing
Around your smoky expression
Only to see a series of foot prints
Not away from
but certainly not towards me
While you've been gone
ALL I've heard from you
is of the numerous other ferocious beasts
you've been
Well i’m no Wile-E
but seems to me
From the start
There must not have been that strong of a tie
to begin with.
and although I do look it
I’m NOT a coyote
and since we’re here
From the start
you were not that tastiest of prey
in every sense of it
So be off with you
While I practice
Sep 2014 · 312
A perfect fantasy
Stefan Petersen Sep 2014
I woke up in a fettered heat
Salty terror swam down my brow
I dreamt I was a grape
Naturally round, and unblemished
Wind blew through the land expressing its curving calligraphy
The rustle passed through the trees writing me notes
It blew through the grass painting with texture
It hit my little home
A grape vine crew house
I poured my contents to you
Receiving my umbilical unnecessary return
We were brothers born on the same vine
I awoke to a desert heat causing our connection to break
The further we BOTH fell
The further the beads of sweat slid down my cheek.
This is the way
It is
a day dream
As I hit the ground rolling away.
It is
a lack of connection in the first place.
A "crew house" is like a hostel for people who work on boats
and THE grape vine is a crew house here in Antibes, France
Jul 2013 · 1.0k
Devil May Cry
Stefan Petersen Jul 2013
I hear words like "***" phrases like "God hates gays".
while these men are my brothers
and i love my family
you sling out wrath as if you're on a war path
some ancient crusade justified by your pride
so secure on a high horse.
I find myself hating you
because you're the problem the world clings to
How many places are we going to crack the mosaic of humanity?
i swear we're bout to shatter.
But you don't seem to think they matter.
like a snake you spit up venom death on your breath
the destruction in your wake
that you say is for gods sake
It makes me sick.
but i'm still wrought with the thoughts of my mother
that you're my other brother
...f#$*ing hate family.
But an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
x'cept for that last guy who's got problems with depth perception
Now i see why our minds only have one eye
We all see in shallow pools of decrepit perceptions corrupt intentions
I just want to swim into the deep blue unknown
Float there all alone
Sea of tranquility
Then i come to reality
I still have water wings on
And how can i call you arrogant when my life is decaying all around me
But please before rigamortis sets in, stop saying you know the word sin
as much as I hate the prejudice wrought by you
id rather stand in between you two,
gouge out my own eye and die than make the devil cry.
Jun 2013 · 1.0k
Stefan Petersen Jun 2013
a wide expanse and a desolate precipice
black holes, whirlpools, and quick sand
where are you beyond where i can see?
an apprehensive allure caresses my curiosity
have i been wandering for too long
lost among infinite mirages
the horizon is uneventful, and too far away  
compared to this anomaly before me
my repertoire compels me to move on
my heart says i've gone on too long
because there is no better a death
than a death in excelence
Mar 2013 · 785
A Puzzle
Stefan Petersen Mar 2013
I always loved puzzles
as a kid waiting for his food
crayon in hand
the adults are talking adult things
things i never wanted to hear
submerged in simplicity i'll solve the maze
subliminally i internalize
things like adultery and kidnapping
all i wanted to be was a kid napping
why do we become as childish as adults
searching for answers when we don't know the questions
I need money!
I need to be funny!
I need to be strong!
I can never be wrong!!
STOP! sink have a drink
we can talk, walk and stalk the reason for remaining
life is such a perplexing puzzle
no picture of how it's supposed to be
swirls of red love caress the edges
they're all i've managed so far
Mar 2013 · 797
Stefan Petersen Mar 2013
a simple kiss sets the light of the night
the sun is setting on the beach but we just lay tight in twilight
every moment is one we bathe in
not disappointed to see them pass because the next is so inviting
we don't clamor for the future either
i will never again love you the way i do now
so lets let time flow as smooth as your skin
as smooth as the sand that falls through the glass
i will count every grain every second i get to spend with you
when we're old we'll have a beach to walk on
building castles with our memories
we can live here together
i'll be buried under the cascade of our myriad of adventures
we'll look back on our prints and watch them slowly wash away by the turning tide
we'll giggle and wiggle our toes
i'll grasp your hand as the hour comes to a close
a single tear will fall down your cheek
because the next grain is humble and meek.
Mar 2013 · 613
An over night voyage
Stefan Petersen Mar 2013
love is an ocean and i'm a boat
for so long, i had run aground
dried up and barren
the tide came in and you swept me away
the things we see together
mirrored sunsets
and bright nights
not artificial but raw and alien
love is the ocean and you're my moon
reflected off the water into my eye
when i can't see you then i can't see myself
not to mention the deserted island dead ahead
but when you shine, you shine the brightest
i'll sing sweet lullabies
and be rocked to sleep by the tides you pull
these waters may get rough
but as the crests smash my bow and brow
ill look up from these drip drop eyes to you
and know we'll see it through
Mar 2013 · 490
I want you
Stefan Petersen Mar 2013
Float gently down on my soft lips
I know what you're here for
I am love and you've found me
playing an agonizing game of hide and seek
sometimes it's hard to tell who's doing what
but i know you want me and i want you too
time is fleeting and we don't have eternity
so just hold me tight and never let go
or we will be back to playing marco polo
i know i can be decieving but this is who i am
i'm the ring around your finger, the face in your mind, the laughter in their voice
i'm the empty bottle of alcohol, the picture frayed on the floor, the cuts on your wrist
i will cling to you better than the air you breath
so just sink into me with no care in the world
for death is my apprentice
she always follows close
i've taught her well and she never lets go
either lost or buried
she will take you away from me
she will make love to you at her place
like we used to
she will be your new love
however now is not her time
but time is fleeting so sink into me while you can,
because i know you want me and i want you too
Feb 2013 · 533
Stefan Petersen Feb 2013
My heart cracks and snaps
not like a twig but like the lightning outside your window
like a red chested belly flop
it climbs up my throat to the top
teeth gritting becomes it's cage
broken free it climbs on this page
now you take it greedily
....i was gunna give that to you anyway
now there's a cavity in my chest
with authority you grin and return the favor
inside my chest you heart sits with fervor
i'll lie and say that was a fair trade
because right now i got it made
Feb 2013 · 781
My Thoughts
Stefan Petersen Feb 2013
I just want to spill my guts to you
let loose every withheld thought
just take a scalpel and carve into my brain
carnage will be wrought and blood will rain
as i empty my mind to you
or maybe not
maybe i'm afraid of what will splash on the page
demons let loose from their fleshy cage.
passion straight out of hell
perhaps ill end up being an empty shell
hollow as the house I sit in
running away from potential
my mind juggles hypothetics
to life we become impartial
"a brains look like hedge maze", and other ironics
in a poem its almost oxymoronic
in life it's just moronic
Feb 2013 · 497
Caught in this fog
Stefan Petersen Feb 2013
They want the fog to settle in our minds tonight
keep the right distance to keep us distracted
If we find their lies the'll simply be retracted
a sticky web of red tape
our hands are tied and ready for disposal
greed is running this train
while we're all out in the rain
Wool over my eyes men behind the curtain hide
laws seal my lips
cameras record my trips
they say this is for our protection
funny i don't remember telling YOU about my *******
on the phone, i will feign key words like "explosion" then book
chase me! i'm a goose!
maybe in my flight ill get out of this fog
fly above the clouds, see you for what you truly are.
Feb 2013 · 732
Death among friends
Stefan Petersen Feb 2013
Robust love from some soft sepulcher
it creeps up on us unawares
heart shard come hither
with us you will not wither
friends of old mold unified
time felt ghost pains
heart melt sky rains
Where were you when this all started?
Feb 2013 · 888
What I want
Stefan Petersen Feb 2013
Pretenses shot down dead tonight
Not wasting time
I want to hold you tighter than the armor I wore for too long
I want to peel off your layers, clothes,
Get to your core, till you're sore
I want to lay each other bare
No concern with who you're supposed to be
Just be who you are with me
I want to run with you faster than our racing hearts
Till they give out old and cold
I want late night fights
Violent as a volcano
If only for the make up ***
I want to loose ourselves in each other
More comfortable than memory foam
Just lay outside amazed at how it feels so right
I want to spend hours in you eyes
More awe inspiring than Gogh's Stary Night
aurora borealis, radiant eclipse, in your eyes
Cake in the morning ice cream in the evening
I want to chart your skin
map it better than the back of my hand
navigate your curves as we curve the planet
As we embrace the night you make me want to see in the dark
As we run into the day you make me want to keep you to myself
As long as it's with you it's what I want, and I want it all.

— The End —