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WalkerZ Jul 2017
Born into life,
I automatically become a soldier.
I'm foreced to fight both everyone including myself.
No one wanted join this fight,
But we must continue what we started.
Although it means going to hell,
We still fight in wars when all it could take
Is a peaceful treaty to untie the whole world.
WalkerZ Jul 2017
"We" are aging.
"We" are slowly losing everything
That we hold dear to us.
"We" love people who "We" cannot reach.
"We" make the wrong choices,
But "We" don't stop taking
The wrong path.
Sooner or later "We" will regret the
choices "We" made.
"We" never pay attention to what's really important.
"We" will soon pay the price of the debt "We"
Need to repay.
No matter what, "We" never failed to do what's wrong.
WalkerZ Jul 2017
Piano music all through the air,
Like a cool summer breeze from the ocean shore.
In front of your eyes is a girl,
She dances gracefully and silently.
Joining in,
You grab her hand.
Dancing through,
The feeling is unimaginable.
You feel like you're flying with her,
Soaring through the sky.
She leaves you speechless.
Like magician she vanishes in thin air.
In your heart,
You're secretly begging for more.
Girls love to leave guys begging for more! :3
WalkerZ Jul 2017
Rocking around and Tripping on,
Broken glass.
Laughing gas spreading all around,
Everyone laughing to death.
Clowns showing their final trick,
Turning themselves into flames
Buring the whole house down.
Nothing left except laughter
All through the air.
WalkerZ Jul 2017
I've got so much feelings lock away.
I use a smile on my face,
To hide the truth hidden away.
Deep down,
My feelings are going to burst.
My heart torn to pieces.
Each fragment lost in space,
Floating in this air we breath.
I think I'm lost.
Can you relate.
Been broken so many times
I think I've gone insane.
You've always made me sad,
And no matter what
you make me go numb.
Frozen still,
you take a hammer
Then smash away.
Like ice I dissipate.
When it's time don't try to save my life cause,
I'm so tired of this horror they call "life"
This goes to all the depressed teenagers out there just like me. I'm letting you know you're not alone.
WalkerZ Jul 2017
Warmth slowly crawls down my face,
With slight moisture.
My lips can taste sea salt
Like the water from the sea.
My eyes are the sky,
Currently having a rainstorm.
My mouth can be compared
To lions,
With my thunderous roar.
My sight becomes blurred,
Like a car in fog.
And my legs become jelly because,
They're jiggly and they've brought
Me down to the floor.
All these occurrences wouldn't stop.
I try to clear the fog with water,
And put towels underneath the rain shower.
I put my hand over my mouth,
Trying to keep a lion from coming out,
But all was in vein.
No matter how hard I tried
Nothing would stop from coming out.
WalkerZ Jul 2017
the mirror.
I am flying.
The mirror
I am shining.
The mirror
I am dead and blind.
Everything's a slur.
I love feeling the mirror,
But only if I hold my breath
Will I see it again.
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