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1.6k · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
She is a fighter
they called her their lighter
she led the way
to the next day
she was the dawn
he was the day
she loved him,
but he loved another
she continued
to fight,
but running alone
on the battlefield of life
can break one's soul,
but she continued
to run through
and just like that
her life was still in one piece
'cause she made a breakthrough
You don't always have to be with someone to win the game, but it would make it more interesting
1.4k · Apr 2017
Heal me
WalkerZ Apr 2017
My wounds are gaping wide
Getting infected
By this disgusting world
Their filth, horror,
And their screams

Someone please heal me
Heal the wound
That will eventually **** me

Heal the wound that
Brings disease
Heal the wound that
Prevents world peace

Heal me and the people
Who are in desperate need
And heal the people who
Have scars that can breathe

Heal us, and the world
And heal me
Don't become our disease.
1.0k · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
I wonder what it's like to have a dad
Do they say I love you every night?
Would they kiss your wounds
and heal the scars?
Would they protect me from all harm?
Would they say they want me?

The dad I know doesn't want me.
I think he hates me
no... I hate him
He was never there for me.
He never told me he loved me
with all his might.

He has another young
not from my mum.
He says he loves me,
but it would seem those words
were never meant for me.
I don't need a dad. I've been doing just fine without one.
877 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
You sing to breathe
And nothing is what you'll get
You yearn for the moon
yet you get noon
You fall for him
He falls for another
You tear down the wall
To find more that are stronger
You want him to stay
But he grew wings and flew away
You want to be wrapped in warmth
But instead cold pierces your heart
You wished you could save him
But instead he saved you
You thought you lost him
But he actually found you
You thought it was too hard,
But he made it to easy
You thought you were alone
Yet behind you is the man you want
You thought you guessed
In reality you tried so hard
You tell him to say "I hate you",
But it comes out as "I love you."
You thought it was the end
It only was the beginning
You thought he was so far
Although he's right in front of your eyes.
You tried to run away,
But he grabbed you and said "stay"
Hope this makes sense.
756 · Apr 2017
Your reply
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Clinging to that box
Full of gossip and lies
Just waiting for your reply
Hours and hours passed by
And then I started to cry
I fear that you never wanted to reply

Then days passed by
Still no reply
I check that empty box
Full of gossip and lies
But it would seem
That you've made up your mind
To never reply

A month later I hear a ding
I scrambled to that empty box
Full of gossip and lies
And in that emptiness
Was your reply

You said that you were sorry
For being to late
And that they wouldn't mind
Spending the rest of their lives
Filling that empty box
not with gossip and lies
But with their reply
668 · Apr 2017
Reaching out
WalkerZ Apr 2017
I open my heart to many
Desperately reaching out,
But no one ever seems to notice
I break down my fence countless
Times, but you don't realize
How much I need you or
How depression Controls me
No one knows that a small little girl thought that no one needed her
So she almost took her life
And she was only in second grade
Or how countless times the little girl
Pretends to be tough,
But inside she's slowly losing her mind and how she reaches out for help, no one ever seems to realize what the small little girl is going through 'cause she never told anyone
Later the little girl was convinced
That help will never come.
No one ever realized
629 · Apr 2017
Catch me
WalkerZ Apr 2017
I'm falling from the heavens
I fell and am half way to hell
The fall is scary
I'm seeing so many monsters
I can even see one in myself

The Angels fly by
But they don't see me
They can only see the
Monster I'm fated to be

But I'm still falling and you can still save me so why,
Why, why, why
Why won't they catch me?
They see you fall into the abyss, but they won't risk falling with you so they just ditch you.
527 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
I've got so much feelings lock away.
I use a smile on my face,
To hide the truth hidden away.
Deep down,
My feelings are going to burst.
My heart torn to pieces.
Each fragment lost in space,
Floating in this air we breath.
I think I'm lost.
Can you relate.
Been broken so many times
I think I've gone insane.
You've always made me sad,
And no matter what
you make me go numb.
Frozen still,
you take a hammer
Then smash away.
Like ice I dissipate.
When it's time don't try to save my life cause,
I'm so tired of this horror they call "life"
This goes to all the depressed teenagers out there just like me. I'm letting you know you're not alone.
431 · Jun 2017
WalkerZ Jun 2017
I'm a girl who can't get a grip
Whose mind always slips
Imagination for me is dangerous.
If I could I would
Escape life and altogether
Just go to an external slumber.
Sometimes I scream and weep.
And occasionally just try to keep
From attempting a taboo that
So many do without hesitation.
My mind is dangerous  
For an average joe.
Yet I'm still standing here
Breathing this polluted air.
The skin I wear still has warmth.
The bones in my body aren't cracking,
But although I'm still standing
My mind won't be lasting,
And it's  shattering.
Like a castle of glass.
One hit is all it will take
For me to come tumbling down.
Depression is dangerous.
338 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Everyone around me is smiling
But I'm standing here feeling all alone
They see my wound
And they rub it in

All alone in the crowd
Laughter fills the air
But here I am breathing in
All the pollution left by them

They don't think I feel pain
Till I scream their name
Say "Hey that hurts"
Still they rub my wound
With their disgusting salt

I'm screaming leave me alone
But they continue on
Like can't you see I'm down?
They keep opening my wound!
332 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
I've been stuck here on my own
Break me out
I hate being alone
I wish I could be more friendly
But my pride holds me down
So please break me out
Before I break down
No one should ever have to fight on their own so please help me
Escape from my cage of pride and doubt.
I do want help.
304 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
His eyes are ocean blue
His hair is so sunny
He's always funny
He makes me smile
He is a little devil,
but also an angel
He's poison with
no antidote
He's that one antique
that I horde
He's my sunny day
but the sun will burn me.
Still he makes me happy.
To bad I'm too shy to tell him
304 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
You send me into a    
whirlpool of feelings
I try to gasp for air
But you keep
pulling me down

Your words cut me
Like swords in the wind
You cut from all ways
And you leave me
With no way out

After I am useless
You tossed me aside
And left me to go crazy
But crazy is what it will
Take to bring you down .
284 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
I hear their screams
I can feel their pain
I killed innocent people
You plead to me
To save your child
But I was ordered to ****
I'm sorry for the lost
But I've lost more
I've lost my humanity and maybe more.
Maybe wars is the cause of more people losing their humanity
275 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
Piano music all through the air,
Like a cool summer breeze from the ocean shore.
In front of your eyes is a girl,
She dances gracefully and silently.
Joining in,
You grab her hand.
Dancing through,
The feeling is unimaginable.
You feel like you're flying with her,
Soaring through the sky.
She leaves you speechless.
Like magician she vanishes in thin air.
In your heart,
You're secretly begging for more.
Girls love to leave guys begging for more! :3
266 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
An enteral melody,
Putting many to sleep.
Those who hear it never wake up.
A melody so lovely,
It will put all your stress to rest.
The melody is so beautiful,
most people rush to hear it.
It can be heard anywhere, anytime, no matter
what your statuse in life.
A melody so graceful,
It puts you to an enteral sleep.
262 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
The cross is lined up.
You need to take a shot.
This is the moment,
So muster up.
Everything's dies.
We're all
In the crosshairs of
Times gun.
Death waits till
they pull the trigger.
It doesn't matter when,
Now or tomorrow.
Time and death
Will hunt you down.
261 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Not a sound can be heard,
but whispers of lost children
their cries and moan
you could also hear as
the moon sheds tears
and hear the sky
cry as the dark takes over
the world is so still
so quiet that your
thoughts could be heard.
I used to go out at night and look around and silently cry, but not anymore.
255 · Jun 2017
WalkerZ Jun 2017
There are so many people
Who are lost and hurt.
Most of them choose the wrong choices.
And choose the wrong road.
They can't see the truth for what it is.
They can only see the lies that are to be said.
They only see depression everywhere they go.
They see no light of hope,
But sometimes one of them will wind up
Go back to trace their steps
They'll go back to see the day they made the wrong choice.
To see what they've did wrong.
They walk back up the road they'll
Take a total turn on the life and the mistakes
They'll try to accomplish
What they would've been able to achieve.
249 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Loneliness is the
Oppression of emotions it's completely
Voluntary and
Everyone can fight it
Love stands for many things
245 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
You've been living for years,
but for all those year you couldn't see
You see neither the world nor me
This world is so beautiful
So wild and untamed,
but you're to blind to see

After all those years you've been living
Still you couldn't see
The beauty of this world
How it was the birth
of wildness and the free

Yet you still say it was born
Only for our use and our orders
So you call me blind
For not seeing what it's worth,
but the worth of this world is priceless
If you can't see then how
Am I the blind man
When the only person who's
truly blind is you.
244 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
I hate people who act like they care.
I hate people who were never there.
I hate people who fall for
Someone they can't have.
I hate people who can't bring themselves
To heal themselves.
I hate people who can't express themselves
I hate people who can't speak out loud.
I hate peoples who can never be themselves.
I guess this means I hate myself.
243 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
I love dancing with the summer breeze.
It makes me feel free.
Every step I take,
Is like flying through skies on a sunny day.
also the sand loves to ****** my feet.
They never seem to want to leave.
The sun hugs me constantly,
While surrounding me with warmth.
235 · May 2017
Love me
WalkerZ May 2017
Daddy hates me
Mommy doesn't want me
Sister ignores me
Brothers don't know me
No understands me
I'm so deprived of love
No one said they love me
Nor do I love them
Sometimes I feel like
I just want to belong
But no loves me.
234 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
I laugh the loudest
so you'd notice me,
I give the best advice
so you won't experience it
the way I did,
I like to smile the brightest
so I could be your light,
But I laugh so you won't see I'm sad
I give advice that doesn't work on me
And I smile so you wouldn't see me cry and weep all night.
224 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Little girl terrified
'cause she knows
the world's full of tears
she doesn't like the outside
or the people who love it
she can't overcome
the wounds,
even though they've healed
'cause the scar is the one
who is making her
tremble in fear.

By: M.H.
224 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Please help those who've
done nothing to sin
Please forgive those who've sin
Please heal the wounds and
broken heart
And those who've lost someone
please help them remember those times they had
together and the feelings the shared
Please help heal his world.
The world gave us shelter from harm maybe it's time to repay the favor.
218 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
He once was humble
Kind and true
But the witch
Cursed him
Through and through
Unfortunate man
Was left to build
The highest tower of greed
That even the top couldn't be seen
And the poor man was lonely
You see
Then came a little girl
Whose heart was true
She could save him
But it meant destroying her too
She still continue to break
Down those walls
The man was saved by that little girl
But the little girl is lost forever more
She knew what would happen
But she still did it.
You don't have to be big to help someone out.
218 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Is it fun to watch me break down
You see me but you won't help me
You see me beg you for help
But you turn your back
You let me down
When you should've lifted me up

My heart has suffered enough
So why do you make it
Suffer more than it needs to be?

I'm insecure and I know you can see that, but you pretend you don't
I always comfort you,
But when it comes down to it
I was only chosen by you until someone else needed you
Then you would toss me away

Instead of saying I'm breaking
I guess you could say I've been
I've always comforted and helped others, but I will never be given a helping hand or be conforted by another besides my self.
214 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
I wish I was somber that night
But I couldn't even fight
So now you have to take flight

The drunken me is responsible
So please don't applause
For this show isn't anything
That God has created

The humans changed the script
And now none of us is somber
We all act like drunks
And we're bringing our world
Down to its knees

And soon enough we
will all have to take our last breath since no one was somber
Enough to see we are destroying the one place we called home.
The world has been drinking too much.
207 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
She's my guardian angel
,but she's also the devil.

She's my knight in shining armor
,but also the evil sorcerer.

She is the sun for she keeps me warm
,but she is also the moon that's cold in the dark

She says she loves me
,but sometimes she hates me

She makes life easier
,but also quite hard

But she is my mother
So I guess I'll stick around
Just for a little while.
204 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
"We" are aging.
"We" are slowly losing everything
That we hold dear to us.
"We" love people who "We" cannot reach.
"We" make the wrong choices,
But "We" don't stop taking
The wrong path.
Sooner or later "We" will regret the
choices "We" made.
"We" never pay attention to what's really important.
"We" will soon pay the price of the debt "We"
Need to repay.
No matter what, "We" never failed to do what's wrong.
188 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
I can't resist you,
So how could I forget you?
I'm a devoted women
and I'm saving myself for you.
I feel so good even ecstasy can't compare when I met you.
I can't take this wait, so please
hurry up and come fetch me.
187 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
"I love you"     "I hate you"
      "Stay"     "Leave"
   "Help me"    "Ignore me"
"Reach out"   "Keep to yourself"
           "I'm fine"    "I'm dying"
   "I've never lied"  "I'm lying right now"
The words that never come out.
187 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Mommy, I'm alone
Been to so many places
That no where
Can feel like home
And daddy why
Did you bring mommy
Down to a place
Of no return

Now your baby
Is sitting here all alone
You should've loved me
Now the love I wanted
Is beyond the place
They called hope

I needed you
But I guess you
Never needed me
I really wished
That God hadn't
Forsaken me
But since he took mommy
I guess he didn't
need me too

Mommy you understand me
Maybe because I needed you
They took you
But they should've taken me.
180 · Jun 2017
WalkerZ Jun 2017
One the best things about them
Is when you try everyday
To go to school just
To see them smile.
also those days when
They even talk to you,
But that's only once a while.
Yet crushes always
Have things we hate 'bout them.
I hate it when I see them
Hanging around another girl,
But seeing that is better than
Seeing him all alone.
Though the worst thing is
Hearing his voice reject the
Feelings you had on hold.
176 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
Rocking around and Tripping on,
Broken glass.
Laughing gas spreading all around,
Everyone laughing to death.
Clowns showing their final trick,
Turning themselves into flames
Buring the whole house down.
Nothing left except laughter
All through the air.
175 · Jun 2017
WalkerZ Jun 2017
The sun rising,
like an alarm to wake us up.
The grass meets the dawn
With its tears of joy
Running down their face.
All the animals running at fast pace.
The sunrise is an alarm
For all to go to work.
Even the bunnies are on foot work.
The king wakes up with an
Alarming roar,
Startling his harem,
to show today's a new day.
I don't know why I wrote this.
175 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
Warmth slowly crawls down my face,
With slight moisture.
My lips can taste sea salt
Like the water from the sea.
My eyes are the sky,
Currently having a rainstorm.
My mouth can be compared
To lions,
With my thunderous roar.
My sight becomes blurred,
Like a car in fog.
And my legs become jelly because,
They're jiggly and they've brought
Me down to the floor.
All these occurrences wouldn't stop.
I try to clear the fog with water,
And put towels underneath the rain shower.
I put my hand over my mouth,
Trying to keep a lion from coming out,
But all was in vein.
No matter how hard I tried
Nothing would stop from coming out.
174 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
The pain, it suits me
Writhing in pain
My skin is torn
So is my heart
It's not as if you could
See either of them

An instant, is what it takes
To take a life
Or to put it to risk
But it doesn't matter
As long as you live in bliss

The rain washes
away my tears
And the pain
But it
Never stays forever

My deadly  wound
Left a endangering scar
It consumes me
And who I am
To bad you were to blind
To give a helping hand.
Scars are beautiful to me but not to you.
172 · Apr 2017
WalkerZ Apr 2017
We are fish
Trapped in a tank
Filled with our own filth
We are the cause
for our own deaths

We are searching for an answer
Maybe we are in one
We just have to break the tank
And revert back to the ocean
'Cause the ocean is the answer
We'll ever need.
Desperately looking for an answer where maybe you've been looking at it your whole life.
169 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
I'm drowning,
Yet you're standing
Two feet away.
I'm screaming your name,
But you smile and turn away.
I'm reaching for your hand,
But you swat it away.
I'm already 6 feet underwater,
Yet I can still hear your laughter.
Yes I am a joker,
But this ain't no play.
You're not the audience
You're a character,
So get up and help out
'Cause you're staying all day.
166 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
I was born a weak little girl.
I knew I had to grow up and
Become strong to survive.
Gaining so many loved ones,
But in the end they turn their backs.
Tears never fell, but  tears could be felt.
Constant broken hearts and
Always the one to be left behind.
I've always held in my tears.
I always said "I have to be strong."
I knew no one would accept me.
I knew they would resent me.
But today,
Today was to much.
today I knew I was the cause
Of all the trouble.
Today I knew that I couldn't
Take it anymore.
And all my tears were falling out.
Roaring cries came from my mouth.
I couldn't stop the tears from flowing out.
165 · May 2017
WalkerZ May 2017
Don't speak
Let the silence
Be your voice
You don't have to be perfect
Word for word
You just have to
Be quiet
You don't need
To even say a word
Just listen to the stories
And troubles of a friend
Just listen and say nothing
'Cause they don't need
Your words, but they need
To empty out the feelings
They've kept on hold.
162 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
Born into life,
I automatically become a soldier.
I'm foreced to fight both everyone including myself.
No one wanted join this fight,
But we must continue what we started.
Although it means going to hell,
We still fight in wars when all it could take
Is a peaceful treaty to untie the whole world.
162 · Apr 2017
Road trip
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Starting on the road.   Leaving people I knew. Saying farewell to the city,
      But greeting another
Meeting new people.  
                 Then leaving again.
                                        Getting souvenir's from each state
  Greeting old friends
                            Then making new ones.     I say my goodbyes to all the stores that       I loved.
                Farewell my school, but I'll see all of them soon once I get back
From this one time road trip.
158 · Oct 2017
WalkerZ Oct 2017
It's been fourteen years since the fire in my eyes started to ignite.
Everyday is a different battles that I have to fight.
Words are the guns that would **** me if used right.

'Lil ol me would never put up a fight.
So of a sand bag taking punches,
Every punch being taken rips the bag , letting presious sand flow out.

Being a new solider in war where veterans surround and judge your every move,
will constantly break you down.
Pushed around for not knowing better.
To be used until your no longer useful.

Sooner or later the fire burning in my eyes, will die out.
My will is what keeps it alive, but once it runs out
You'll never hear a sound escape from my mouth.
155 · Jul 2017
WalkerZ Jul 2017
the mirror.
I am flying.
The mirror
I am shining.
The mirror
I am dead and blind.
Everything's a slur.
I love feeling the mirror,
But only if I hold my breath
Will I see it again.
153 · Nov 2017
WalkerZ Nov 2017
"Dear God,
Why am I alive?
And why is it that I hate myself so,
So, much?
And my mom,
Does she even love me?"

Poor little girl,
Stuck trying to figure out,
An answer she'll never get.

Little girl,
With so much attitude,
But she hates it.
"I can't get rid of my attitude,
No matter how hard I try."

The tough girl,
With so much pride,
Can cry more tears than a baby would,
For a whole year,
She could cry more in a minute.

Silently screaming, crying, laughing,
At how pitiful she is.

How her every thought was,
"Why am I here?
What would life be like, if I was never born?"
And in every thought,
Tears would come gushing out,
Along with the sharp pain she felt, deep in her heart.

The little girl with daddy issues, and very unstable bond with her mom, she waits silently for her rose red beating heart to come
To a full complete stop .
147 · Nov 2017
WalkerZ Nov 2017
My body is heavy,
with weights tied to my feet
slowly sinking in the bottomless sea.
Every now and then,
I dream a dream,
where the weights on my feet weighed none.
And I can feel unfathomable entity on my back.
In an instant, I'm in the sky.
Flying so high that the sea where I was drowning was
far off the limits my naked eye can see-
The sky is embracing me.
Making me forget the pain of being pinned down by weights,
and being brought down in the bottomless sea.
The sky which is limitless, is holding my body as the air is brushing the hair on my cheeks to the back of my beet red ear.
My face,
I can feel warmth flowing down my rose red cheeks.
Praying to god that this dream never ends,
nor will I ever have to go back to the body which is sinking in the bottomless sea.
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