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Steve Parker Apr 2
I'd rather lead a life less social than a life of nepotism to the  empty masses.
A spiritually and existentially empty sail less vessel saying and doing wherever the political climate takes you.  
My love; you're now part of a proud yet lonely few.  
Don't despair my beautiful diamond-  
our time is coming.  

A Fake foundation
cannot hold the weight of a lost society.  
Common sense cannot be held at bay forever.
  Stay the course.
  Weather the storm.
I firmly believe this too shall pass
and the sun will shine brighter on you
than anyone else.
Steve Parker Mar 6
The sun is setting again
This time she's not tired
This time is like the time before but different

The light fades again
For good this time?
My flowers will wither and die
It is not too late

A child is received again today
But not with the promise of tomorrow
Today is spent
Tomorrow is now
Today is new

Again she settles in
The moon and her slumber
She settles in this time for good
But she
is not
Steve Parker Mar 6
It is not tomorrow yet
But today
Why does she cry?
What makes her wail so?
Was it me?
Should I be punished?

The wind breaks on the shore like glass on my memory
Sand is forgotten to time like so many martyrs
They throw themselves upon the sword of my own paranoia
Bleeding lies

Again I am besieged
surrounded yet alone
These context have trapped me so
Who are you-you who steadily tip toes through my eyes
         and inner-most desires?
Are you the demon I've been chasing?
Steve Parker Mar 6
What is it worth to you?
That moment
That day
that feeling
That last breath of a childhood gone erased?

What is it you would give to live again?
Your skin perhaps?
The eyes in which the world beholden you
Or maybe the leg you stand so firm in your own self-righteousness

For just one more moment to live again
Steve Parker Mar 6
Again these words escape me
Escape my depths as my lips fly across the keyboard
“Release me”
Eyes no longer worthy of this world
Of this life
Of this death
What is to become of him?

Again; nonsense rattles away as I can hear her breathing
Her fluttering heart beats in tune with mine.
I can  feel her love
It's warm

Today is just tomorrow when we find it
Today is just yesterday when we forget it
Today is the first time I've ever seen life
Today is the first day I no longer fear death
Steve Parker Aug 2020
Too much life runs through my veins.  A very poison in itself.
Lost and confused I turn my own sharp anger and hatred to my chest.  
Ready to cut forth my beating empty heart.  
If my chest were a cannon, and my heart were shot,
   I would fire my very soul upon thee,
              loaded with unfathomable love
                     and primed with bitter contempt
Steve Parker Aug 2020
The monster is back
Back with empty promises of truth
Coming clean in a shower of lies
Heart and trust were broken, this child
Left to the passage of time
She became a blight on every heart she should meet
Back from the dead again, another drama ready to play out
Her love left a heart that no one can heal
Her malice and cruelty has left broken lives in her wake
Death leaves a memory that no one can steal
My desire for conflict and pain draws me in
Runs deep
Burns hot
I can feel my resolve blister and peel away
As my skin begins to contract
Burn away
Burn away
Burn away
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