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Steve Parker Aug 28
Too much life runs through my veins.  A very poison in itself.
Lost and confused I turn my own sharp anger and hatred to my chest.  
Ready to cut forth my beating empty heart.  
If my chest were a cannon, and my heart were shot,
   I would fire my very soul upon thee,
              loaded with unfathomable love
                     and primed with bitter contempt
Steve Parker Aug 25
The monster is back
Back with empty promises of truth
Coming clean in a shower of lies
Heart and trust were broken, this child
Left to the passage of time
She became a blight on every heart she should meet
Back from the dead again, another drama ready to play out
Her love left a heart that no one can heal
Her malice and cruelty has left broken lives in her wake
Death leaves a memory that no one can steal
My desire for conflict and pain draws me in
Runs deep
Burns hot
I can feel my resolve blister and peel away
As my skin begins to contract
Burn away
Burn away
Burn away
  Aug 20 Steve Parker
Robin Green
You were my son with curly hair
Always up to take that dare..
You have always lent a helping hand
You have grown from my boy into a man.
The time we had went by ever to fast did the
My memories of you shall always last
I did the best by you that I could
Protecting you as a mother should
Too quick from this world you had to pass
My memories of you will always last.
I want you to know I'll always love you
Just as I know you loved me too
For Ronnie
Steve Parker Sep 2019
I am consumed
Too much hurt
At myself
At my choices
at my strength
I am my own disaster
At my own hand
Today, but not tomorrow
Tomorrow the sun will rise again
  Sep 2019 Steve Parker
Infamous one
Everyone will be okay
Everything will be alright
Another day to get it done
Somedays have some fun
Not stress worry or care
Be careless with no regret
Dream big without doubt
Always pretending it's real
Anxious for it all to come true
Haven't give up still striving
Working behind the scenes
Finding peace within it all
Steve Parker Sep 2019
She left me in an empty house full of bed bugs
They crawl up through my stomach and into my heart,  
      that part where you used to live
                     making pain seem like home
           Was I ever the rays to your sunshine?
                     Did I ever fulfill the troth you left with me years ago?
Steve Parker Sep 2019
She came clean to me in a shower of lies,
                                                as she took away my sins
She let me *** deep down her throat,
                             as she swallowed every last drop of hope left in me
My mind races, desperate to make sense of it all
          losing to despair
Artificial loved ones whose faces melt without warning
     my destruction is revealed
Another bright eyed lifeless corpse, crying for help
      blood of their last victim
        dripping from their unfulfilled promises
            of love and affection
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