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Vie Flamingo Sep 2018
A nectarine blush caresses the horizon
Sky and sea commune
Autumnal spiced embers dance as if
rippling decorous ribbons swaying atop a carousel
Human hunters ‘snap’ their ‘Smarts’
A majestic halo of beauty imprinted
Patience, a tempting break of dawn awaits
Vie Flamingo Mar 2018
A blossom erupts
Impatient, eager to fragrance
Unfolding, stretching with potency and grace
Embued with light and colour
Uplifting scent journeys
Senses awaken with pleasure
Joyous spirits restored
Vie Flamingo Mar 2017
An embrace as no other
A child, rarely demonstrative, but blue, blue eyes of oceanic depth
Most frequently silent, yet the sharpest observer
Secrets internalised, never betrayed
A woman, love cascading
Regret potent
Unaware of life’s unfolding promise
Both yet to reconcile the future with this aching emotion
Child clinging, woman enduringly embracing
Suppressed emotions ease and pure love flows
Hearts fuse, soothing, affirming, eternally bonding
Poignancy so forceful, onlookers stilled
An embrace as no other
Vie Flamingo Jun 2016
Let not yesterday torment tomorrow
Promise pulped
Vision prescribed
Voice strangled
Hearing echoed in fallen leaves
Opportunity thwarted before dawn breaks

Let yesterday slip gently
Loosen the weave of tangled mesh
Let today inform, not dictate, tomorrow
Basque in absent inhibition
Don’t look back
Your choice, your will
Vie Flamingo May 2016
Pray tell good friend, how go’eth you?
Presume may I you are caught in the middle of a right tadoo
Proffer your ear to one or tuther
Preference for either you must smother

But dare I dear friend offer wise counsel
Beware warring factions perceive you not as doubtful
Betrayal falsely revealed betwixt only deepens their plot
Bravado you must barely brandish or you will be truly caught
Vie Flamingo May 2016
She is profoundly devoid of the human hunger for contact
Abhorring the inertia social interaction requires
Superficial chit chat just to keep a job down drains her soul
All exclaim her people artistry skill
She instinctively absorbs the form of others and their texture pervade her being
She doesn’t understand how she sees their blueprint, but she reads them, rights them and they are inexplicably drawn to her
She spends hours alone seemingly with nothing to do and finds the need of others to be with her an anomaly
Yet, give her a book, a film, anything that doesn’t need a human contribution, and she’ll cry you a river
She knows she’s searching, she knows she’s meant to be doing something
But her own texture eludes her and as she grows older her sadness deepens
Vie Flamingo Apr 2016
What bountiful joy
A perfectly formed boy
My life transformed
An unwilling heart warmed
Unconditionally I nurtured you
The circle complete with a rainbow hue
Nature shaped a handsome canvass
Talent and decency justly thus
Oh bountiful son you are now a man
And I must press ahead alone as best I can
I miss your presence every minute of every day
But let not the beat of our connected hearts ever lose its way
Live and love your life as I love you
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