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Momo May 2014
To the girl I love
Show me all your fears and imperfections
Show me all your hopes and dreams
Tell me each chapter of the book of your past

I want to know the details of your veins
And the architecture I will soon praise
Your body is a temple
And I a priest

My mind can be your safe
Let your secrets flow from your mouth to my ears
I promise to protect every detail of information
Even from yourself

I will love you unconditionally
With each waking minute I will think of you
As I learn the curvature of your body
Even the parts you hate

To the girl I love
Will you open your heart
mind and body
**to me?
Momo May 2014
As things go on in the world
All I can think about is you
And how your "imperfections"
Are my favorite parts of **you
Momo May 2014
The scars on your hips whisper me stories as my ears pass and I whisper back.
"Tell me the stories that lead to the facade you present"
Let me in so that I can explore the plains and caverns of the fresh cuts on your hips
They'll turn into scars that will eventually whisper my name

Your hips are my favorite place to visit
Your scars know me so well
Let me in, show me your hips
Let me talk to your scars
  May 2014 Momo
Charles Bukowski
a lot of
it's not
either to
or even to
Momo May 2014
You dance like the earth
As the equator effortlessly spins
Around your perfectly imperfect hips
Layered in cuts and scars.

Everyone stares and laughs at you
While you search for god
In the reopened scars
Opened by that same exact equator

The blood pours out
As you comb through the muscles and tissues
All while discarding what you believe
Is making you fat

But whats making you fat
Is embedded in the blueprints of your mind
As they dance along your brain
Eluding your grasp
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