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  Apr 2015 Momo
I am someone who has no scars because they have scarred the rest of the world instead
  Apr 2015 Momo
mark john junor
beautifully inspired by the quiet moments
the rapture of words is short lived
and passes by like a swift summer rain
filled with glorious life yet to be lived
with promise of tomorrows never ending sunshine
all in the briefest of moments
captured by the heart like a photograph
distilled joy in the frame of memory
only to be handled with cherished fondness
as the years roll by
as the memory's are distilled into
a panoramic of life's adventure
a vision of what we perceived
was not is
but cherished nonetheless
Momo Apr 2015
They come and go
but never for too long
they feed on the broken pieces
of my poor soul

They enter through the scars
that once were unzipped
with a blade
oh my poor soul

they push against the flow
of the unstoppable current of blood
finding their way
to my poor soul

They come and go
every now and then
feeding on my everlasting
*oh so poor soul
  Apr 2015 Momo

She polished the lens with a smudge of her finger
Still tiny traces of memories linger
Held to the light so the streaks they were showing
Wiped it again all the while just knowing

Darkness collected the corners she wept
Placed in the box with the love letters kept
Tied with a ribbon and sealed with a kiss
Stuck in a closet no longer to miss

Something was blurred in the sight she was seeing
Another time and a place often fleeing
Wanting the one with the smile unending
Lost in this room on the whispers now sending

She did not breathe, no not one breath of air
Sitting alone in the dark she did stare
Wishing on dreams out of focus and light
Wondering if it was day or was night

Opened a curtain, the sun was deceiving
Blinding the truth that her soul was believing
Calling reflections of love’s shining fashion
Thought back to days filled with feelings and passion

Took out a hanky and with just the right touch
Cleaned off the smears she had hated so much
Looked to the sky, she could see every part
*For she was the girl with the looking glass heart
Momo Sep 2014
  May 2014 Momo
Unrequited Love
I can't help you if you don't want to help yourself.
No matter how many times I wipe your tears away
Or tell you how beautiful you are.
You have to want to hear it and stop crying.

No matter how much I try make you smile
Or hug you close.

You have to want to smile and embrace me back.

No matter how much I wish I could save you.

The only person that can do that is you...
I just hope one day you actually decide to save yourself
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