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2.1k · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
Your blood-stained hands grasp her neck
As nostalgia sets in while dragging
Her desolate body into the fire
Just to see her smile
1.5k · Apr 2014
Unique (10w)
Momo Apr 2014
1.1k · May 2014
Hips (Scars?!?)
Momo May 2014
The scars on your hips whisper me stories as my ears pass and I whisper back.
"Tell me the stories that lead to the facade you present"
Let me in so that I can explore the plains and caverns of the fresh cuts on your hips
They'll turn into scars that will eventually whisper my name

Your hips are my favorite place to visit
Your scars know me so well
Let me in, show me your hips
Let me talk to your scars
1.0k · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
With stars infused into her hair
She sat under a tree
In the hand carved chair
That her mother gave her when she was three

Days went by
As her hair became grey
People began to wonder*  why
Her body no longer dance effortlessly like a ballet

The curious grew worried
And they crept ever so closely
As their vision was blurry
They discovered her lifeless  **body
992 · Apr 2014
Perfection (10w)
Momo Apr 2014
913 · Apr 2014
Black Hole
Momo Apr 2014
Cut  me open and release the black hole.
That was born in the ashes of my bones.
From the fire that you started.
When you first said you loved me.

Watch my blood effortlessly float.
As my organs get ****** in.
To the center of my rib cage.
Fueling the black hole.

Everyone around gets ****** in.
No matter how much they mean to me.
No matter how hard they try to get away.
Nothing escapes the black hole.

Maybe one day they'll be free.
And I'll be at peace with myself.
While I slowly gastrulate.
Releasing the black hole
767 · Apr 2014
If Only
Momo Apr 2014
If only you knew
About how much pain I went through
Just to make you smile
Every once and a while

If only you knew
How much I wanted to leave
This desolate land but didn't
Because of you

If only you knew
About the noose manufactured
Out of every fiber in my heart
That gracefully swung

If only you knew
How much I loved you
Because you can't love yourself
Until you've loved somebody else

If only you knew
How much I miss you
Since you've gone off
With some other guy

If only you knew
That the heart-fiber noose
Wasn't meant to be alone
It needed someone too

If only you knew
How gracefully it swung
wrapped around
my neck

If only you knew**
That you were the only
One that could
Save *me
About my ex xD
677 · Apr 2014
For you (10w)
Momo Apr 2014
583 · Apr 2014
Lips (10w)
Momo Apr 2014
The hypnotic way

                              your lips move

                                                         is my favorite show
527 · Apr 2014
Nostalgic Mistakes
Momo Apr 2014
As I thing of you I think of the waste of years
I spent them devoting my life to you
Consolidating my fears and secrets into a bottle for you to keep
Gently molding it from the engraving of your hands

That were in mine day in and day out
Every glorious minute
So that it'd fit perfectly in your hands
For you to hide them

                                                ­                                                                 *......

                                                     ­                                               Not from everyone else
                                                            ­                             But from the monster I call myself
                                                      ­                                                           *
514 · May 2014
Momo May 2014
You dance like the earth
As the equator effortlessly spins
Around your perfectly imperfect hips
Layered in cuts and scars.

Everyone stares and laughs at you
While you search for god
In the reopened scars
Opened by that same exact equator

The blood pours out
As you comb through the muscles and tissues
All while discarding what you believe
Is making you fat

But whats making you fat
Is embedded in the blueprints of your mind
As they dance along your brain
Eluding your grasp
499 · May 2014
I Should've
Momo May 2014
I should've* listened when you said she was bad news
I should've  but I didn't
I should've opened my eyes and see that she was cheating
I should've thought and figured it out for myself
I should've closed myself up
I should've kept everyone out
I should've listened to myself
I should've  but I didn't
I should've waited for the right person
I should've waited for the person who truly loved me
I should've found someone that wasn't bothered with being with someone that they couldn't please
I should've  but I didn't
I should've learned from my mistakes
I should've known you were just like her
I should've listened to myself
I should've  **but I didn't
499 · Apr 2015
Momo Apr 2015
They come and go
but never for too long
they feed on the broken pieces
of my poor soul

They enter through the scars
that once were unzipped
with a blade
oh my poor soul

they push against the flow
of the unstoppable current of blood
finding their way
to my poor soul

They come and go
every now and then
feeding on my everlasting
*oh so poor soul
467 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
If true happiness comes from within
Then I've been searching for something dead
Along these bones that I call home
Waiting for it to grow.
465 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
The cracks in the
bathroom floor
know me
so well

Night after night
my tears that run
from my cheek
to their edges

Fuel their idealistic lives
378 · May 2014
The Future
Momo May 2014
The future always seemed so great
Like a streetlight glowing brighter and brighter each day
Then you came along showing me false hope
Now the light dwindles

As its reaching the end
I feel my bones shake
My eyes feel heavy
My heart beats for the last time
368 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
And as your body slowly decays
The memories of us fly away
Ending up touching the stars
Bursting into flames
Momo May 2014
To the girl I love
Show me all your fears and imperfections
Show me all your hopes and dreams
Tell me each chapter of the book of your past

I want to know the details of your veins
And the architecture I will soon praise
Your body is a temple
And I a priest

My mind can be your safe
Let your secrets flow from your mouth to my ears
I promise to protect every detail of information
Even from yourself

I will love you unconditionally
With each waking minute I will think of you
As I learn the curvature of your body
Even the parts you hate

To the girl I love
Will you open your heart
mind and body
**to me?
354 · Apr 2014
Perfection (2w)
Momo Apr 2014
Neil Hilborn
347 · Apr 2014
The Worry Hole
Momo Apr 2014
There was a chair that was defiled over the years
As the owner pressed his leather skin finger on its smooth light grain
It would blister and bleed
But of course the worry hole would continue to grow

As a boy when he got the chair
He looked at his parents with such despair
Asking "Why is my gift a chair"
While wishing for anything else

While still a boy sitting in the chair
One day he pressed
His smooth skin finger into the arm
Round and round the finger went for hours

The boy soon realized as some years passed
The chair was more than a chair
In a way it helped him cope
With his brothers death

The worry hole began to grow
Deeper and wider in that same smooth light grain
But one day the progress stopped
The boy, once a man, would not be found sitting in the chair

Instead his feet graced the arms
The same exact spot where he'd spend
Hours upon hours rubbing his finger into the grain
Was touched one last time

As his toe pushed off the chair
The last part of him to ever touch
glided across edge to edge
**The worry hole
333 · May 2014
Thinking Of You
Momo May 2014
As things go on in the world
All I can think about is you
And how your "imperfections"
Are my favorite parts of **you
332 · Apr 2014
Tides (20w)
Momo Apr 2014
You're the moon
I'm the ocean
You pull me in
You push me away
Day in
Day out
Its *sempiternal
312 · Sep 2014
Recovery (10w)
Momo Sep 2014
302 · Apr 2014
Your Eyes (10w)
Momo Apr 2014
Your radiant eyes were my only portal to another* **world
296 · Apr 2014
The Sad Truth
Momo Apr 2014
The thing I regret most
Is destroying my body
For the false promise
Of peace of mind
*That I never got
286 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
Monsters hide in the strangest places
As if those places are their home
Creeping out at night just to see the stars
Just like the ones hiding around my bones
Because they're too ashamed and disgusted by what the look like
And they assume others will think the same
You see they're just shy to come out and say hi
I'm just a monster in plain sight
That no one really sees
Just like how the government doesn't see its own people struggling
But are willing to help anyone else in other countries
That don't have a care in the world
If they get it or not
You see I'm just a monster in plain sight
And all the monsters are finally coming out
279 · May 2014
Regret (10w)
Momo May 2014
Falling in love
Is what I
Regret the most
276 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
My body is the canvas
My depression is the artist
The razor is the brush;
Think what you say carefully
Before its covered in blood
272 · Apr 2014
Glass House
Momo Apr 2014
A glass house dances about inside your head.
The delicate structure is struggling to hold the demons in.
Your thoughts start piercing the walls with axes.
The cracks start to grow

The walls start to crumble brick by brick by glass brick.
They demons want out like a drug user wants heroine.
They finally break free.
Not to finish demolishing the house that imprisoned them.

But to escape
through your eyes
to jump into
the fire.
232 · Apr 2014
The Future
Momo Apr 2014
The future used to be so bright
I could see it in my grasp
Then suddenly somehow
My vision was blurred

For years my hope dwindled
I didn't know what to do
Then you came along
And I realized

227 · Apr 2014
Hollowed Eyes
Momo Apr 2014
Her hollowed eyes
gazed into yours
As the sun
Set one evening


Turns out
Her hollowed eyes
Were just mirrors
Into your  *soul
227 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
There once was a girl
who eyes were hypnotic
and her kiss was
the sweetest thing
you would ever taste
that could **** you
223 · May 2014
Lies (10w)
Momo May 2014
214 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
Cutting my arms
Was the only
Way I knew
Of how to
Find a portal
To the stars.

But since
I met you
I found
The portal
In your
213 · Apr 2014
Beauty (10w)
Momo Apr 2014
Beauty lies within the eyes....

                                                ­                            *Of the girl deemed
213 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
Today I sit
I think of you
and how your
delicate skin
was never seen.

Then one night
as we lay
under the stars
you asked
"Can I trust you?"

I said "yes"
you rolled up your sleeves
showed me your arms
full of
201 · Apr 2014
I Want
Momo Apr 2014
I want to actually talk to you instead replaying scenarios in my head.
I want to walk up to you and ask you out to lunch.
I want to endlessly think about you when you're not around
I want your first kiss to be all you hoped it would be.
I want to grow old together.
I want to wake up next to your perfectly flawed body
I want the taste of what you ate for breakfast on the moist plains of my lips.
I want you and only you
I want to look into your eyes the moment before I die
I want my last breath to be used to say **"I love you"
For the person I like xD
194 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
193 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
Do you ever think of me?
As you look with disgust
At your body
With a knife in your hand

Do you whisper my name
As nostalgia sets in
When you remember when I called you
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen?

Do you remember
191 · Apr 2014
Me (11w)
Momo Apr 2014
Just another hollow body
Searching for my
place in
187 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
Lets tear open
our chests and start
fires with the stories
we keep hidden
181 · Apr 2014
What If (10w)
Momo Apr 2014
What if
                                     Being accepted
                                                       ­                        For  
Actually was**
                                    *Accepted today?
155 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
They say life is precious
But they don't realize
Some of us
Are already dead

We never got
To truly experience
The good
Only the bad

We're just
Hollowed bodies
With a black hole inside
Just passing the time
Someone tell me how to make this one better.. it just took me a couple of minutes to do
126 · Apr 2014
Momo Apr 2014
I've let too many people in
into a place where very few know of
the depths of my heart
only for it to be poisoned

— The End —