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Zoey Jun 2020
I’ve never stood naked
In the wind
But I think
That I know
How it’d feel

Like wet grass between my toes
Like running home in a rainstorm
Like diving
Into a lake
In the middle of the night

I’ve always known
That freedom is cold
Like bare feet
In the snow

Dangerous too
Like a heart
Beating, beating, beating

But so pleasant
So good
An itch in the back of your throat
A feeling beneath your skin
A need
We may never fulfill
To scream
I’m free
I’m free
I’m free
Zoey May 2020
You can hardly be blamed
I knew where this ship was sailing
Before I climbed aboard

I wasn’t afraid of death
When I saw the fiery crash
At the end of the road
I marched on like a soldier
Like a sheep in a flock
While one thousand shepherds
Shouted for me to stop

I heard their warnings
And I saw the truth
But I danced on to the whispers of wolves
Until the shouts became one
With the dust
In the wind

Then I let you pluck me
Like a pretty flower
And put me in a vase
And when you remembered to water me
I smiled, and whispered
What a wonderful man
To keep me alive
Zoey Apr 2020
Today I saw a train
Something I see
Not much at all
So hard to watch the wheels
With a face pressed
Against the wall

Today I had a thought
One I think
nearly every day
While I was staring at that train  
I thought
That I might go away

Like in a dream
I’d walk the aisles
Like in a dream
I would be free
Beneath the wheels
And in the sky
They wouldn’t think
To search for me

But because I know
It’s not my time
I turn away
From the track
Because when I step aboard that train
I know that I
Will not come back
Zoey Nov 2019
I’ve been bleeding
For such a long time
Just a drop at a time
One drop doesn’t hurt
Like a leaky faucet

Drip, drip, drip

Such a soft, sweet noise
But like a bottle breaking
In this empty room

Every hit
Fell like water
From the cracks in my arms
Every scratch
Every kick
Every scream
Every look
So much love
So much hate
Drip, drip, dripping
Into pools at my feet
Until I was bleeding water
Just a drop at a time
From one thousand wounds
And the sound became a roar
Like an ocean
I could drown in
A raging river
I could swim
But I fell into that noise
And all the drops
Became a din
Until my head was under water
And the world
Turned purple-blue
And the quiet
At last prevailed

Until the drops
Began anew
Zoey May 2019
If it mattered now
I’d let it be
Instead of screaming
To set my people free
I’d leave them chained
Inside my chest
And forget those things
That I know best
Forget about any pain
Because torture can be
Fair and plain
When it’s the only spice
You’ve ever known
I would bag it up
I would take it home
Because freedom tastes
Too much, too sweet
And when this rug is torn
From beneath my feet
I fear I won’t
Rise when I fall
When lose this bliss
I lose it all
Zoey Mar 2019
It all started
In the second grade
You see
The second grade
So long
You ask
How could that be?
How could you go on
So long
So long
How could I not see?
While you saw
what I wanted
You to see
And I only wanted

To be happy

So I let you fall in love
with a mirage of me

You see
A monster
A monster
I’ve always seen
That same old monster
That I’ve always been
Since I was a child
While I was a teen
When I was ten

Since I was born
Since I was made
Since this all started
In the second grade
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