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TreyOctober Sep 2020
I sat on the cold step
Lit up another cigarette
A car flew by, stirring up leaves in its trail
And I feel ... nothing

I put on my saddest song to feel something
And I thought of you.
TreyOctober Sep 2020
I'm not one to say this is different
Because this is new
But I think I'm falling for you

You give the darkest sides of me flowers
The brightest sides more sun
Is it too soon to say
You make me love?

You give love a new meaning
And life a new tongue
I'm speechless
And my heart is strung

I'll hold you close
I'll hold you dear
And I know I'll love you year after year
TreyOctober Aug 2020
I never wanted to be perfect
I never wanted to be sane
I thank you for the pain
and all the times you left me to drown in the rain

I applaud you for the example you have laid
Forcing me to be a woman, unafraid
A resilient woman who will never fade
A woman I would never trade
A perfectly imperfect daughter your toxicity made.
TreyOctober Aug 2020
I dream of sadness and I feel it in my wake
Reminders I'll always be broken, I can't escape
I give it my all to heal my mind
I get closer and closer, but I'm always one step behind
Its contents: heavy, cold, and out of place
Sanity, simplicity, and stability
I'm left here to chase.
TreyOctober Aug 2020
I promise to keep this light
Shining bright

An everlasting flame
To protect from the rain
And all the pain

It'll dance in the wind
Thrive in the day
And never fade away

We'll watch as the ashes sail for the stars
Float back down to mend our scars
And allow the world to be ours.
TreyOctober Aug 2020
Say you'll stay through the day
& you wont fade away

Say you'll never lie
& you wont change your mind
& leave me behind

Say you'll fall
& hold me through it all

Say you'll be by my side
& be my guide
That our love will be magnified
& glorified.
TreyOctober Aug 2020
We'll see her in your lights at dawn
And feel her here as the days go on
Although it seems as if she's gone
She's where she belongs, in heaven

Dancing the streets of gold, she is home
Where her spirit may endlessly roam
Where she belongs, in heaven

Shine down your love
As we look above
At you, in heaven.
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