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Steve m sawyer Feb 2019
Life counts down,
like an hour glass,
How long do you have ,
How long will it last.

This is not a movie,
The won't be a sequel,
Take a chance,
But treat everybody equal

Have wild nights,
Reach for higher heights,
Spread your wings,
And enjoy every flight.

Don't waste your shine,
Make everyday sublime,
Some day your name,
Will echo through the ages of time.
Steve m sawyer Feb 2019
Human blind.

We live in a world full of blindness,
Everybody is looking,
yet lacking kindness,
Ignorance has made us all
crazy and mindless,
Nobody willing to stand up,
Instead acting spineless,
Evil has spread,
And started to become timeless,
people are more bothered
That their gadgets are wireless,
It happens more everyday,
And I'm starting to get tireless
I wrote this about three years ago,  I think it's getting more relivent  nowadays  !
Steve m sawyer Aug 2018
I thought that summer would last forever, or so it would seem, as we tip toed across stepping stone's, down at the stream.

You had a flower in your hair, the prettiest i had seen,
We were just youngsters, with a handful of dreams,

I often wonder where you went,
and where you have been,

I thought it would last forever,
If you know what I mean,

Now it's just a distant,
summer dream.
Steve m sawyer Aug 2018
Am I good enough ?
It's sometimes hard to see,

My train of thoughts are stuck at the station,
My insecurities are stopping me,
From getting to my destination.

Peace of mind is what I seek,
But my confidence has gone into hiding,

I have a big heart that beats like a meteor colliding,
My sanity seems to be subsiding,

Am i crazy,
because of these thoughts that I'm describing,

I guess that depends on,
who is deciding.
Steve m sawyer Aug 2018
When true poet's write
They use all their emotions
Thoughts swirling round,
Like waves crashing in the ocean,
Putting word's together,
Like a witch conjuring up a potion,
Nuances rolling off the tongue,
Causing a commotion,
Not looking for prizes,
no need for a promotion,
As we lay our soul down in utter devotion.
For the love of poetry
Steve m sawyer Aug 2018
In a world full of critics,
It's easy to become materialistic
A slave to money,
But you're just another statistic
Turning to crime, to get money
It's best not to risk it,
But you're already an outcast to society,
And labelled a misfit,
Drug dealers selling drug's,
And using our kids to shift it
Oh, your living the high life now,
Sorry I missed it,
These people don't give a **** about you,
Time to be realistic !
Steve m sawyer Aug 2018
I'm an instigator,
A thought generator,
My words fly across the page,
Like I'm an aviator,

I'm sometimes seen as the perpetrator,
As I spread my message,
I feel like the negotiator,
If only I could reach out to other's,
And be a communicator,
A compromiser or a speech maker,
Or even an encourager or a motivator,

But nobody hears my voice,
I'm not an educator,
Sadly I'm invisible,
Unlike a force of nature,
I wish I could do more,
but like you i was born into this world,
I wasn't the creator,
But I'll never give up, I'm going now,
I guess I'll try again later.
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